Flannel is Back- Men’s Flannel Outfit Ideas for a Dashing Style

mens flannel outfit ideas

Men’s fashion flannel shirts never fail to make a man look impressive. Besides being visually appealing with their typical checked pattern, the fabric of these shirts is soft to touch, warm, and very sturdy. All these qualities make flannels a preferred choice for men of all ages. If you want to rock this clothing essential in the best way, here we are with some fantastic men’s flannel outfit ideas.

Formally considered a retro staple, flannels have made a significant comeback. They are hugely popular in menswear, primarily due to the strong flavor of rugged handsomeness that they give off.

A perfect balance between style and coziness, flannels indeed make you look debonair. Wear them with jeans, chinos, and shorts, or layer them over plain t-shirts or turtlenecks. Or, just tie them around your waist for a laid back look. You can also wear flannels under jackets in the cold weather. Flannels are available in abundant colors and styles, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to building outfits for men with these shirts.

Men’s Fashion Staple: Flannel Shirts in Different Styles and Colors

Even in a carefully curated men’s capsule wardrobe, you will most certainly find a flannel shirt. The reason is its versatility. Flannel shirts come in numerous colors and patterns, so you can pick one according to your sartorial preference or keep a diversified collection.

Plain flannels, mimicking the sharpness of dress shirts, are definitely a staple worth having. But the checked pattern ones are bona fide. Larger checks give a bold look, which comes in handy while creating cool, relaxed outfits. In contrast, smaller check patterns look neat and fit for polished, suave outfits.

Men’s fashion flannel shirts are available in many colors, but black, red, brown, grey, or green are mostly favored. The popular color combinations for check flannels are black and white, red and black, and green and blue checked flannels.

When it comes to fits, flannels are available in slim cuts, which you can tuck inside the jeans or chinos for a smart look. The oversized versions and shackets give you ample styling choices ranging from layered outfits to grunge style looks. The fabric of flannel shirts also varies. You can pick lightweight ones for summers or warm, thick ones in the cold weather.

How to Style a Flannel 

Though the men’s fashion flannel shirt leans more toward the casual side, you can still look spruced up and stylish while wearing them. Put your best foot forward by creating fashion forward outfits with flannels in a relaxed or smart casual style. A flannel has the ability to give you a sophisticated style, or a rugged look, depending upon how you wear it. 

One of the basic unwritten style rules with flannels is never to pair them with another checkered clothing item. The resulting look would be disordered and a major fashion faux pas. Try wearing an unbuttoned flannel with a plain t-shirt in a complementing color.

Wear your flannel simply as a top with jeans or khakis, or use it as a mid layer or top layer. Tie it around your waist with jeans and a t-shirt outfit if you start feeling hot. You can also wear the flannel in summer by rolling up the sleeves or opting for a short sleeved flannel shirt.

What to Wear with Flannel?

It’s hard to go wrong with a flannel outfit. They will never fail to give an eye pleasing touch. One of the easiest, no-fuss looks is pairing denim with flannel. Apart from blue black, grey, and white jeans, you can occasionally opt for khakis and chinos. In summers, twill chino shorts are also a good option when you are looking for a cool casual look. 

On the colder days, use your flannel shirt for layered ensembles. Play with textures and patterns to create eye pleasing looks. 

What to Wear Under a Flannel

An unbuttoned flannel worn over t-shirts, henleys, or sweaters gives a stylish look. You can wear plain crew neck t-shirts, or v-necks. Pick a plain henley in any of the colors present in your flannel to keep the look complementing. For a rock n roll inspired look, wear graphic t-shirts under the flannel.

If you are wondering what to wear under a flannel in winter, go for a crew neck sweater or a turtleneck. Instead of a lightweight flannel, go for warm flannel jackets which will keep you cozy. 

What to Wear Over a Flannel

When using flannel shirts as a mid layer, you can pick outerwear that complements the look. A v-neck sweater over a flannel creates a smart preppy look. But make sure your flannel cuffs, hem, and collar are visible.

You can also wear an edgy biker jacket or a bomber jacket over a flannel. Frigid weather calls for parka coats and shearling jackets over flannels to keep you toasty.

Footwear with Flannel Outfits for Men

When you opt for a flannel, many casual and semi formal shoes in your wardrobe can go with it. 

Depending upon the level of casualness, you can opt for any type of sneakers. For summers, choose minimal slip-on sneakers or chunky ones for street looks in winters. High top boots, Chelsea boots, and Chukka boots give a rugged look to the outfit. You can also go for comfortable options like loafers, boat shoes, or moccasins with flannel and jeans. 

Flannel Outfits for Men

There are several ways to rock flannel. Besides being a staple for smart casual dress code for men, flannel is also appropriate for preppy, rugged, or grunge looks. 

If you want a subtle look with it, keep the rest of your ensemble neutral. Experiment with complementing colors, multiple layers, and accessories to elevate your style for a bolder look. 

Below, we will lay down various flannel outfits for men in rugged, laid back, preppy, or smart casual looks. 

Black Flannel Outfit

A black flannel may come off as a subdued clothing piece. However, it can be the best choice for a dapper look when styled correctly. 

Have a knack for a macho look? Go for this black flannel outfit with blue jeans. Black combat boots, a brown leather belt, a golden watch, and chains will add a macho feel to the outfit. 

Pick a wide checked flannel in black with subtle hints of purple and green. Wear it with grey slim fit jeans. Now layer the outfit with a vintage brown leather jacket. A brown ribbed beanie, round frame sunglasses, and brown Chukka boots will finish this dashing look. 

You can also go for an all black outfit for men by pairing a black flannel with black jeans. You can also add a black biker jacket to the equation for some added charm. Round off the look with black Chelsea boots. 

Red Flannel Outfit

One of the most stylish ways to wear a flannel is to pair it with khakis. Pick a red flannel to create a visually appealing casual ensemble. Pair it with khaki pants and a brown leather backpack. Even in this laid back casual attire, your sartorial prowess can shine with red sneakers. Wear a leather strap watch to complete the look.

If you want to dive deeper into khakis styling, read our guide on khaki pants outfit for men. 

Black and White Flannel Outfit

Upgrade your style by building magnetic outfits using a black and white flannel shirt. Our first outfit suggestion is a no-fail pairing of a white crew neck t-shirt, black chinos, and an unbuttoned flannel in black and white. Roll up the sleeves for an irresistibly smart look. Finish this men’s summer fashion ensemble with white sneakers, a silver watch, and a black baseball cap. 

You can swap the plain white tee with a graphic tee for a grunge inspired look. 

The easy going, preppy style look below is perfect for the chilly spring days or the beginning of fall. Wear a black and white flannel under a lightweight black sweater and khakis. Pull the sweater’s sleeves to reveal the cuffs for a proper look. 

The choice of footwear to complement this outfit can be black and white converse sneakers.

Red and Black Flannel Outfit

Whether you are an adventure loving guy or a modest man, you can’t deny the popularity of red and black flannel. The garment is a capsule wardrobe mainstay and effortlessly mingles with many other staples. 

It’s always a good idea to go for checks with black as a dominant color and a subtle shade of red. This will give authentic rock and roll vibes, ensuring a winning style.

Beat the brisk winter breeze with a black turtleneck and a red and black warm flannel. Wear this stylish combo with blue jeans and brown high top boots for a rugged look. 

Create another flannel outfit for men by wearing a red and black unbuttoned flannel shirt over a grey henley and distressed jeans. A quilted vest would cozy up the outfit even more. Complete the outfit with a grey beanie and charcoal grey high top sneakers. 

You can also wear a black and red flannel over a plain black t-shirt, faded jeans, and a black bomber jacket. Add black chukka boots to the mix for a distinguished style.

Green and Blue Flannel Outfit

A checked flannel merging blue and green shades portrays your charismatic style sense. We suggest you to pair it with light shaded tailored khakis and green suede loafers. Accessories like wayfarer style shades, a messenger bag, and masculine bracelets will add the finishing touches to this smart casual look.

For a clean cut look, try a dark green and blue flannel with black slim fit chinos for a clean-cut look. The simple yet absolutely classy pairing will be the reason for people admiring your dashing persona. You can even add a navy blazer to this refined look.

You can also try a breezy summer look with light green and blue flannel. Wear it with a white t-shirt and white jeans for a relaxed look. Round off with brown leather sandals. 

Flannel Streetwear Outfit

Here are two ways to style a flannel for a streetwear look in summer and winter.

Pick a slim fit flannel with large checks in blue and white with hints of green. Style this shirt with brown khakis and lace up loafers. Roll up the sleeves to exude dapper vibes, and add the street ready stamp with aviator style shades.

You can get dressed for a casual meetup on a chilly day with rust shaded henley and rust and white unbuttoned flannel over greyish blue jeans. Layer the outfit with a beige quilted vest and retro style shades to prove your aptitude at street style. Round off this look with brown Chelsea boots.

Shorts and Flannel Outfits for Men

Giving a modern seasoning to the traditional flannel, you can wear it with shorts. If you want to show up in style while letting your legs stay cool, here are some flannel and shorts outfit ideas for men.

Half sleeved flannels are functional in the hot weather, so get one in a white and plum combination. Pair it with khaki shorts to exude youthful vibes. Black boat shoes and a straw hat would make perfect final touches for this look. 

Building a smart casual shorts and flannel outfit for men, you can go for muted hues. Wear a black plaid flannel along with navy blue chino shorts. The formula to look good in this outfit is to wear retro style shades, a brown hat, and a silver watch.

Black and Red Flannel Jacket

Flannel shirts are available in so many forms. You can go for lightweight ones for summer, or shackets and heavy lined jackets in winter. Flannel jackets portray your mastery of style besides keeping you toasty. A black and grey, or a black and red flannel jacket are the most common choices. 

Create a classic black white, and red look by using a white t-shirt and blue jeans as a base. Wear a black denim shacket and a wool lined plaid jacket over it to ensure the right balance of style and warmth. This flannel outfit for men can be elevated with brown suede boots and a woolen scarf around the neck. 


How to wear flannel for men?

Flannels are not just for laid back looks. You can wear them over t-shirts and jeans for a smart look. Go for check styles in classic hues, like red, black, white, blue, or green. 
To build classic flannel outfits for guys, you can pick a shirt and pair neutral pieces, like khakis, black or blue jeans, or navy chinos. Or, use the flannel as a mid layer for winter outfits.

How to wear a flannel with a hoodie?

Wearing a hoodie under a flannel is one of the many ways to rock a casual fall or winter look. Choose a black hoodie and blue jeans and wear a black and red check unbuttoned flannel over them. When opting for a hoodie, pick one in a color represented in your flannel for a coherent look. 


We have compiled all the information you need to know regarding flannel outfits for men. Following our outfit suggestions, you can look dashing in a flannel. This timeless, comfortable piece is undoubtedly an excellent piece for moderate summers, transitional weather, and also winters when layering is required.