60s Fashion Men: How to Nail it?

60s fashion men

What type of fashion did the men in the 60s showcased? From clothing essentials, styles, accessories and outfit ideas, here is the tell all for 60s fashion for men.

Men had many fashionable options to pick from throughout the 60s, which was a significant fashion era. Many of these trends are classics that never went obsolete, and some have made a comeback, perfectly wearable today. Get ready to go back as you try some of the most fashionable menswear trends from the 1960s! Whether you’re striving for a mod or hippie style, these costumes will make you stand out from the crowd. 

60s Fashion Explained

The 1960s welcomed several major styles that honored a distinct subculture rather than just one signature look. The predominant fashion trends of the decade were mod, hippie, bohemian, biker, and beatnik. Each of these main fashion trends was distinct from the others. 

As a result, choosing a style in the 60s boiled down to personal preference and personality. Even though each appearance was distinctive, they all reflected the era’s spirit of liberation and inventiveness. These unique and expressive styles emerged as art, culture, and music influenced the fashion industry.

60s Clothes For Men 

60s clothes for men were all about being relaxed, whether it meant donning a mod suit or growing your hair long. Before the 1960s, men’s clothing consisted of a shirt and tie, a simple suit, or a hand-knitted jumper. Later on, it was all about Afros, Bell-bottoms, Beatlemania, Go-go boots, tie dye clothing, and turtlenecks. 

Flamboyant aspects like embroidery and brilliantly printed shirts became valuable components of the standard masculine attire. If you want to add a little retro flair to your wardrobe, take a cue from the 60s and opt for the following clothing staples.

60s Fashion Men’s Shirts

Shirts in 60s fashion for men came in many different types and styles. Although the 60s are most known for their psychedelic prints and tie-dye designs, men’s flannel outfits also had a long legacy of classicism. Men certainly wore considerably more colorful colors and patterns in their shirts than ever before, making the 1960s a wild decade for shirts.

Indeed, shirts found in practically any pattern imaginable, including paisley, tiger skin, wide to narrow stripes, polka dots, checks, tartans, and leopard spots. 60s fashion men’s shirts were genuinely reflective of a decade of change.

60s Fashion Men’s Suits

Men continued to dress relatively modestly throughout the early 1960s, at least when it came to formal wear. You only need to look at the television hit Mad Men, whose first season begins in March 1960, for an example of men’s office attire in the 1960s, including all-black outfits for men in current vogue. 

Don Draper (or the costume department) favored the traditional American appearance, featuring a single-breasted sack jacket with two buttons, two small notch lapels, and one rear vent over an English, European, or Italian cut suit.

60s Fashion Men’s Shorts

60s fashion men’s shorts outfits were all casual and comfortable. The most popular style was the flat-fronted short, which sat low on the hips and had a straight leg. This style was usually made from denim or chambray and was often in a light wash. Other popular 60s shorts styles included the Madras plaid shorts and the walking shorts, made from lightweight fabrics like linen and ideal for men’s summer fashion. Men’s shorts from the 1960s were typically paired with a simple t-shirt or button-down shirt and accented with a belt and sunglasses.

60s Fashion Menswear Accessories

60s menswear fashion accessories were all about being dapper and good-looking. In the 1960s, people were very concerned with how they looked and what they wore. Accessories played a significant role in achieving the desired outfits for men

Standard 60s menswear accessories included paisley scarves, button-down shirts, skinny ties, fedoras, and Chelsea boots. Men used loafers or sneakers as casual footwear throughout the 1960s. The trend dominated, until dressier footwear such as oxford shoes became a popular choice in 90s men’s fashion.  

Famous 60s Fashion Trends In Contemporary Fashion 

It’s fascinating to observe how things have evolved in men’s fashion. Contemporary fashion designers, social media influencers, and celebrities are playing a major role in bringing back the historical trends. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous fashion trends from the 60s and see how they’re being used in contemporary fashion today. 

Mod Trends

60s men’s fashion was all about the mod look. Think skinny ties, button-down shirts, and slim-cut trousers. The 60s was a time of experimentation with new looks and styles, and men’s fashion was no exception. The 1960s were a decade that saw the rise of the mod, thanks to the Beatles and the hippies.

Although 70s men’s fashion saw a return to more traditional looks, with wide-legged trousers and unbuttoned shirts becoming popular. However, the 60s mod look never really went out of style. In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of 60s-inspired clothing, with skinny ties and button-down shirts again becoming fashionable.

Biker Trends

60s men’s fashion biker trends clothing was all about the rugged look. Pair your leather jacket with dark-wash jeans and a white tee or Henley. Add a pair of boots or sneakers to complete the look. The next big thing to enhance your denim designer clothing game in 2022 is moto jeans, also known as biker jeans.

Beatnik Trends

Beatnik trends included clothing that was comfortable and easy to wear, like jeans and t-shirts. Men also grew their hair out long and sported beards and mustaches. In terms of accessories, sunglasses and scarves were popular. 60s fashion for men was a rebellion against the traditional way of dressing, and it’s still relevant today. Men’s fashion has come a long way since the 60s, but the beatnik spirit is still alive. 

Aesthetic 60s Outfits: How To Rock The 60s

The 60s were a time of change and experimentation. If you’re looking to rock an aesthetic 60s, there are a few considerations when choosing an outfit. Read for inspiration if you want to add a hint of nostalgia to your attire or if you’re attending a themed party!

60s Hip Hop Fashion For Men

60s hip-hop fashion for men was all about bold and daring style choices. Clothes were brightly colored, patterned, and often oversized, mucg like the 80s men’s fashion. It was when self-expression through fashion first became popular, and men were not afraid to make a statement.

Everyday items included baggy jeans, tracksuits, and hoodies. Graphic t-shirts were also popular, often featuring images of famous musicians or athletes. Accessorizing was vital, and men would often sport gold chains, oversized sunglasses, and baseball caps. While 60s hip-hop fashion may seem dated now, it was truly ahead of its time.

Hip-Hop Outfit:

  • For an authentic hip-hop look, go for a blue tracksuit, and style it with a baseball cap and chunky gold chain. Round off the look with white sneakers.
  • A graphic black t-shirt and green baggy jeans work well together with converse shoes for a hip-hop look.

Retro 60s Fashion For Men

Retro 60s fashion for men was vast and impressive. Think Mad Men-inspired suits with wide lapels, skinny ties, and slicked-back hair. The retro 60s look is all about sharp lines and clean cuts. While the silhouette is essential, the details make this style stand out. 

Look for retro 60s clothing with exciting patterns, daring colors, and eye-catching prints. To nail the old-fashioned 60s aesthetic, don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces to create a unique and stylish outfit.

Retro Outfit:

  • We’ve enhanced that even more by throwing a light wash denim jacket and crisp white t-shirt with the flared jeans. And lace-up leather boots for the retro look
  • Matching madras plaid shirts and long, slim khaki pants with leather Winkle Pickers sharp shoes and wayfarer sunglasses complete the retro aesthetic outfit.

Preppy 60s Fashion For Men

Preppy 60s fashion for men was all about well-tailored clothes in solid colors. Think khakis pants outfits with red, blue, and green shirts, turtlenecks, and cardigans. Men with preppy style dressed for success and aimed to look perfectly polished at all times. One of the most iconic preppy brands of the time was Brooks Brothers, which is still popular today. Another critical element of preppy style is accessorizing with a belt, pocket square, or tie clip. 

Preppy Outfit:

  • A smart preppy pairing is a blue button-down shirt, a single-breasted brown sack jacket with a pocket square, and plaid pants. Brown loafers are the perfect finish for the preppy appearance
  • A blue dress shirt fits neatly under your V-neck white sports sweater with striped edges and brings the depth a tonal look of a preppy outfit with white sneakers.

60s Fashion For Men In The UK

League prep, Mods, and skinheads defined 60s British male fashion. Mod-movement men dressed sharply in 1960s style with slim ties, drained hair, and short lapels. Ivy League attire included:

  • A button-down shirt.
  • Khaki slacks.
  • A blazer or sports coat.
  • Loafers or dress shoes without socks.

Dr. Martens boots, Levi’s jeans, and suspenders were staples of the working-class skinhead look in London throughout the 1960s. Today, classic brands like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger and high fashion houses such as Gucci showcase the 60s style for men on the runway. Brands like Supreme can also show 60s fashion for men reinterpreted in streetwear.

UK Men’s Outfit:

  • A vividly printed shirt, collarless jacket, and slim-fitting trousers are a UK men’s wardrobe staple, whatever the season. Team these with heeled boots.
  • For UK men’s fashion, a slim-fit suit is always in style. Pair it with a short jacket and wide tie for a stylish look. Polished loafers or dress shoes will complete the outfit.

60s Inspired Outfits For Men

Are you looking for a cool, retro style that will set you apart? If so, look at these 60s-inspired outfits for men. With classic silhouettes and eye-catching details, these looks are perfect for anyone who wants to add a vintage flair to their wardrobe. So go ahead and try one of them – you won’t be disappointed!

Everyday 60s Fashion Outfits

In the 1960s, men’s fashion underwent a revolution. For everyday wear, men began to embrace casual clothing items such as jeans and t-shirts. This new style of dress was perfect for activities like visiting the beach or playing sports.

In contrast to 50s men’s fashion, men began experimenting with brighter colors and bolder patterns. As a result, the 1960s was a decade of excellent fashion experimentation for men. Men’s everyday clothes in the 60s, some of the decade’s fashions should leave in the past, but others, like the widespread adoption of casual attire, have endured to the present day.

60s Beach Fashion Outfits

60s beach fashion for men was all about being casual and comfy. The most popular items of clothing were t-shirts, shorts, and jeans. Lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen were preferred, as they helped to keep cool while it was hot. Patterned shirts were also popular, and psychedelic prints were incredibly fashionable. Most people wore sandals or sneakers on their feet and hats to keep the sun off their heads.

60s Party Fashion For Men

60s party fashion for men was all about being sharp and stylish. Men’s suits were slim-fit with skinny lapels and often paired with skinny ties. Shirt collars were more comprehensive than they are today, and it was common to see men wearing patterned shirts with bold prints.

As for footwear, loafers and other slip-on shoes were popular, as they allowed men to take them off when dancing effortlessly. To complete the look, many men accessorized with fedoras or different hats. 60s party fashion for men was about looking your best and being the party’s life.


How Do You Look Like You’re From The 60s?

Men’s fashion in the 60s was all about sharp lines and tailored fits. Think button-down shirts, slacks, and wool coats. Next, consider your color palette. From brightly patterned shirts to boldly hued suits, don’t be afraid to experiment with eye-catching shades. A pair of round sunglasses or a skinny tie can help you nail that vintage vibe. 

What Do You Wear To A 60s Party?

For a 60s-themed party, deciding on a theme is best before you start dressing up. If you want to look bohemian, put on corduroy bell bottoms, a floral button-up, and a suede vest. If you’re going to look classy, put on a slim-cut suit and Chelsea boots. To express your inner punk-rocker, dress in a leather jacket, black trousers, lace-up boots, and a white t-shirt; don’t forget the rebellious attitude. Lastly, achieving the beatnik appearance is as easy as donning a beret, a pair of black slacks, and a shirt with white and black stripes.

What Hairstyle Was Popular In The 60s?

Mod hairstyles, like the overgrown look worn by the Beatles, were among the most popular trends. Also popular among mods were layered, choppy cuts with untidy bangs and long sides. Other everyday hairstyles were siding parts, comb-overs, and modified pompadours. Of course, even though many guys sported similar looks, bohemian men frequently favored growing their hair long and letting it go wild.

Are The 60s Trends Coming Back In 2022?

We can see a lot of trends from the sixties, such as the mod fashion or the bold patterns being showcased by fashion designers, celebrities, and social media fashion influencers. With many of its trends making waves in 2022, the 60s spirit is definitely revived.

Final Word On 60s Men’s Fashion

The 1960s was a decade of significant change, and men’s fashion changed along with the times. The 60s saw the rise of men’s wearable art, hippie styles, dandyism, and mod culture. Whatever your preference, there is something from the 1960s that you can incorporate into your look. And who knows? Maybe with your outfit, you will be the next trendsetter.