What to Wear With a Navy Blue Blazer? A Guide to Style the Versatile Men’s Outerwear

what to wear with a navy blue blazer

The Navy blazer is the most classy outerwear for smart casual dress code for men. It is an iconic piece that radiates a refined style fused with a relaxed demeanor. If you are planning to add this timeless essential to your wardrobe, a comprehensive answer on what to wear with a navy blue blazer lies ahead.  

You can easily dress up or down while wearing navy blazers as they are highly versatile. They are a men’s capsule wardrobe mainstay. The reason being, that they don’t fall into a higher level of formality like suit jackets, nor are they completely casual like denim jackets. They have their place in between the two dressing styles, providing fashion conscious men a wide range of looks for varying occasions. 

You can find blazers in several bold colors like red or bottle green, but the Navy Blazer for men stands out from others in terms of exclusiveness and panache. The materials that are commonly used to craft navy blazers include worsted wool, serge, hopsack, or nylon. The jacket usually has two front pockets and buttons in contrasting colors.  

How the Navy Blazer Started Off 

As we know from history, the single breasted navy blazers were first worn by the members of a rowing club from Cambridge named Lady Margaret Boat Club, showing the nautical roots of this outerwear. However, the blazers were not navy blue in color but a bright shade of red. 

The origin of the double breasted Navy Blazer is often attributed to the British army. That version of the navy jacket had gold buttons, a feature which can be seen in contemporary blazers today. 

Since then, the blazers became a symbol of being affiliated with a club, college, or university.  The trend is still followed today, with navy blazers often featuring the badge or logo of the association on the breast pocket.

Differentiating the Navy Blazer with the Sports Coat and Suit Jacket

The similar designs of the suit jacket, the blazer, and the sports coat may confuse those who don’t have much idea about basic men’s style guide. However, the navy blazer differs from the other two in terms of formality and fabrics.  

While sports coats are similar in style to the blazers, they are crafted with textured fabrics like tweed.

A suit jacket comes as a pair, along with pants made with the same material. They are highly formal, unlike the navy blazer for men, and are made with fine, shiny woolen fabrics. The suit jacket is also way more structured than the blazer.

Another feature typically found in the navy blazer for men is the presence of contrasting buttons on the front closure and sleeves. 

How Do You Pair a Navy Blue Blazer? Outfit Inspirations for All Year Round 

The suave and clean silhouette of the navy blazer makes it easy to build outfits for men with the basic pieces in your wardrobe. A variety of shirts, bottoms, and shoes work well with the blazer. However, you need to know the do’s and dont’s of putting together a Navy blue blazer outfit to properly nail the smart casual look.

Here are some attractive Navy blazer looks for every season that you can easily create with your everyday wardrobe essentials. 

Spring Looks with the Navy Blazer

  • A pair of khakis and a patterned dress shirt make a very appealing combo with the navy blazer.  The look is perfect for spring which is the season of colors and patterns. You can look for khaki pants outfit ideas for men to learn more about styling these pants. 

This classy ensemble is well suited for casual outings like a lunch date. You can wear a pair of black leather low top sneakers and a dress watch to accessorize this casual look. 

  • Another classic outfit for spring can be built with a striped t-shirt, white jeans, and your single breasted navy blazer. A pair of brown suede shoes are the perfect choice of footwear for this timeless look. 

Summer Looks with the Navy Blazer

  • In the hot and humid weather, opt for a cotton or linen blue casual blazer. Pair it with a short sleeved polo shirt, preferably in a light shade, and black jeans. You can put on your denim tennis shoes with this outfit and wayfarer shades to finish off the look elegantly. 
  • An effortlessly classy business casual look can be created with a combination of a light blue dress shirt, grey flannel pants, and navy blue blazer. Accessorize with a tie and watch.

There is no chance of going wrong with this outfit. It is one of those classical looks adopted by fashion savvy men of all ages. 


Fall Looks with the Navy Blazer

  • For the chilly months, a navy blazer made with worsted wool or nylon is quite suitable. A variety of warm shirts and trousers pair well with the blazer, making it easier for you to create stylish outfits. Try a black basic t-shirt and jeans with a navy blazer with gold buttons for a perfect fall look. 


  • Teaming a lightweight sweater in grey color with your blue casual blazer will give you a very nonchalant yet dapper look. Choose contrasting chino pants with this outfit and finish off the look with Chelsea boots. 
  • You can also look for various men’s flannel outfit ideas to wear with a navy blazer. Pair a red and black cozy flannel over a black turtleneck and black jeans. Top it off with your blue casual blazer and wear brown ankle boots to complete the look. 

Winter Looks with the Navy Blazer

Who says you can’t wear a navy blue blazer outfit in winter? Prove them wrong with these amazing outfit ideas.

  • Try building an outfit with a deep burgundy turtleneck and corduroy pants and layer it with the navy blazer. You will be astonished by how this awesome ensemble instantly turns you into a highly attractive hunk. Make sure the pants are the right fit and lighter in the shade to create a nice contrast. A pair of double monk straps will add a flair to this outfit.


  • Nail the business casual in winters by wearing a black v neck sweater over a white dress shirt and blue jeans. Pull over your double breasted navy blazer, wrap a blue woolen scarf, and you are good to go for a work meeting. Select brown leather brogues with this outfit, and don’t forget to wear your sunglasses. 

Experimenting with varying essentials and judging yourself in the mirror is a good idea to build a navy blue blazer outfit that suit your personality. Remember that you must never try to match any bottoms with the blazer and opt for contrasting hues instead. Also, avoid wearing graphic t-shirts underneath your blazer.


Can you wear necktie and pocket squares with the Navy 


As explained above, the Navy blazer does have a level of formality to it. In fact, it is an integral essential of a business casual wardrobe. Hence, wearing neckties and pocket squares with a navy blazer is perfectly appropriate. 

Can you wear a Navy Blazer with jeans?

Yes, you can. However, make sure you wear regular fit jeans of the right length. A baggy, tight fitting or very long jeans will kill the refined look that navy blazer is meant to create.

Can you wear a Navy Blazer with grey pants?

The navy blazer makes one of the best combinations with grey pants. You can opt for any shade of grey, including light or charcoal grey, as it creates an appealing contrast with the navy blue color of the blazer. 

Final Word

The navy blazer is incredibly versatile outerwear that every stylish man must own. It has been in trend for decades, and the only reason it has firm roots in men’s fashion even now is that it is highly interchangeable. 

Make sure that the blazer fits you right to achieve a crisp, sculpted look. The same goes for all the essentials that you pair with it to create drool-worthy looks. The right color combinations and a perfect fit will elevate your navy blazer outfits to a whole new level.