How To Wear A Casual Blazer: A Quick Guide

How To Wear A Casual Blazer: A Quick Guide

A casual blazer is a wardrobe mainstay for male fashionistas. A stylish blazer can improve your appearance whether you’re looking for office attire or a casual night out. It perfectly adds sophistication to casual attire. You will discover how to wear a casual blazer in this quick guide, including how to style it with various outfits and how to accessorize it to finish the look. 

Defining A Casual Blazer

A casual blazer is a timeless piece that originated in the 19th century as a men’s clothing piece, thanks to the Englishman John Redfern. A blazer resembles a suit jacket but has a more natural, unstructured silhouette. It is considered to be more formal than a sports jacket.  

The blazer creates a perfect combination with collared shirts and pants for smart casual attire. Made from lighter fabrics such as cotton, linen, or chambray, the casual blazer is comfortable yet gives a dressed-up look. It can have more styling details like patch pockets and contrasting buttons for an added panache.

How To Wear A Casual Blazer

The casual blazer is a must-have piece in men’s capsule wardrobe. This smart-casual staple can be in any color, but navy, beige, black, and grey are the most popular. You can pair it with plain shirts, jeans, shorts, and chinos. Accessorize the attire with a simple belt, watch, and shoes for an effortless look.   

When To Wear a Blazer

As it’s casual, it may not be like a formal suit jacket, but it still elevates your outfit, making you look sharp. A crisp white shirt with a blazer and chinos look great for a semi-formal look. You can have a blazer with a V-neck shirt, jeans, and loafers for a dinner party. It is appropriate to wear a casual blazer on brunch dates, casual weddings, or less formal dinner parties.

Blazers are one of the integral clothing pieces for the smart-casual dress code. Depending on what dress code your workplace follows, a casual blazer can be a part of work attire with a dress shirt, jeans, and loafers.

How To Choose The Perfect Casual Blazer?

If you want to slay the relaxed aesthetic with a casual blazer, make sure you check off the following factors. 

Determine The Occasion

The casual blazer is different from the structured one in terms of tailoring, material, fit, and prints. The blazer you choose will depend on the occasion. For formal events, select a blazer with a more structured design. For casual events, opt for a blazer with a more relaxed fit.

Emphasis On The Fit

Ensure the blazer fits appropriately around the shoulders, chest, and waist. You may check the size chart for body measurements to ensure your blazer is not too tight or loose.

Choose A Fabric

When choosing a blazer’s fabric, consider the occasion and weather. Wool-based blazers are ideal for the winter, while those made of linen and other softer fabrics are perfect for the summer.

Complementary Hues

Choose complementary hues beyond the usual wearing all black and complement your style. Neutral colors like navy, gray, and black are classic, going with many staples in your wardrobe. Vivid colors like red and green are best for making a statement. 

A textured or printed blazer will perfectly suit a casual mood. Windowpane checks, plaid, floral prints, and paisley are some prints trending for men’s casual blazers.

Pay Attention To The Details

Small details add to the overall appeal of the blazer. Features such as buttons, lapels, and pockets of the blazer can make or break your whole look.

Customize Your Wardrobe Around Your Blazer

If you are building a new wardrobe for yourself, consider curating according to your blazer collection. A little mix-and-match will add a flair to your entire attire. Keep shirts, pants, sweaters, and jeans that complement your blazers. Accessories such as belts and shoes can also be bought, keeping in mind the color of your casual blazers. To create a personalized closet, get more inspiration from the men’s style guide.

Types Of Casual Blazers

A casual blazer is a versatile and stylish piece that can give you relaxed or dressed up men’s outfits . It comes in various styles, and may have distinct features such as contrasting pocket flaps. There is a blazer for every occasion and style, from light linen to rugged tweed. We will cover a few common casual blazers and why they are wardrobe staples.


You can opt for a blazer with either a structured or an unstructured style. A structured blazer is a perfect way to nail a more formal look. They are suited for traditional settings and are made from thicker fibers like wool or cotton. Its shoulder has padding and a chest is more structured. Unstructured blazers are the most suitable option for casual events and go well with jeans, chinos, or even shorts outfits. They’re made from lightweight fabrics such as linen or cotton and have no padding on the shoulders.


A cotton blazer is quite comfortable and gives a flattering fit. Ideally, a cotton blazer should have enough room to move around without feeling too baggy. Cotton is breathable and lightweight, perfect for warmer weather or laid back settings. You can wear a striped shirt with a cotton blazer and khakis to create a 1980s inspired look. You may customize your look to suit your style with colors and patterns, from solid neutrals to bold prints. 

Outfit Idea with a Cotton Blazer

A cotton blazer is slightly more relaxed but less dressy than a wool blazer. Dress in a light blue blazer with white polo for a sleek, stylish outfit. The best bottom wear is brown twill pants. A pair of brown double monk strap shoes are the best footwear option. It is the perfect business casual attire. 


Linen is a lightweight, soft, breathable, and moisture wicking material, which means a linen jacket is worth having for summer casual fashion. A casual linen blazer may have features such as patch pockets, a soft construction, and a more casual collar. 

You may create a dapper look with linen blazers in various hues and designs, from classic beige or blue to more vibrant hues like red or green. Make this multipurpose piece a part of your wardrobe and style it with a dress shirt and linen pants.  Or, give a 1990s fashion flair to your look with a casual shirt, plaid pants and a printed linen blazer. 

Outfit Styling with Linen Blazer

Linen blazers with classic details and a touch of modern design, are ideal for summer fashion. Try pairing your white chinos with a light lemon cotton shirt. Adding a white linen blazer will instantly make you look dapper and classy. A yellow and white printed pocket square may give a touch of sophistication. Loafers are a natural choice to wear with linen blazer outfits.


A tweed blazer is designed for staying warm in cold weather with style. Tweed blazers are not heavily lined or padded, which makes them ideal for informal settings. Casual tweed blazers have several options in colors and patterns, from earthy hues like brown and green to blue and gray. 

If you want a formal vibe to the tweed blazer look, pair it with a dress shirt, dress pants, and double monk straps. For a casual look, wear it over a plain black t-shirt and dark washed jeans.

Outfit Styling with a Tweed Blazer

Tweed goes well with formal, smart casual, and laid back looks. Pair a brown tweed blazer with a light blue checked shirt and dark blue denim. The combo is perfect for a suave yet casual look. Dress it up with brown leather Chelsea boots.


A casual wool blazer is a stylish piece for any closet and a practical option for colder weather because of its warmth and durability. Unstructured wool blazers with elbow patches are especially quite popular among the dandies. 

Try adding a wool blazer in gray or navy hues to your wardrobe to create decent cold weather outfits. Want to dress up for fall festivals or bonfires? Try layering a polo shirt and chinos outfit with a wool blazer.

Outfit Styling with a Wool Blazer 

A combination of a gray wool blazer, a beige turtleneck, and light blue jeans is a no fail recipe for a classy look. Finishing off with brown desert boots is the most effective way to put the seal on this stylish outfit.

Blazer vs Sports Coat vs Suit Jacket

A novice may not differentiate between these similar looking jackets, and may even use the terms interchangeably. Casual blazers and sports coat fall into the smart casual category, also lending to business casual and street style looks. Suit jackets, on the other hand, are strictly formal, made with dressier fabrics and come with a matching set of pants. 

Sports coats and blazers are way more versatile than suit jackets, as you can wear them with a variety of staples, including jeans, chinos, and t-shirts.

Sports Coat

1950s men’s fashion saw a rising trend for the preppy style looks with a sports coat. A sports coat is similar in style and length to a blazer. It is usually made with fabrics with a rough texture, such as tweed, which gives it a slightly rugged look than blazers. A sports coat should be loose enough to allow layering underneath.

Suit Jacket

A suit jacket has matching trousers, which is the primary distinction between it and a blazer. It is worn with matching trousers and dress shirts for formal looks. If you want to buy a suit jacket, you can choose a single-breasted or a 1970s inspired double-breasted suit jacket and trousers in classic colors such as charcoal, navy, or grey.   

Note that the perfect fit of all three of these jacket styles is integral for a neat, cohesive look. 

Men’s Casual Blazer Outfit

Still wondering how to wear a casual blazer? A men’s casual blazer outfit can be both stylish and comfortable, and it’s a great way to portray a refined style. A casual blazer may work magic whether you’re heading to a night out or want to add decency to your regular outfit. Below are some infallible pairing ideas ti help you build noteworthy casual blazer outfits for men.

Styling A Blazer With Jeans

A stylish and suave outfit with a blazer and jeans is perfect for various occasions. You can opt for dark wash and medium wash jeans in blue, grey, black or khaki colors with your casual blazer. 

To create a dashing look with your grey blazer, pair it with a charcoal grey swearer and medium wash blue jeans. Wear stylish shades and Chelsea boots to complete the look. 

Styling With Shirts

A plethora of shirts can make a great outfit base if you decide to wear a casual blazer on top. Go for t-shirts, henleys, sweaters, casual collared shirts, or plain dress shirts underneath your blazer. You may add personality to the outfit with a crisp white dress shirt, a classic choice to wear with a grey blazer. 

You can also try some splendid men’s flannel outfits with blazers. Complement the flannel under blazer attire with charcoal chinos. Accessorize your outfit with a stylish silver watch. A pair of leather tassel loafers are the best choice for footwear with this look.

Styling With Chinos

A blazer with chinos is a classic outfit idea for creating a polished look. Make sure the color of the blazer goes well with the chinos or khaki pants

Start with the blue vertical striped dress shirt with beige chinos and layer it with a navy blazer. Adding a light blue pocket square can instantly elevate the outfit. Make your look with a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes.


What Is The Most Versatile Blazer Color?

Navy is the most versatile color for blazers. A navy blazer is paired well with white, grey, brown, light blue, pink, and black. Other easy to pair colors for casual blazers are grey, charcoal, beige, and brown.

What Hairstyle Suits A Blazer?

The hairstyle that suits a men’s blazer will rely on personal style, facial features, and occasion. You can try a classic side part that looks sophisticated and goes well with a blazer for a formal setting.

Do Blazers Make You Look Older?

It depends on how you choose to wear a blazer. Pairing oversized or outdated clothing items can make you look older than your age. A well-fitted blazer paired with contemporary accents and clothing pieces can create a sleek and youthful appearance.

Final Thought

A casual blazer can be a versatile and functional addition to any closet. It pairs with a variety of staples to create clean, dashing looks effortlessly. You may choose the fabrics and style of your casual blazer according to your personal style.