90s Fashion Men: A Guide to Retro Trends that are Worth a Shot

90s fashion men

To revisit the 90s by adding some throwback vibes to your outfits, read this in depth guide on 90’s fashion for men.

If you were a young man during the 90s, or saw your dad being one, you might recall the voguish dress code in the 90s. It was a time when fashion was big, and no one wanted to be caught wearing the same thing as someone else. To revisit the 90s by adding some throwback vibes to your outfits, read this in depth guide on 90’s fashion for men. You would be surprised how many of the 90s trends have revived and taken over the street fashion these days.

90s Fashion Explained

Men in the 90s often took style cues from grunge icons like Kurt Cobain or hip-hop stars like Puff Daddy. Whether you favored tight jeans and flannel shirts or bomber jackets and baggy pants, there was something for everyone in 90s fashion for men.

One key feature of 90s fashion for men was an emphasis on everyday clothing, with simple t-shirts and jeans making up a large part of many people’s wardrobes. Other popular ensembles included classic all-black outfits for men, often featuring a sleek leather jacket. Apart from the sophisticated look, many 90s men also favoured bright casual clothing like chinos and polo shirts. Smart casual looks with buttoned shirts or polo necks were a norm. Overall, 90s fashion men had a relaxed and effortless style that continues to inspire modern trends today. Whether you were heading out to the club or simply hanging out with friends at home, there was a style to suit your needs in the 90s.

Famous 90s Fashion Trends:

If you’re a fashion lover, you know that the 90s was an era when some pretty cool trends hit the scene. From grunge to minimalism, there was something for everyone to love. If you love to add a little bit of 90s flair to your wardrobe, here are some of the most popular trends from that decade that are still around today. So pull out your flannels and Doc Martens, and get ready to relive the glory days of 90s fashion!

90s Shirts

90s shirt’s classic design, straight cuts, smart casual dress pants or jeans, and good-looking fabrics make them perfect for smart casual dress code and always look effortlessly cool.

Casual Shirts

Casual dressing took the form of bush shirts, polo tops, or even simple white T-shirts worn under sweaters and paired with slacks.The casual business style became a thing in the 1990s, inspired by polo short sleeve shirts and casual khakis or chinos worn by Bill Gates.

Formal Shirts 

In the 1990s, business wear consisted of leather jackets in a blazer style or single-breasted blazers and jackets, which replaced the power suits of the 80s men’s fashion. Shirts worn for suiting were typically conservatively cut and colored in solids rather than prints, with narrow collars, and worn with matching ties with black Chelsea boots.

For formal evening dressing in the 1990s, shirt menswear was all about sophisticated black or navy blue colorations, worn with matching ties and suits—a solid color from head to toe for that cool modern James Bond look.

90s Pants

In the 90s, men’s fashion was about embracing a more casual and comfortable look. One of the most popular pants for men in the 90s were khakis, and khaki pants outfits for men were a common sight. These versatile trousers could be paired with everything from button-up shirts and sweaters to t-shirts and flannel shirts, making them a wardrobe mainstay with lots of function and style.

Other popular pants for men in the 90s included denim jeans, cargo pants, and slacks designed in bold colors and eye-catching prints, from bright patterned athletic pants to slick and modern dress pants in muted, sophisticated hues. Wide legged, flared pants from the 70s men’s fashion surged during the 90s aswell. For men looking to exude a fashionable vibe that channels the 90s in the best possible way, 90s pants are an absolute must-have.

90s Denim

In the 90s, denim was everywhere – and that included denim shirts, shorts, jeans, jackets, and denim overalls. 90s denim trends for men ranged from the ruggedly handsome ripped, faded jeans to the baggy, acid wash jeans. 90s men knew how to rock denim, from relaxed-fit jeans to form-fitting and baggy denim jackets. And whether they were pairing it with a flannel shirt or a button-down, they always managed to look charming. 90s denim trends are making a comeback today, and it’s no wonder why. With its timeless style and versatile appeal, denim is the perfect fabric for any outfit – and any man. So if you’re looking for retro look, laid back style, or rugged style to look admoirable, reach for some 90s denim. You won’t be disappointed with these throwback jeans styles.

90s Jackets

The 90s was a decade of diversity when it came to layering, and that included blazers, cardigans, and jackets for men. Bomber jackets were popular due to their perceived masculinity. These boxy jackets were usually made from leather or nylon and had several pockets for storing essentials. Leather bomber jackets have a reputation for being macho and tough.

Plaid and striped blazers from the 60s men’s fashion also made a comeback in 90s. Another popular 90s jacket was the denim jacket. Denim jackets were more casual than bombers, and the boy next door type might have worn a denim jacket.

Varsity Jackets from the 90s

Finally, there was the varsity jacket. Varsity jackets were preppy and modernistic, often worn by guys who belonged to sports teams or other clubs. They usually had team logos or other emblems on them, making them a cool way to show your association to a group. Whatever the style, 90s jackets were an essential part of any men’s capsule wardrobe.

90s Footwear

In the 90s, men’s footwear trends underwent an experimental phase. While conservative loafers and dress shoes were still popular, many men began to embrace more unconventional styles. It included everything from chunky sneakers to slides and even platform sandals. In general, 90s footwear was all about making a statement. Men eschewed traditional expectations and dress codes to express their unique sense of style. Even though some 90s trends are no longer popular, others have had a lasting effect on men’s fashion.

90s Accessories for Men


In the 90s, accessories were an integral part of the outfit that a fashionable man wore, putting final touches to make a statement. Everyone sought ways to stand out from the crowd, from foppish dandies to hip-hop stars. Men’s most popular 90s accessories included snapback hats, oversized sunglasses, and chunky gold chains. While some trends have come and gone, others have stood the test. For instance, the 90s trend for wearing multiple gold chains is still strong today.

Those who want to channel their inner dandy, ascot ties, and pocket squares are making a comeback. These stylish accessories add class to any men’s outfit for men and can wear for formal and casual occasions. If you’re feeling incredibly bold, you can even try sporting a monocle like the ultimate Victorian gentleman.

What 90s Clothes Are Back In Fashion?


90s fashion for men is having a moment right now. Celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio have been wearing throwback 90s fashions, and high fashion houses are releasing collections that reflect that era. Fashionistas are digging through their parents’ closets and scouring thrift stores for 90s-inspired pieces. If you’re looking to channel your inner 90s child, there are a few key pieces you’ll need to rock the look.


First, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and prints. Plaid flannel shirts, leopard print skirts, and striped tights were all famous in the 90s, so feel free to experiment wildly with your outfit. Plaid is always popular, but bright colors and bold patterns are also crucial. 


If you want to get in on the trend, you’ll need a few essential items. Start with a basic pair of jeans. Baggy, acid-wash styles are coming back, so try to find a comfortable and stylish pair. Next, add a button-down shirt or graphic tee. 


To complete the look, add a 90s-style jacket or windbreaker. Throwbacks like the Nike Windrunner or Puma Track Jacket are perfect for completing any 90s-inspired outfit. With these key pieces in your wardrobe, you’ll be ready to rock the 90s trend like a pro.

Grunge Look

Next, add some grunge-inspired details like chokers, Doc Martens, and ripped denim. And finally, top off your look with a pair of retro sunglasses or a classic snapback hat. With these 90s-fashion  pieces in your wardrobe, you’ll be ready to rock any 90s-themed party.

Aesthetic 90s Outfits: Fashion Subcultures that Were Huge in the 90s

In the 90s fashion, different subcultures emerged, took the grunge and hip-hop styles of the time, and made them their own. Some of these subcultures were huge in the 90s and are still popular today. These are just a few examples of aesthetic 90s outfits from different fashion subcultures that were huge in the 90s fashion. Each one has its unique style that reflects the personality of the people who wore it.

90s Grunge Fashion Men

The first is the grunge look. Nirvana and other Seattle-based grunge bands from the early 1990s made this look popular. The look consisted of ripped jeans and plaid shirts. 90s Grunge clothing was dark, unconventional, and edgy, taking dressing down to new heights. The fashion was all about ripped and torn clothing, layered jewelry, and unruly hair. The preferred footwear was Doc Martens and ankle-length boots.

90s grunge aesthetic influenced by grunge music. It was all about being cozy and stylish at the same time. Flannel outfits for men were the go-to look for 90s grunge men, usually with a pair of relaxed-fit jeans and a comfy pair of boots or sneakers.

Grunge fashion was also about DIY style, so 90s grunge men often added their personal touches to their clothing. Whether stitching patches onto jeans or adding hand-drawn graphics to t-shirts, 90s grunge men put their spin on the style with flannel outfit ideas.

Grunge Outfit

The perfect outfit consists of a red plaid shirt, light blue ripped jeans, and a leather biker jacket. Finishing with a pair of converse shoes is a tried-and-true method to give your appearance more definition.

90s Hip Hop Fashion Men

The second popular subculture is hip-hop. Rappers like Tupac and Biggie, who emerged from New York City in the mid-1990s, helped to popularize this image. The look mostly consisted of baggy jeans, oversized t-shirts, athletic wear, and Timberland boots.

90s Hip Hop fashion for men were known for their unique style. They often wore baggy clothes and oversized sweatshirts. Their pants were usually saggy, and their haircuts were often wild. They also wore a lot of gold chains and jewelry. Hip hop music icons from 60s, 70s, and 80s, greatly influenced 90s Hip Hop fashion for men.

Outfit Idea for 90s Hip-Hop Fashion:

For a 90s hip-hop ensemble, wear dark blue cargo pants with a neon shirt. Add the distinctive hip hop style eyeglasses, a baseball cap, and gold chain necklaces to the look and complete the attire with sneakers.

Retro 90s Fashion Men

Retro 90s fashion for men is making a comeback in a big way. While the 1990s might not be everyone’s favorite decade, there’s no denying that the fashion was pretty great. The fashion was inclusive, from refined and classy looks to smart and casual dress code. And now, thanks to the recent resurgence in the popularity of vintage clothing, retro 90s fashion is back on the radar. 

For anyone who wants to get on board with this trend, the most proper place to begin with is a retro men’s capsule wardrobe. A few key pieces, like a well-tailored suit or a pair of relaxed denim jeans, can go a long way towards nailing that Retro look. So whether you’re looking to bring some nostalgia to your wardrobe or stay ahead of the style curve, Retro fashion from the 90s is worth checking out.

Retro Men’s Outfit

A classic example of men’s retro 90s fashion is a bomber jacket in a vivid color worn over a plain white T-shirt, slim-fit jeans, and slip-on shoes.

90s Preppy Style

The 90s were a decade of many style trends, but one that has made a comeback in recent years is the preppy style. The preppy style is often associated with affluence and Ivy League schools, characterized by classic silhouettes and understated colors. For men, this usually takes the form of a button-down shirt, polos, v-neck sweaters over collared shirts, khaki pants, and loafers. 

The preppy style looks neat and put together without seeming overly fussy. There is an element of effortlessness that can be difficult to achieve. However, when done well, the preppy style conveys confidence and panache. 90s preppy-style men were the epitome of cool, with their magnetic personalities and dandy good looks. If you’re looking to channel this iconic style, start with the basics, like sweater vests, cardigans, blazers, collared shirts, polos, and chinos. Then add your personal touches to give a unique twist to the outfits. 

Preppy Styling Idea:

A grey pair of chinos and a long-sleeved blues shirt is a perfect go-to outfit in your closet. This outfit finished with a pair of beige canvas slip-on sneakers.

90s Jock Fashion

Jocks have always been a vital part of 90s fashion. These athletic, suave men always managed to look stylish in their jock attire. Jock fashion was all about feeling comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

The 90s were the golden age of jock fashion. Men’s summer fashion was greatly influenced by jock styling. Jocks would wear smart clothes that showed off their muscular physique. They were always well-groomed and smelled great. Jocks were the epitome of 90s fashion.

Jock Outfit

The white polo golfers t-shirt is an excellent option if you’re searching for a high-quality golf shirt featuring breathable cotton fabric to keep you cool. Wear it with blue denims to show what jock fashion looks like. 

 90s Athleisure Fashion

The 90s was a decade of sporty fashion, with men’s athleisure fashion becoming increasingly popular. Short outfits, track pants, and hoodies paired with sneakers or running shoes are the hallmarks of this robust and daring style. 

The perfect example of 90s athleisure fashion is the iconic image of Michael Jordan wearing his Chicago Bulls jersey and shorts with a pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers. This look was simultaneously comfortable, practical, and fashionable, making it a hit with guys of all ages. Even though the 1990s are long gone, athleisure culture continues to impact current fashion. So if you’re looking to channel your inner 90s dude, don’t be afraid to rock some athleisure wear.

Athleisure Outfit

The foppish athleisure appearance is a dark navy tracksuit with white joggers for men. A bucket hat would add final touches to your look.

Skater Boy Style

One of the throwback styles from the 90s is the skater-boy look. Skateboarders and surfers who sought a casual look comfortable with skate and surfing made this look popular. The look consisted of baggy jeans, flannel shirts, screen-printed t-shirts, and Vans shoes.

 90s Inspired Outfits

Who says the ’90s are gone? Check out these stylish retro looks that will take you back to the decade of grunge, slap bracelets, and TLC. With a little bit of styling ingenuity, you can put together your own’ 90s-inspired getup.

Everyday 90s Fashion Outfits

Everyday 90s fashion outfits, men were pretty different from what we see today. Back then, it was all about sporting the latest street wear brands and keeping things relatively casual.

Generally, guys would go for a pair of loose-fitting jeans or shorts and pair it with a graphic tee or polo shirt. They might throw on a sweatshirt or windbreaker if it is colder out. And to complete the look, they would finish things off with a fresh pair of sneakers. 

While fashion has changed quite a bit since then, 90s everyday outfits for men still hold a special place in our hearts, and relevant according to contemporary fashion. After all, they were the days when fashion was all about having fun and expressing yourself.

90s Decades Day Outfits

Decades Day is often celebrated with the 90s theme where you can unleash your retro style and create 90s inspired looks. 90s Decades day outfits for men can be created with shorts, printed button-down shirts that fit loosely and a pair of sunglasses finished off the look. This style is perfect for a day spent outdoors and is also comfortable and relaxing in the summer heat. 

For the cold weather, a 90s Decades day outfit could be a striped pullover half zipped turtleneck worn over acid wash grey jeans and layered with a leather bomber jacket. Round off the look with leather sneakers. 

90s Evening Outfits

Fashion was extraordinarily splendid in the 1990s. Men’s evening clothes were stylish, focusing on classic, timeless pieces that were possible to dress in repeatedly. All-black outfits were famous, as they exude an air of sophistication and charm. 

Flannel outfits were also a popular 90s fashion, often worn with jeans or chinos for a casual yet stylish look. For a more formal occasion, a tailored suit was the go-to choice for many men. Whatever the outfit, the 90s was a decade when men knew how to dress to impress.

90s Beach Fashion

The 90s was a decade of big fashion statements. Men’s beach fashion was no exception. Printed half sleeved shirts and tight-fitting shorts were all the rage. And if you wanted to stand out, you accessorized with a bandana or a headband. The overall look was suave yet youthful, adventurous yet stylish. It was a look that said you were confident and ready to take on the world. And while some of the 90s trends have faded away, the 90s beach fashion men’s look is still as popular as ever.

90s Themed Outfits for a Party

There are many ways to dress for a 90s-themed party, but one thing is for sure. You want to be sure to dress up in a way that will make you stand out. 90s style is all about panache, and black is always a good choice. 

Look for comfortable and fashionable clothes, and don’t be afraid to combine different styles to create your unique look. For a 90s themed party, you can wear printed shirts with denim overalls that are undone form one side, or wear wide legged pants with funky 90’s bush shirts. 90s fashion was about being different, so think outside the box and have fun with your outfit.

1991 Men’s Fashion Look

1991 was a great year for men’s fashion. The bright casual look was in, and there were plenty of different types of shirts. 90s summer fashion was all about being quirky and unique, and 1991 was no exception. This look was all about being smart and casual at the same time. 

Shirt choices ranged from button-downs to t-shirts, and there was something for everyone. Quirky prints and patterns were all the rage, and men’s fashion was never better. Wear a baggy denim shirt over a red t-shirt and khaki pants for a suave look that reminds the onlookers of the year 1991. 

1992 Men’s Fashion Look

1992 was a significant year for fashion. Men’s fashion, in particular, saw some watershed moments that defined the trends of the 1990s. One 1992 men’s fashion look that stands out is the “preppy” look. This look featured khakis, button-down shirts, and sweaters worn with loafers or deck shoes. 

Men’s fashion in 1992 included sports coats or blazers for a more formal look. Another 1992 men’s fashion trend emerged this year: “grunge.” It often consisted of ripped jeans, flannel shirts, and Doc Martens. While the grunge look was most associated with the alternative music scene, it soon became mainstream. 

Finally, 1992 also saw the rise of “athletic wear” as casual everyday attire. Joggers, tracksuits, and sneakers became increasingly popular on and off the court or field. Thanks to 1992, men now had many stylish options to choose from when putting together an outfit.

1998 Men’s Fashion Look

1998 was a year of significant changes in both the world and fashion. Men’s fashion followed suit, with many daring and rebellious looks appearing on the runway. One of the most popular styles was the awesome look, which featured lean cuts and tailored clothing. This look was stylish and rebellious, quickly becoming a favorite among young men. 

Another popular style was the lean look, which featured a fitted dress and simple designs. This look was stylish and practical, making it a popular choice for work or play. Finally, the daring look came back in 1998, with many men opting for bold colors and patterns. This look was perfect for making a statement and helped men stand out from the crowd. Whether looking for something sleek and stylish or rebellious daring, 1998 had something for everyone.

Hairstyles: Popular 90s Style for Men

Here are the hairstyles that you can opt for if you want to recreate the authentic 90s fashion look. 

The Faux Hawk 

The Faux Hawk was a popular hairstyle for men in the 90s. The hairstyle involved shaving the sides of the head and leaving the hair on top longer. The top hair was then cut into a shape like a Mohawk.

The Crew Cut

The Crew Cut was a popular hairstyle for men in the 90s. The hairstyle involved shaving the sides and back of the headshot while leaving the hair on top longer. The top hair was then cut into a shape similar to a crew cut.

The Mullet

The Mullet was a popular hairstyle for men in the 90s. The hairstyle involved growing the hair long in the back and short in the front. The Mullet could be worn with or without bangs. 

The Bowl Cut

The Bowl Cut was a popular hairstyle for men in the 90s. The style involved shaving the back and sides of the head short while leaving the hair on top longer. The hair on top was then cut into a bowl-like shape. 

The Afro 

The Afro was a popular hairstyle for men in the 90s. The hairstyle involved growing the hair out into an Afro-like shape.


How do you look like you’re from the 90s?

If you want to appear like you’re from the 90s, then take inspiration from plaid shirts, loose jeans, and oversized flannel shirts that were popular daily and night choices. And when it came to footwear, sneakers were the way to go. High-top basketball shoes were trendy, as they added an extra layer of coolness.

What do you wear to a 90s party?

  1. Men’s 90s party outfits wouldn’t be complete without a pair of baggy jeans.
  2. You’ll need a sweatshirt or jersey. A throwback NBA or NFL jersey is perfect, but any graphic sweatshirt will do. Just make sure it’s oversized and nicely worn in
  3. A pair of high-top sneakers are a must. Whether you’re rockin’ a pair of Air Jordans or classic Converse All-Stars, make sure your shoes are clean and retro.

What hairstyle was popular in the 90s?

The most famous hairstyles for men in the 1990s were spiked-up bleached greasy hair, cornrows, a tram line hairstyle, young Leo curtain bangs. Variations of Afro hairstyle, a slicked-back Brad Pitt look, a high flat top, and a mullet were also hugely popular.

What brand of jeans were famous in the 90s?

In the 1990s,  the most popular brand were Levi’s, Dockers, and Khaki. Levi’s was probably the most well-known of the three, and famous people and regular guys alike have worn its jeans. Dockers was also a trendy brand known for its khaki pants that were perfect for casual wear.

Summing Up the 90s Fashion for Men

Though the 90s were a decade known for its variety in fashion, we can see some apparent similarities between the styles of different decades. We saw the rise of iconic trends like grunge and hip-hop fashion. Even though some 90s fashion might not work today, you probably won’t be able to wear double denim like Justin Timberlake anytime soon. 

You probably already have a few things in your closet that would be great for a modern take on 90s fashion. So go ahead and dig through those old boxes in the attic—you might find yourself a hidden style treasure.