How To Wear A Black Suit With Flair

how to wear black suit

The black suit for men is undoubtedly timeless and stylish. To pull off this classic look, you need to understand how to wear a black suit. A few tips and pointers will help you to be sure that your look in a black suit is oozing out panache! Read on to discover everything from classic suiting styling options and accessory advice. We are going to state some simple ways that can help even the most novice dresser to style their black suit. 

Rules For How To Wear Black Suit

The right fit, accessories, and tailoring combination can make any look instantly sophisticated. Just like all of the other outfits for men, your vision is obviously set to blow everyone away with your dapper look in a black suit. Read on to discover our tips for nailing this sleek look every time!

When To Wear A Black Suit?

A black suit is ideal for formal occasions such as weddings, job interviews, and funerals. But beyond those special occasions, you can have it in your capsule wardrobe, so you may wear it whenever you want. You can opt for it for a dinner party or formal meetings at work.

Which Color Shirt Goes Best With A Black Suit?

Different shirt colors can make the traditional black suit stand out! White, light blue, and pink shirts go well for a formal occasion. Be sure to go for a shirt made with good quality fabric and has a classic fit. If you’re attending a less formal event, try spicing up your look with plaid or striped shirts. 

The conservatively cut shirts with solid hues like those popular in the 1990s men’s fashion are still appealing. As black lends itself to almost all colors, you can go for whatever color palette suits you best. No matter your style, make sure it fits well and feels comfortable. After all, fashion comes second to comfort in any great outfit.

What Color Tie To Wear With A Black Suit 

Men’s black suits are classic, but what color tie should you wear when it comes to one? It all depends on the occasion you’re dressing! A deep red or blue for more formal events can be an excellent option. They provide an extra pop of color against an otherwise all-black outfit. If the event is more casual, anything you opt for is bolder, like yellow or green, or even a pattern like stripes or window pane checks.

What Color Shoes To Wear Goes Best With A Black Suit?

Shoe options can be overwhelming when it comes to wearing a black suit. Wearing black shoes is always a good choice for men’s formal attire as the dark color of the suit balances well with darker shoes. Black shoes convey an air of sophistication that will add an extra layer of refinement to your look. For an alternate option, a pair of deep burgundy Oxford shoes can also make a sophisticated style statement.

All Black Suit Combinations

Are you looking for some stylish yet sophisticated ways to wear a black suit? The beauty of how to wear a black suit is that you can dress it up and down depending on the occasion. Formal suits have a subtle impression, much like the one that trended in 60s men’s fashion. By choosing different colors and textures as accessories, you can have a new look every time! Some all-black suit combinations are listed below so that you can always appear sharp.

Formal All-Black Suit

Without any doubt, an all-black suit is a fail-safe way to slay at a formal occasion. For a more formal look:

  1. Pair the suit with a white dress shirt and a patterned tie.
  2. Add a colored pocket square and pinstripe to the attire.
  3. Finish off the look with black dress shoes.

Black Business Suit

A black suit is the best weapon in a businessman’s style arsenal. Here are some tips to wear it with panache.

  1. Pair your black suit with a light purple dress shirt for a business formal look.
  2. Add some flair with a purple patterned tie and pocket square. 
  3. To introduce the desired level of refinement to this outfit, wear black Oxford shoes, and you’re good to go.

Black Suit With Printed Shirt Combinations

Wearing a black suit with a printed shirt of bold colors or patterns is the best recipe for a dashing look. The 1970s fashion shirt styles are unquestionably still in style today.

  1. Wearing a black suit with a printed shirt can add a touch of personality to your outfit.
  2. Go for micro floral prints, botanical prints, or patterns of your choice that complement the black suit.
  3. You may pair your printed shirt with a solid colored tie and pocket square.
  4. To add an extra touch of style, roll up the sleeves of your shirt and show off your cufflinks.
  5. Choose a pair of black leather Oxford shoes to round off your ensemble decently.

Black On Black Suit

The black suit is a great choice for a formal event or wants to look sharp for a night out. Black on black is typically an eye-catching style as fabulous as in 80s fashion. 

1. A matte black suit paired with a glossy black shirt can create an interesting contrast.

2. A black satin pocket square, pair of cufflinks, and black textured tie can make your outfit stand out.

3. Finish off the attire with black brogue shoes.

Black Suit With Gray Shirt

The black and grey look is perfect for a night out or a day at the office.

  1. For a more formal look, pair the black suit with a medium gray plain shirt and a dark grey tie. 
  2. Add a pocket square for a classy touch. 
  3. To complete this look, black leather Derby shoes.

Black Suit and Black Shirt Combo Without a Tie

The black suit, black shirt, and no tie look is a great way to style yourself at a semi formal occasion and is sure to turn heads. This can also be a smart casual look, so ditch the tie and leave the top button of your shirt undone.  

  1. To achieve this look, start with a well-fitting black shirt.
  2. Wear your black suit and finish things off with a pair of black dress shoes.

Black Suit With Tie

Here is a no-fail way to build a black suit look with a tie.

  1. Pick up the black suit and an ash white dress shirt with a gray patterned tie to create a sleek look. 
  2. Feel free to try out the black leather Derby shoes that you love with this combination

Black Suit Burgundy Shirt

The black suit and burgundy shirt outfit is an excellent choice for a formal or semi-formal event. 

  1. To style this outfit, start with a black suit and pair it with a burgundy shirt.
  2. Choose a patterned, darker burgundy tie if you want to add a charming look.
  3. For shoes, you can wear black tassel loafers to compliment your attire.

For a more casual look, ditch the tie. Finish the look by adding a silver watch and oxblood brogue shoes.

Black Suit Blue Shirt

The black suit and blue shirt combination is a tried and tested look that you may wear on any occasion. To make this combo highly appealing:

  1. Pick a well-tailored black suit.
  2. Pair it with a blue shirt, preferably in a light or medium shade.
  3. Add a blackish blue tie, black Oxford shoes, and a light blue pocket square to complete the look.

Depending on the occasion, this look can be dressed up or down and your style.  

Tips To Style How To Wear A Black Suit

  • To style a black suit, start by choosing the right fabric. Wool, linen, and cotton are all good choices.
  • A well-fitting black suit coat should ideally hug your shoulders and slim down at your waist.
  • To add a personal touch to your look, consider adding a lapel pin or boutonniere.
  • Try pairing a black blazer and slacks with a printed shirt for a sophisticated summer style look.
  • Refrain from suits with colored stitching or buttoned lapels.
  • Select neckties with narrow and smaller patterns to enhance your youthful appearance.
  • A vibrant looking pocket square can add a showy touch to your outfit.
  • Ensure that you unbutton not just one but the top two buttons. Having just one button undone may give the impression that you are uneasy.
  • You can opt for classic elements like pinstripes and wide lapels to give the hints of 50s fashion.


Which Color Goes With Black Suit?

You may choose colors like navy blue, gray, and brown for more muted looks. Adding burgundy or maroon accents makes your ensemble stand out. Green tones are always a good choice with a black suit—ranging from light sage or olive to bold emerald hues. 

Are Brown Shoes Ok With Black Suits?

For a more formal impression, it’s probably best to stick with classic black shoes. For something more casual or creative black tie, opting for brown shoes could be a stylish way to boost the look. It all depends on what vibe you’re trying to achieve!

Can I Wear A Blue Shirt With Black Suit?

Yes, you absolutely can wear a blue shirt in any shade with a black suit. Make sure your socks and shoes should be the same color as your suit for a pulled-together look. A colorful pocket square or a fun tie pattern will help bring the look together and complete it. 

What Color Pants To Wear Goes Well With A Black Suit Jacket?

Dark gray, charcoal or navy pants are the ideal match. They flatter the jacket and give an overall polished outlook. And if you’re feeling daring, try burgundy or olive green for something eccentric.


A black suit is a wardrobe staple for every man with a refined stylem. It is a no-fail choice for any formal occasion. The key is to keep the rest of your outfit simple yet coherent with prime focus on the right fit. Choose attractive accessories that add personality to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match shades of black to create an eye-catching ensemble. By following these rules and tips, you’ll be able to learn how to wear a black suit with confidence and style.