The Ultimate Guide on How To Wear A Grey Blazer

The Ultimate Guide on How To Wear A Grey Blazer

A grey blazer is a versatile staple that can elevate any outfit, be it casual or formal. A blazer in any shade of grey, made with any material, is a valuable addition to a man’s wardrobe. The right color combination, accessories, and fit are the key factors for slaying a grey blazer outfit. This guide will provide you with all the valuable tips on how to wear a grey blazer and look your best.

What Materials Are Available For A Grey Blazer?

A grey blazer lends itself to several clothing pieces, giving you numerous options to wear. Fabric is the key factor that defines the look and feel of the blazer. For a stylish grey blazer, you can opt for different types of material, as each has its unique texture, weight, and durability. Consider the occasion and weather before choosing the fabric for your grey blazer. Here’s some insight into some common fabrics. 


Wool is the classic choice that offers durability and style for all occasions. The weight of wool depends on the type of wool used, such as merino and cashmere.


Cotton fabric is ideal for those who want to wear a simple, elegant, and classic look. These lightweight and breathable blazers make them a good choice for warmer weather.


Linen fabric is a trendy choice for men’s clothing. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and has a natural look that goes well with most styles. It’s best suited for scorching weather as linen is breathable and wicks moisture away. 


Polyester is a synthetic known for its durability, wrinkle resistance, and affordable fabric. It can also easily be dyed and offers a range of shades. It is a perfect choice for travel due to its wear-and-tear quality. 


Jackets made of tweed became a huge trend in 90’s fashion, although the fabric was sought after way before that. Tweed is a traditional woven woolen fabric known for its durability and warmth, ideal for winter. It uses a variety of colored yarns to create a unique and textured surface. Tweed blazers give an unparalleled classy look. 


As it gives adequate warmth required in the chilly weather, corduroy is an excellent choice for a grey blazer in winter. Its unique texture adds flair to the attire and provides a casual yet relaxed look.


Velvet is a sumptuous and elegant fabric for a grey blazer. It has a soft and plush texture. The sheen of the material makes it ideal for formal occasions in fall and winter. 

When Can You Wear a Grey Blazer?

Grey blazers are timeless and can be a go-to pick for several occasions. If the material is suitable, you may wear a grey blazer all year round, whether attending a casual, semi-formal, or business-casual gathering. Grey blazers are a splendid choice for weekend brunch dates with friends or after-work cocktails with colleagues. It is a casual yet sophisticated outfit that you may try with jeans or chinos and dress shoes for a night out on the town!  

How To Wear A Grey Blazer Outfit for Men 

The grey color is associated with wisdom and shows authority and poise. Depending on its shade, it represents balance and sophistication. It is a neutral color often incorporated into different types of men’s outfits.

Undoubtedly, a grey blazer makes you look handsome and classy. The key to wearing a grey blazer is the right fit and a shade that goes well with other pieces in the outfit. Learning how to wear a grey blazer will help you build ensembles where the blazer is the hero piece. You can get some amazing styling ideas from our men’s style guide.

Grey Blazer With Black Shirt

The 1980s men’s fashion trends included men wearing grey blazers, chinos, and a black shirt to semi formal parties. You can give a contemporary twist to this retro fashion. Here is a styling idea for a grey blazer with a black shirt:

  • Start with a black dress shirt tucked into grey dress pants.
  • Layer up with a grey wool blazer and make sure that the blazer shoulder seams sit right at the edge of your shoulders.
  • Add a black leather belt that matches your shoes and a silver watch.
  • The black monk strap shoes boost the sophistication as a subtle yet noticeable detail. 

Gray Blazer White Shirt

A white dress shirt with a grey blazer is a classic combination that perfectly balances casual and formal. Here’s a styling tip for men’s outfits:

  • Start with a crisp white dress shirt with dark blue jeans.
  • Add a grey blazer whose sleeve length sits right at your wrist bone.
  • Add some complementing touch with a patterned pocket square, brown leather belt, and a stylish watch.
  • Finish off with a touch of sophistication with a pair of brown leather oxford shoes.

Gray Blazer With Jeans

A trendy, cool grey blazer with jeans is an excellent addition to any wardrobe for a smart casual dress code. Here is an outfit idea:

  • Start with a light blue chambray shirt and dark blue straight leg jeans.
  • Layer up with a grey blazer for an unparalleled dapper look.
  • You can add flair with a pocket square.
  • Finishing off your decent attire with grey suede loafers.

Light Gray Blazer Outfits

Choose complementary colours and patterns for light gray blazer outfits to create a cohesive look.

  • Dress up your light pink linen shirt, and layer with a light grey blazer for a stylish summer look. See our summer fashion outfits guide for more inspiration.
  • Pair it with light beige pants for a modern and sleek look.
  • Add tan suede loafers for a smart yet relaxed look.

Another light grey blazer outfit idea

  • Get some inspiration from khaki chinos pant outfit ideas and and create a preppy look with it by opting for a light grey blazer and light blue dress shirt.
  • Finish off the attire with brown leather loafers.

Dark Gray Blazer Outfits

A dark grey blazer may be a perfect alternative to a black blazer. Here is an outfit styling idea:

  • Dress up your patterned dress shirt and beige chinos with a dark grey blazer.
  • Add brown leather tassel loafers for a polished look.
  • Amp up the suaveness with wayfarer sunglasses and a silver watch.

Blue Pants and Grey Blazer

Blue pants paired with a grey blazer give you a refined look with added charisma. It is a perfect pairing for a cool and stylish attire.

  • Pair blue chinos with a striped light blue dress shirt.
  • Layer a grey blazer over it to give a sleek look.
  • You may level up your outfit with a dark navy tie.
  • Brown leather Derby shoes may round off your attire with a relaxed vibe.

Black Pants Gray Blazer

You can never go wrong with black and grey. Black pants and grey blazers are the ideal way to style yourself neatly. Here is the styling idea:

  • Flaunt your masculine style and grace with black dress pants and a black shirt.
  • This attire works fabulously with a grey tweed blazer.
  • Take the style game up a notch with a black tie. 
  • Black leather Oxford shoes are indeed statement making choice for this loom.

Navy Pants With Gray Blazer

The grey and blue combination is one of the most impeccable looking, giving a superb look if you manage to get the pairing right. Here is a no fail styling idea:

  • Choose a light blue dress shirt as a base of your look, and pair it with navy dress pants. You can give a casual spin to this look by opting for electric blue jeans instead of the pants.  
  • Layer the combo with a grey casual blazer, and you will look dashing without putting much effort.
  • Finishing it off with the pair of patent leather shoes in a dark brown shade. 

Wearing Grey Blazer for Different Dress Codes

In recent times, menswear has seen a revived interest in timeless and retro styles. The versatility of a grey blazer is making it an excellent choice for various dress codes. It is a great piece of layering to and add an air of sophistication to your everyday wardrobe. 

The muted grey shade is inspired by 1950s fashion. Read on to learn how to wear a grey blazer from formal or casual events and how to style yourself on different occasions. 

Casual Grey Blazer Outfits

There are instances when you want to dress up stylishly for a casual occasion. Undoubtedly, a grey blazer is one of the most comfortable and easy to go pieces of clothing for such times. Here is an outfit idea that gives strong hints of a sporty style:

Outfit Styling

  • Combine a white crew neck t-shirt with dark blue denim in a relaxed fit.
  • Choose a grey plaid blazer to elevate the ensemble.
  • You may complement the outfit with a stylish silver watch.
  • White canvas low top sneakers give vibes of a cool casual look. 

Formal Grey Blazer Outfits

No question on the fact that a well-fitted, tailored grey blazer is an essential in a men’s capsule wardrobe. It is an excellent choice for formal gatherings, business casual, or cocktail parties. Here is an outfit idea that can build a neat looking ensemble. 

Outfit Styling

  • Pair your crisp white dress shirt with black dress pants.
  • Add a grey plaid blazer to create a decent look.
  • Add a flair with a white pocket square, a black tie, and a leather strap watch.
  • Round off the attire with black double monk strap shoes.

Dressy Casual Gray Blazer Outfits

Grey blazers can be a suitable pick for dressy looks appropriate for parties, casual weddings, and other gatherings. Here is an outfit idea that goes well with semi formal attire.

Outfit Styling

  • Form an outfit base with a blue and white checked shirt and grey slim fit jeans. Add a dark grey blazer for a dressed up look.
  • You can add a flair with a light blue pocket square and navy tie.
  • A pair of tassel loafer shoes gives a sophisticated vibe to the ensemble.  

Smart Casual Gray Blazer Outfits

To create a smart casual look, you need to blur the lines between formal and informal attire. It’s all about choosing an outfit that is relaxed but still looks polished. Here is an outfit idea appropriate for a smart-casual ensemble.

Outfit Styling

  • A dark grey blazer looks dressier if you layer it over a light blue dress shirt and white jeans.
  • Derby shoes in brown may be the perfect footwear with this attire.

Some More Tips to Wear a Gray Blazer

A grey blazer is the focal point of an outfit. With these tips, you can create a stylish and versatile outfit with a grey blazer.

  • Grey blazer styling is highly dependent on the shades, from light grey to charcoal.
  • A grey blazer is a statement piece that pairs with neutral colors such as white, black, or navy to let the blazer shine.
  • Ensure the blazer’s shoulders fit properly, and the sleeves have the right length. A tailor can help you achieve the perfect fit.
  • It pairs well with everything from jeans and t-shirts to dress pants and button-up shirts.
  • Grey worsted wool resisting wrinkling fabric is great for formal occasions.
  • You can pull off a blend of neat style with the rugged look by opting for a dark grey tweed blazer over light grey t-shirt and distressed slim fit jeans.
  • Complement a pocket square or a patterned tie to create visual interest in your suave grey blazer outfits.
  • Black or brown dress shoes complement the contemporary smart casual attire, while for casual settings, go for low top white sneakers.


Can I Wear A Gray Blazer To A Wedding?

Yes, a grey blazer is a great choice for casual wedding attire. It’s important to coordinate with the formality of the dress code. For daytime wedding attire, lighter shades of grey are more appropriate. And darker shades are more subtle for evening wedding attire. 

Can You Wear A Gray Blazer To A Funeral?

A grey blazer is not ideal for a proper funeral dress code. The hues are considered as somber as are black, dark navy, and dark charcoal.

Final Word

This ultimate guide provides you on how to wear a grey blazer with helpful tips and inspiration to create stylish and versatile outfits. Remember, stick a grey blazer with a neutral shirt hue for a more subtle look. You can create a range of outfits with considerations of grey hues that are both sophisticated and comfortable. Although it’s a neutral combination for all formal occasions, it’s not precisely formal wear.