Fashion Tips on How To Dress In Your 20s For Men

Fashion Tips on How To Dress In Your 20s For Men

This blog post sets forth advice on how to dress in your 20s for men to make it easy for young men who are transitioning into adulthood. From wardrobe staples and style tips to voguish outfit ideas, you will get everything right here. Needless to say, these years in a man’s life may give him many opportunities to style, including street style, smart casual, casual, and business casual looks for young professionals. Therefore, thorough style advice is absolutely needed to make sure you never look any less than dapper. 

Fashion For Men In Their 20s 

The 20s is a time of self-discovery and exploration as you figure out your true calling as well as your personal style. Men in this age group are keen to read any style guide that comes their way to get outfit ideas and young men’s style tips. They look up to celebrities and sports stars for style inspiration and try to develop a similar fashion sense.

Learning how to dress in your 20s is simple. It’s possible to develop a personal style with some experimentation and the right style knowledge. Fashion for men in their 20s should complement their body type and lifestyle. Fashion sense also enhances through observing social media and celebrity style.

Fashion For Men In Their Mid 20s 

Few general principles apply to fashion for men in their 20s. For formal looks, the focus should be on neat dressing with attention to details like fit and fabric. Casual and street looks can add an edge that sets you apart from the crowd. Young men can express themselves through slim as well as slightly relaxed silhouettes and the playfulness of fashion.

The key to achieving the perfect contemporary look is a balanced outfit. Classic sneakers, patterned shirts, jackets, jeans, and chinos are some of the classic staples for early and mid 20’s men’s fashion outfits.

Accessories also add flair to outfits. Hats, watches, and bracelets can bring an extra boost to the attire. That many other people around you are wearing. 

Fashion For Men In Their Late 20s 

As you are moving towards the mighty 30s, the prime years of your life shouldn’t be void of style. The bolder choices of the early 20s are now taking a back seat, as refined and dashing looks replace them.   The subtle trends and muted hues commonly opted in the 30s may seem uninteresting. But with the right accessories, colors, and cuts, you won’t have to sacrifice style. 

Accessories can change up an outfit after work, transitioning from a casual work environment to a night out. It can be achieved through clever color schemes and louder statement pieces replacing neutrals.

It will breathe new life into your smart casual style without looking frumpy. Now’s the time to pull those timeless pieces from your closet.

Young Men’s Style Tips

20 year old fashion conscious males should try to figure out clothing items or colors that will flatter their body type. We will provide unique styling ideas and fashion hacks for young men so they can look and feel their best.

  1. Strive To Treat Your Skin Well 

It’s tough to wear 20s acne. We might not be able to stop the aging process. Treating your skin right in your twenties should be a top priority. It’s when your skin is most prone to damage and breakouts. 

Taking care of your skin now can help prevent wrinkles, acne, and other issues as you age. Treating acne while in your twenties is especially important.

Pay attention to any signs, such as redness, inflammation, or breakouts. Look for products with natural ingredients that can help soothe irritated skin. Proper routine and cleansing can cut the outbreaks, protecting you from further skin damage.

  1. Be Attentive Towards Your Hair 

Find a hairstyle that suits you and makes you look stylish. A contemporary haircut is one of the vital principles of looking youthful in your 20s fashion. And when it comes to hair, don’t compromise on good hygiene. 

Stay away from harsh products as they are likely to damage your hair more than help it. Choose mild shampoos, conditioners, and other grooming products for the best results. Have fun with different hairstyles while taking care of your hair!

  1. Assess Your Personal Style 

Either work attire or date night outfits, people perceive what you are from your outfit. As a 20 year old fashionable male, you should assess your style and figure out what works best for you. Find outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable. You don’t always have to stick with the same style. 

Instead, experimenting and finding outfits that can transition is a plus.

  1. Prefer Slim Cuts

Picking outfits that make you look stylish can be challenging in your 20s. Slim fit apparel is a no-fail for any 20s men’s capsule wardrobe. It is popular due to its fashionable yet youthful look. 

For instance, slim cut jeans allow freedom of movement and help create the appearance of attire. What’s great about slim fits is that they suit the majority of body types. Anyone can maintain an effortless yet fashion-forward appearance with slim cut attire.

  1. Build Your Wardrobe Mindfully

Are you getting bored with the same looks day after day? You need to upgrade your wardrobe by saying goodbye to all the shabby clothing and the ones which don’t go well with your personal style. The following points would guide you on how to build a wardrobe mindfully.

  1. Keep Classic Clothing And Accessories

Men’s fashion for their 20s is meant to be a collection of timeless pieces that will last for decades. Men in their 20s should keep a few classic, plain t-shirts. Complement your attire with jeans that fit nicely, chinos, or joggers.

For shoes, a pair of good quality Oxford shoes, casual sneakers, and loafers can be nice. In depth advice on 20s wardrobe must haves coming up later in the blog. 

  1. Avail Discounts And Thrift Finds

Thrift store sales have increased dramatically over the last several years and some experts predict this trend will even double. There is no harm at all in thrifting, but be mindful of quality when buying from these stores. But with some careful searching, you should be able to find some great articles at low cost. 

  1. Play Around With Themes 

Playing around with colors and patterns is an essential mantra for men in their 20s. When you dress up, keep in mind the essentials of your attire and for what occasion you wear. You can adopt many throwback looks as well, such as preppy and grunge from 80s fashion and so on.

  1. Diversify Your Wardrobe

Fashion for men in their 20s is so much about steadily expanding closets according to different seasons and styles. From perfectly fitted suits for the sharp look to jeans of all kinds, you should pay attention to curating an interchangeable wardrobe. You may want to have adequate outerwear for winter, accessories for fall, or different shirts to build short outfits in summers.

  1. Learning The Art Of Accessorizing

Versatile accessories undoubtedly help adding points to the overall style quotient. Learning the art of accessorizing is vital to look appealing. Proper collection of accessories is a must-have tool every man should own.

  1. Know How To Take Care Of Your Shoes 

Dandy men always take extra care of their shoes. Keeping your shoes away from moisture is a no-brainer. To keep your boots shining, polish/clean them regularly. It would help if you stored the shoes in the breathable fabric in the shoe closet.

Restore dried out shoes by applying a shoe cream with the help of a brush or soft cloth. Let the cream settle in ideally overnight before wearing them. White sneakers may be cleaned with a magic eraser or dipped in dishwashing soap. To wipe away the stains, you get a shiny new look.

How To Dress In Your 20s? Men’s Essentials

20s are prime years of youth, a time to create new experiences, and make smart decisions. Clothing plays a huge role in building your persona, with a well curated outfit bringing out the best in you in a casual or formal setting. Read on our guide to men’s classic and trendy essentials that you can have in your wardrobe. 

Collared Shirts

Collared shirts make the modern man look sharp, polished, and sophisticated. These shirts should have a high level of comfort to look immaculate. 

Shirts can give you multiple outfits as they can go with so many other staples. It includes jeans, various jackets, blazers or suits. Various types of shirts have different kinds of collars available for men in their 20s. Some of the most popular styles of collared shirts are flannel shirts along with other casual patterned shirts, formal crisp collared shirts, and Oxford buttoned down shirts.


A t-shirt is a comfortable fashion statement and simple to wear. As a young man in his 20s, you can wear a polo or a vintage style, or a summer fashion tank top. You may wear them as it is, or layer them under jackets and hoodies. 

Jeans And Trousers 

Jeans and trousers have been wardrobe staples for years. They are still dictating the contemporary casual fashion arena for men, ranging from laid back and distressed styles to cleaner, slim fits in dark colors. Joggers, sweatpants, and ripped jeans are popular among the younger lot. Cargo pants and khakis are also trending high. But if you’re looking for something a bit sharper, straight jeans are making a comeback. For a rugged look that screams ’20s years old Millennial’, distressed jeans can give you the edge you need.


Jackets of different styles are wardrobe mainstays for men of all ages. Boys who have just passed their teens can amp up their jacket collection to include pieces that are both fashionable yet functional. From leather bomber jackets to biker style and minimalistic racer jackets, there is something out there to fit almost any style. You can diversify the options for streetwear with denim jackets, corduroy jackets, windbreakers, and puffer jackets as well. 

A Premium Quality Suit

As you attend all the garden parties, receptions, formal dinners and wedding in your late 20s, having at least one well tailored suit is the need of the hour now. You’ll stand out from the crowd in a premium, well-fitted suit. If you are looking for a suit that will turn heads and make you a show stealer, you need to invest in a premium quality suit in black, navy, or dark grey color. Also keep a nicely fitted navy blue blazer as well for less formal occasions. 



A great collection of shoes- from boots to sneakers- can make all the difference. A pair of boots with jeans outfits gives a dashing look. Stylish loafers are the way to go for a night out or to dress up an everyday outfit showing your sartorial prowess. And when you want something fresh and different, go for sneakers in a vivid color or a unique print. The right choice of footwear will keep you looking great no matter what!


We can’t emphasize much on how accessorizing actually takes your look to a whole new level. Make sure you have accessories in high quality and steer clear of cheap buys.

All-Occasion Watch

Needed to round off casual and formal outfits, wristwatches are a must have. We suggest silver metallic and black or brown leather straps watches to perfectly complement your style.


Your belt collection should now shift towards subtlety. Keep a few belts that match your shoes.

Dungarees, Fugly Trainers And A Few Bucket Hats

You can experiment with these in your twenties. You can take all the credit and add a flair to steet style.

A Bum Bag

Men’s fashion proves that the bum bag is a truly unisex item. You can traditionally wear a bum bag– at the waist, where an actual belt might go. Or, you can wear it across your shoulders, like a crossbody bag. 

Fashion Idols In Their 20s: Young Men’s Style Inspo 

When you’re in your teens or forties, having style inspiration in any walk of life can be inspiring. Today we’re looking at young fashion icons in their twenties who are making waves and influencing fashion. Here are the top picks for finding inspiration within youth culture.

Justin Beiber

Justin Bieber is well-known for his signature look. It mostly comprises a relaxed sweatshirt and baggy pants. From streetwear to traditional suiting, he adds his oh-so-cool statement to every look. He makes even ripped jeans with an oversized flannel shirt look voguish. His dressing is all about laid back, playfulness, and accessorizing.

Jose Zuniga

Jose Zuniga, the hugely popular American fashion YouTuber, mixes casual and dressy style in the best way possible. Besides his style advice, his signature style also encourages viewers to develop their dressing style. Inspiring fashion seekers practically, Jose’s impeccable fashion is the personification of dapper.

Outfits For the Young Man

From simple dark jeans and white t-shirts to more adventurous choices such as graphic tees and joggers, you will find several ideas below to create outfits for men in their 20s. Read on and stay up-to-date with the latest trends to make a statement each time!

Black Turtleneck With Charcoal Distressed Jeans

A black turtleneck with charcoal distressed  jeans is an on-point idea for a dapper look. Add black suede tassel loafers to the equation and your outfit is complete.

White Graphic Tee With Khaki Cargo Pant

For a casual outfit, pair a white graphic tee with khaki cargo pants — these two items fit together. The whole look comes together quite nicely when you put on a pair of white chunky sneakers.

Light Blue Sweatshirt With Charcoal Shorts

Wear a light blue sweatshirt and charcoal shorts for a standout streetwear style. Introduce black and white high top sneakers to complete this look.

Navy Polo With Khaki Chinos

Channel your inspiration from the 70s fashion and try teaming a navy polo with khaki pants for an infallible look. White and navy canvas sneakers will bring a playful touch to an otherwise classic look.

Black Checked Suit With Black Crew Neck T-Shirt

An all black outfit with a black suit and and a black crew neck t-shirt are easy ways to introduce a sense of masculine refinement into a smart casual ensemble. Balance this outfit with more polished black dress shoes.

Brown Bomber Jacket With Blue SlimFit Jeans

Undeniable proof that a brown bomber jacket with a grey mock neck tee and blue slim fit  jeans looks mesmerizing if you wear them together in an off-duty look. Bump up this outfit by slipping into grey low top sneakers.

White And Violet Varsity Jacket With Black Sweatpant

Consider teaming a white and violet varsity jacket with a white cable neck sweater and black sweatpants for an easy-to-style look. Black and white canvas low top sneakers are guaranteed to inject a dose of class into your outfit.


What Should You Not Wear In Your 20s?

Don’t hide your style under very baggy and outdated attire. You should also avoid very tight jeans, denim shorts, and skate shoes. Hats may be a great way to personalize an outfit for any event. But be sure to don them only at sporting events or casual outdoor gatherings.


You are a full fledged adult now in your 20s! If you want to learn how to dress in your 20s for men as we have suggested above to portray your elevated sense of style. We strongly suggest you to invest in items that match your unique style.