The Fundamental Guide to Building Chic Outfits for Men

Outfits for Men

Are you a style-conscious man who is planning to rebuild your entire casual wardrobe? Or, you might be looking for outfits that make you look dapper, whether it’s a weekend outing or a casual date? if yes, then you are definitely in the right place, then. In this blog, you will get useful advice on building urban outfits for men that make you look absolutely dashing, even in the laid-back style. 

Whatever the season or occasion might be, you need to know the basics of color combinations, materials, styles, and the right fit to make awe-inspiring modern outfits. The last thing you want is to make the onlookers cringe over a weird outfit that doesn’t make any sense. Putting it in the words of Tom Ford, 

“Dressing well is a form of good manners!”

Let’s dive into the detailed casual outfit building guide that will elevate your style and give you some highly charismatic and sophisticated looks all year round. With a fusion of classic men’s capsule wardrobe staples and contemporary clothing, we have compiled our list of outfit ideas. We have broken it down season-wise to make it easier for you to come back and get the style inspiration whenever you need it. 

Picking Fashion Forward Outfits for Every Season

Casual style can be defined as something that you would like to wear on an informal meetup, while going for a walk, or even while you are relaxing at home. Besides these homey, athleisure, and relaxed, casual looks, there is also a category in the casual style of work-appropriate clothing known as the business casual. 

We will suggest casual outfit ideas depending upon the occasion. Moreover, we will help you complete the outfit with footwear and accessory suggestions. 

Spring Casual Outfit Ideas for Men

Spring fashion for men is all about modern simple and clean looks. As the summers have not arrived in full swing yet, you can layer your spring outfits with lightweight jackets. Other than that, you can incorporate many colors into your outfits with regard to the spring season. 

Laid Back Style: 

  1. A great spring outfit idea is to wear a grey henley shirt with navy blue jeans. This outfit gives you a clean-cut look while having a bbq party in your backyard or having someone over for lunch. You can wear a fabulous pair of men’s sandals or loafers with this outfit. A leather strap watch is a nice accessory to go with this look. 
  2. Another cool dressing suggestion for an easy-going look uses cargo pants. These pants are literally one of the most comfortable forms of casual bottoms that you can pair with a pastel-colored or plain black t-shirt. Your white sneakers will suit this simple youthful look.


Street Style:

  1. Suppose a poll is conducted on what clothes make a man attractive? In that case, the quintessential biker jacket will definitely top the list.  Make the best use of your black biker jacket by building one of those classic black and white outfits that can never go wrong. Over black slim-fit jeans and a white t-shirt, pull over your biker jacket for a chiseled look. Black ankle boots are your best choice of footwear for this outfit. Don’t forget to put on a nice pair of shades to finish off the outfit. 


  1. The ultimate spring street style outfit is to style your basic black T-shirt by pairing it with grey chino pants and a dark blue denim jacket. This is the easiest way to look handsome at daytime outings in springtime. 

Business Casual:

Although remaining in the casual spectrum, business casual outfits are considered acceptable workwear. Especially for workplaces that are not very rigid in their dress code. 

  1. Due to a certain degree of formality, casual dress shirts are in trend for business casual wear in 2021.  Pull off an urban, white dress shirt look by pairing it with navy blue jeans, a blazer, and dark brown leather loafers. Choose a stylish bag to complete this polished look. 


Summer Casual Outfit Ideas for Men

Men’s summer fashion is usually a fusion of natural fabrics, loose cuts, and light, eye-soothing hues. We, too, will base our summer outfit ideas on the same so that you can beat the heat with cool casual looks. 

Laid Back Style A charming black and white outfit idea for a boy-next-door look is to wear a pair of black trousers with a short-sleeved white casual shirt that will spotlight your muscular upper body.

  1. For a quirky and youthful summer look, pair those shapely denim shorts with a tank t-shirt in a cool shade. Rock this perfect beach look with accessories like a sunhat, a pair of stylish shades, and some beaded hand bracelets. For specific advice on styling shorts, look for these men’s shorts outfit ideas.


Street Style

  1. For the street vibes during the sunny season, you can wear regular-fit cotton pants in a light shade along with a white t-shirt. Layer this look with a lightweight checked flannel shirt. Here is sneak peak of men’s flannel outfit ideas to learn more about styling these classics. Boat shoes will go well with this outfit.   
  2. Straight-fit chinos and a polo t-shirt also look fantastic if you want a modest look on informal trips during summer. There can be several types of everyday shoes for men that will suit this look, like loafers, mocassins, or boat shoes. 

Business Casual

To build a business casual outfit in summers for that powerful look, just pair a navy blue button-up shirt with slim-fit chinos. Derby shoes will finish off this sophisticated look, plus you can add some swank with a dress watch, a work bag, and sunglasses.  


Fall Casual Outfit Ideas for Men

Fall is a great time to experiment with casual wear essentials because layering is the key element of fall outfits. It is the season of rich colors, warm fabrics, and sturdy knits. Incorporating the same into your fall outfits will ensure a voguish look for you the entire season. Here are a few ideas on how you can pick your outfits in the fall.

Laid Back Style  

  1. A loose-cut collarless shirt along with ripped jeans makes a perfect fall outfit. It’s appropriate for the times when you need to portray a rugged look. Your white tennis shoes will add to the charismatic appeal of this outfit.


  1. When you can feel the upcoming chilly weather, pair a sweatshirt with your corduroy pants and leather sneakers. You can also wear a woolen scarf with this relaxed outfit for added warmth. 

Street Style

  1. Look sharp yet classy with a mandarin collar chambray shirt along with warm linen pants. You can also wear a hoodie with this outfit if needed. For the footwear choice with this look, pair it with your brown chukka boots.
  2. A fleece jacket is a fall essential that you must have in your wardrobe. For a street-style-inspired outfit, wear chinos and a henley shirt under your burgundy fleece jacket. To make sure you look good, finish off the dapper look with brogue shoes. 

Business Casual

It is an adventure to build fall business casual outfits due to the variety of essentials available that can be added to the looks. From all the impractical business casual outfit ideas for men that the internet keeps bombarding you with, slay the work appropriate look like this

  1. Pair an oxford dress shirt with slim-fit stretch pants. Layer this urban outfit with a stylish sports coat. You can choose moccasins as your footwear option with this business casual look.

Winter Casual Outfits Ideas for Men

We must not neglect our refined style in casual wear just because the weather is icy cold. In fact, it is an excellent opportunity to add some smart essentials to your wardrobe to nail the casual looks this season. You can take inspiration from these winter outfit ideas for men to decide what type of looks will best suit your personality. 

Laid Back Style  

Even if you are having a little get-together with friends and family at home, show that you are a man with a refined personal style. 

  1. Twill chinos in a light shade, along with a black patterned sweater, will keep  you warm while making you look attractive. You can wear black Chelsea boots to complete this casual winter look. swap the khaki chinos with black jeans for a dapper all black outfit for men


  1. White drawstring trousers along with an oversized white hoodie is a perefect example of an all white casual outfit for the weekend. The outfit provides a much-needed coziness and looks smart.  

Street Style

Any man who values fashion is always on the lookout for the best street style outfit ideas for men. Try these top trending looks that are ruling the streets right now. 

  1. Try out the athletic winter look by pairing tracksuit bottoms with a bomber jacket. As tracksuit bottoms are crafted with warm fabric, they make a perfect winter casual essential. have a look into this complete bomber jacket guide for more outfits.
  2. Achieve another street-inspired contemporary look by wearing a cardigan and slim-fit jeans. Layer this basic look with a long leather coat and a scarf. You can also wear a beanie and pair your long boots with this outfit. 

Business Casual

  1. A business meetup requiring the classy smart casual look can be tackled well with an outfit of a turtleneck shirt and khaki pants. If you want more suggestions on styling khakis, here is our guide to khaki pants outfit ideas for men.  

Use a classic pea coat to layer this business casual outfit. The pea coat gives a lot of vintage vibes and a polished look to the wearer. It has made a comeback in the fashion scape of 2021 mainly as a casual business essential for the icy weather. 


Quick Tips To Nail Casual Style for Men

  • Organize your wardrobe by placing the shirts, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, and accessories at designated places for a clear view of everything you have. It will help you pick up outfits quickly and efficiently.
  • Elevate your style quotient with clothes that fit right. Remember that your clothes will direct the focus on your well-built, masculine features, so pay attention to the fitting. The fit rule applies especially if you are dressing for smart casual dress code for men.
  • Build a minimalist wardrobe with versatile essentials so that you can never go wrong while creating suave and classy looks. 
  • Buy neutral colors to ease up the matching of your outfits and maintain a refined, simplistic look. Casual style doesn’t mean you should pick up that discounted bundle of graphic tees in neon colors off the rack.
  • You will be making the biggest fashion sin if you keep wearing scruffy shoes everywhere, thinking that it is just for casual wear. 
  • Pay attention to your grooming. A well-suited haircut, maintained facial hair, and some pleasant masculine fragrance is essential even with the informal style. 


Now that you know how to put together outfits for men, you can now pick essentials for your casual wardrobe confidently. You can also read our men’s style guide for an all-inclusive piece of advice. 

Begin your style transformation journey with these swanky outfit inspirations and step up your fashion game. Just remember to pick ideas that gel well with your personal style and wear what you really like.