80s Fashion Men: Throwback to the Charismatic 80s Fashion Era

80s fashion men

Below, you will find lots of trends and some key looks from the 80s fashion for men to help you recreate the charming retro looks with authenticity.

Are you ready to slay in some 80s men’s fashion? As it turns out, that decade was daring when it came to men’s fashion, as dressing up meant more than classy, just putting on some slacks and a button-down shirt. Below, you will find lots of trends and some key looks from the 80s fashion for men to help you recreate the charming retro looks with authenticity.

80s Fashion Explained

Indeed, the 1980s were a magnificent decade for fashion. Men gladly followed trends during this decade, distinguished by strong patterns and vibrant colors. From tuxedo shirts and bomber jackets to khakis  and vintage sneakers were famous 80s fashion trends.

If we talk about the fashion trends that became synonymous to the decade, we can recall a lot of them. Think neon shirts or oversized blazers, and mix patterns like plaid and stripes—foppish accessories like suspenders, bowties, and sunglasses. Let’s talk about hair styling with panache (mullet). Finally, finishing off 80s inspired outfits for men with some flashy shoes. Think high tops, white leather sneakers, or even cowboy boots. 

Want a detailed scoop inside the fashion rich 80s?  Read the blog till the end to find everything about the men’s fashion style in 80s. 

Famous 80s Fashion Trends: 80s Clothes and Accessories

The 80s was a decade of big hair, bold colors, and outrageous fashion. Some of the most iconic 80s fashion trends are still popular today. The 80s were a decade known for its magnetic fashion choices and maximalism, which can be seen surging once again. 

Being dandy was the key to 1980s menswear trends. Bright colors dominated men’s fashion during the 80s, with ripped jeans and leather jackets. In particular, men’s summer fashion trend was to accessorize boldly. The use of glamorous accessories is the key to mimic that 1980s appearance.

80s Fashion Men’s Shirts

The sophisticated style of the 1980s was button-down shirts and t-shirts that men wore. While modern men’s retro shirts are trendy, vintage 80s band t-shirts are now highly collectible. All ages can enjoy 1980s outfits for men, including polo shirts and rugby shirts with stripes.

Men’s stylish ’80s and ’90s fashion include denim shirts, Memphis shirts, silk shirts, camp shirts, and flannel shirts with two pockets. In the late 80s and early 90s, neon shirts, tie-dye shirts, and quirky ’80s abstract shirts were in style, giving vibrant ensembles and style to men. Shirts popular in that era were suitable for many styles, such as the rugged look, athleisure look, or suave look.

80s Fashion Men’s Shorts

Athletic shorts in the 80s were a popular trend, the same as they were in the 70s fashion men. The ultra-short denim shorts are also popular among skate guys and beach bums. With their vivid, unconventional Hawaiian-inspired patterns, Jams shorts brilliantly captured the loud fashion of the 80s. Short outfits were easy-to-nail for jocks.

80s Fashion Men’s Pants

Khaki pant outfits were a norm for dapper looks in the 80s. High waisted, loose fitting silhouettes trended, giving that iconic 80s look which you can recreate now. Some unique and well-known 80s pants designs include tapestry pants, parachute trousers, harem pants, stirrup pants, metallic jogger pants, and baggy pants. Harem pants are a retro trend that many designers are now bringing back once again via their collections. 

80s Fashion Men’s Jeans

In the 80s, casual street style fashion trends for men revolved around big, baggy jeans. These jeans were often worn by men in a relaxed and casual manner, whether to hang out with friends or relax at home. Some popular styles of 80s men’s jeans included wide-leg cuts and high-waist styles, a pair of acid-washed skinnies, and a classic pair of light-wash straight-legs. Another trend was that of  cropped hems that reached right above the ankle. Whether you preferred slim-fitting bootcut styles or baggy straight cuts, 80s jeans came in all shapes and sizes.

80s Fashion Men’s Suits

One of the most classic 80s looks was an all-black outfit for men that comprised a black suit, black tie, and black dress shirt. This look typically pairs with bold accessories like oversized sunglasses or chunky watches.

80s men’s formal fashion was all about bold, eye-catching style. Whether you were looking for a stylish dinner suit or a fabulous streetwear ensemble, 80s men were known for their attention-grabbing looks and sense of personal style. 

80s men portrayed sophistication and confidence even with bright colors and unconventional patterns. They had an effortless flair, which showed whether they sported a fitted blazer with skinny pants or opted for a sleeker look with patterned suits and statement accessories. Regardless of the era’s trends, 80s men always managed to stay ahead of the curve by pushing boundaries and setting the standard for modern menswear.

80s Fashion Men’s Footwear and Accessories

One popular trend was to wear a wide variety of footwear and accessories, from bright clunky shoes to thick leather belts and chunky jewelry. Some styles from this era that are making a comeback today include retro sneakers, pointy leather boots, and brightly colored socks.

During this time, men’s clothing became increasingly casual as more and more people adopted a relaxed aesthetic. Popular trends from the 90s included ripped jeans, graphic tees, and tracksuits. Overall, 80s fashion for men is a fascinating look at a time when men truly pushed the boundaries of traditional style. 

80s Style for Men: Hairstyles

A typical fashionable hunk during the 80s would sport a high top fade, which features short sides and longer hair up top. Another 80s style for men hairstyle that remains popular today is the pompadour, which gives a stylish touch to any outfit.

With its slicked-back top and voluminous front, the pompadour exudes timeless sophistication that never goes out of style. Whether with a pair of shades and some vintage denim or with a dapper three-piece suit, 80s style for men will continue to be a staple in Fashion for generations to come!

80s Fashion Menswear Trends that are Resurfacing in Contemporary Fashion

The great thing about fashion is that trends always come back around. And with the current resurgence in popularity of vintage styles, it’s no surprise that some of their most iconic looks are making a comeback. Here are some of the most popular s men’s fashion trends that are resurfacing in contemporary fashion:

Commonly seen in winter fashion ads and on the runways of high-end designers, the turtleneck sweater is making a big comeback. They were and still are a perfect piece to add a bit of sophistication to your look whether you dress them up or down.

Another classic piece enjoying a revival, collared shirts are the perfect way to inject a touch of preppy style into your wardrobe. Whether you opt for a button-down or polo shirt, choose a well-fitted style that flatters your rugged look.

Skinny jeans may be all the rage these days, but slacks make a strong case for being the new go-to pant style. Slim-fit slacks look great with casual and dressy ensembles and can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Aesthetic 80s Outfits: Popular Subcultures from the 80s 

The 1980s were a decade marked by dramatic color choices, big hairstyles, and vibrant clothing. There were many different subcultures in the 80s, each with its unique style. Some of the most popular subcultures from the 80s include:

80s Grunge Fashion Men


Despite strongly associating it with the 90s, grunge subculture actually began in the 80s. In the 80s, grunge aficionados had a favorite jacket that they wore day and night until it broke. The plaid shirt and ripped jeans are essential pieces of grunge clothing. 

You can build a grunge inspire flannel outfit for men by opting for a red and black flannel over black t-shirt and light blue ripped baggy jeans. Complete this look with black combat boots and some grunge accessories like a neckchain. 

80s Hip Hop Fashion Men

In the hip-hop 80s fashion scene, men were known for their flashy yet relaxed and effortless style. They wore baggy track pants, oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts, varsity jackets, and statement accessories like chains and medallions. The choice of colors and combinations was often vibrant, lending to the hip hop artists portrayal of glamor. 

Ultimately, their laidback style became an essential part of hip-hop culture during this period and is still greatly admired by hip-hop fans today. For a captivating look, team up a black tracksuit with red stripes along with a bucket hat, sunglasses, a chunky gold chain, and some bracelets. 

Retro 80s Fashion Men

From classic leather jackets and distressed denim to brightly-patterned shirts and high-top sneakers, those who embrace retro 80s fashion exude a sense of effortless cool that is hard to match. And whether you’re heading out for an evening on the town or just hanging out, this trend never fails to make you look like the ultimate boy next door with chiseled good looks.

Preppy 80s Fashion Men

Classic preppy staples like polo shirts, collared shirts under pullover sweaters, and chinos were everywhere, always paired with clean-cut haircuts and a neatly trimmed beard or mustache. 

Preppy 80s fashion for guys was all about looking neat and polished, whether they were going to theUniversity or out for a night in the city. Unlike today’s trendier street wear styles, preppy fashion from this era valued effortless elegance over quirky individuality.

80s Athleisure Looks for Guys

In the 1980s, athletic clothing was a vital part of men’s fashion, with strapping looks emphasizing robust athleticism. Chunky sneakers, loose-fitting active-wear pants in bright colors, statement tees, and billowy windbreakers were all staples of this iconic style. Athletic shorts too were a rage. 

80s Inspired Outfits

The 1970s was a decade of self-expression and freedom. One popular style from that era was the rugged look, which featured all-black outfits, often paired with chunky boots or solid leather accessories. This look originated on the streets of New York and London but quickly spread to other cities as rebellious youth sought to express their individuality through their clothing choices.

Everyday 80s fashion

One popular 80s trend was ripped denim and t-shirts with heavy metal band logos, while other men opted for patterns such as stripes or plaid shirts paired with polka dot ties.

While some looks were everyday staples, others were more eccentric and trend-driven, including legwarmers, parachute pants, and great hair accessories.

80s Beach Fashion

In the 80s, beach fashion was all about bold, statement-making looks that genuinely made a splash. Bright colors and bold patterns were commonplace, with neon stripes and eye-catching floral prints.

Another popular piece of 80s beach fashion was over-the-top sunglasses, many of which featured crazy shapes and bright mirrored lenses. Men’s swimwear also upgraded during this decade, with skin-tight swim shorts and racer back tank tops becoming trending features on the summer scene. 

80’s Party Fashion for Men

One of the looks of the 80s was the blazer & neon t-shirt combo. This look is perfect for any occasion, from a casual night out to a more formal event. To get this look, pair a brightly colored blazer with a neon t-shirt. For an extra touch of 80s flair, add a pair of chunky glasses or some suspenders. 

Pastel suits were all the rage in the 80s, and they’re making a comeback today. Find a pastel suit that fits you well and wear it confidently to get this look. Don’t forget to add a matching pocket square! 

Neon sneakers were huge in the 80s and are still popular today. Any outfit can thrive from a pop of color to make you stand out from the crowd. So whether you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a three-piece suit, don’t forget to add a pair of neon sneakers to complete your look. 


How do you look like you’re from the 80s?

Wear bright colors and plenty of neon to look like you’re from the 1980s. One of the best approaches to add a splash of color to your outfit is with short shorts, crop tops, and glittery leggings.

Another critical piece is the bulky sweater – think oversized turtleneck sweaters in bold shades or rainbow stripes. Don’t forget about accessories, either! Big plastic earrings, chunky buckled belts, and thick headbands add retro flair to any outfit.

What do you wear to an 80s party?

Traditional 80s men’s fashion consisted of khakis and a striped shirt, so wearing the same is a good idea. If you’re looking for something a little bolder, acid-wash denim is sure to turn heads. But perhaps the most iconic party wear piece is the oversized varsity jacket.

Whatever you choose, be sure to accessorize with fun jewelry or an oversized pair of sunglasses.

What hairstyle was popular in the 80s?

Throughout the 1980s, a wide range of trendy hairstyles was all the rage with youthful people. Perhaps one of this era’s most popular and iconic looks was the mullet, a short cut in the front paired with longer hair in the back.

Another iconic 80s style was the tall mohawk, which shaved both sides of the head while leaving a long tuft of hair upright at the top. Other popular styles included Jheri curls, flattops, and hi-top fades.

Are the 80s coming back in 2022?

The 80s have always been a bit of an enigma regarding fashion and trends. Many fashion gurus predict that we will soon be seeing a resurgence of 80s style in everything from clothing to interior design, there is still fierce debate as to whether this will happen.

Some believe that fashion always recycles old styles like the 70s or 90s era, while others insist that tastes tend to evolve. Nevertheless, 2022 seems like it might just become the year of all things the 80s, with vintage stores stocking up on disco-era fashions and artists remixing some of their best-loved hits in homage to the era. So who knows – maybe we have headed for an authentic 80s revival after all!

Wrapping Up

Although over 30 years since the peak of 80s fashion for men, many trends from that era are still popular today. Whether you’re a fan of the preppy look, the punk look, or the hip-hop look, there’s an 80s-inspired outfit for you.

Men’s Fashion was flashy and over-the-top, with many colors and bold patterns. While some people might view this as tacky, others see it as part of the charm of this unique decade.