Men’s Guide to Wearing All Black in Style

wearing all black

Building outfits should never be an incautious task. It requires you to reflect upon the style, fit, and color combinations that will suit you the best. But wearing all black is certainly the easiest and a no fail way to create impressive looks. 

The color black indicates many attributes, like power, mystery, elegance, and formality. When used in fashion, black makes one look sharp, sleek, and dashing, explaining why all black men’s fashion is a huge trend. They give fashion conscious men an opportunity to express their sophisticated and dynamic personalities.

How Is Wearing All Black the Right Style Move?

Wearing black is not only fashion forward, but it is also very easily put together. It saves you from the hassle of making the right color contrasts or feeling apprehensive about wearing something that doesn’t suit you. Even if you choose to wear a black on black ensemble casually, you are certain to look sharp. 

If you think that choosing to wear all black will result in a loss of versatility, this blog post will change your perception. This men’s style guide on all black outfits will equip you with a number of amazing suggestions. Pick any of these looks to ace the monochrome style without fail.

All Black Outfits for Men in Multiple Styles

The good thing about black clothing is that men of all ages can rock it. It is also a good option for men who wish to adopt a minimalist look, as plain black clothing staples can be paired against other essentials effortlessly. Black clothing essentials are always a good option to add to a men’s capsule wardrobe for their versatility. 

So, whether you want to adopt the all black men’s fashion in the laid back style or something professional and formal, we have got you covered below.

All Black Casual Outfits for Men

Take a look at these black casual outfits for men that debunk the myth that black is only appropriate for formal wear. It is absolutely possible to rock black in laid back, relaxed surroundings. 

Black Shirt with Black Trousers

Give this clean, charismatic look a try by pairing a black shirt with a mandarin collar and 

black pant. Go for a no sock look to add to the carefree, casual style and pair accessories like a backpack or a stylish waist bag. Black low top converse shoes will round off the look with perfection.

If you want to wear this outfit in the cold weather, opt for a black jacket in a bomber style. Our bomber jacket guide would teach you more about styling this classic outerwear.

Plain Black Tee with Black Shorts

Show off the brawny looks with a plain black t-shirt and black shorts. It is the perfect way to look dapper on a summer eve while staying relaxed. Add style to this black casual outfit with a pair of white sneakers, a leather watch, and beaded bracelets.

Want to get an in depth insight into black shorts styling? Look at these men’s shorts outfit ideas for some top notch style inspiration. 

Black Hooded Sweatshirt with Joggers

For a classic winter casual look which can be doubled up as gymwear, go for a black hooded sweatshirt and black joggers. Keep the sweatshirt baggy for an easy going look, and the joggers fitted if you want to show off your chiseled physique. Opt for a pair of chunky sneakers to finish off this look, 

All Black Streetwear Outfits for Men

With street fashion, you can blend various styles and subcultures to create upscale black casual outfits. For all black outfits for men in street style, you can go for a variety of voguish staples like ripped jeans, hoodies, and a variety of jackets. You can also rev up your style with accessories like neck chains, rings, and ritzy wristwatches.

Black Denim Jacket and Chinos

Denim jackets give an unbeatable rugged look. Try a black jacket for an all black streetwear outfit. Team up a black t-shirt, a casual buttoned shirt, and straight chinos with a classy black denim jacket. Make sure you are dressed head to toe in black with black monk straps and a black wristwatch. 

When styling your hair for this look, go for messy hair to keep up the rugged vibes. 

Black shirts and jackets go along well with khakis. You can deviate from an all black streetwear look by swapping the black pants with khaki pants. Look for more khaki pants outfit ideas to get a generous dose of this menswear staple. 

Black Biker Jacket Street Style Outfit

When dialing up your street style look, you can go for the black biker jacket without a doubt. All you need to do is don a black henley and ripped jeans and put on your sleek leather jacket. A pair of aviator style shades and a black watch is all you need to round off this look.

Black Trucker Jacket Over a Black Hoodie

When the temperature drops down, a nice way to show style is to create an all black streetwear outfit with swanky staples like a hoodie and a black jacket. Lay the foundation of your outfit with a basic black shirt and black jeans. To step up your style game, layer the outfit first with a pullover hoodie, and finally a black trucker jacket. 

A sleek combed back hairstyle and sneakers will complete your dapper street look.

All Black Smart Casual Outfits for Men

Smart casual dress code for men is all about adding elegance and sophistication with the help of essentials that are informal. Blazers, sport coat, polo shirts, and chinos are usually used for smart casual outfits. Let’s take a look at a few all black men’s fashion casual looks. 

Black Dress Shirt with Jeans

A simple black shirt and slim fit jeans are a combination that suits every type of man. You can elevate this dandy style attire by throwing in black leather loafers and a dress watch into the mix.

Black Turtleneck with Black Plaid Pants

A jet black turtle neck and tailored plaid pants are definitely a winning combo. When you want to go for an all black look at any occasion with a smart casual dress code, you can surely go for this effortless look. To finish off the look in a dressy manner, opt for black oxfords and a silver wristwatch.  

Black Coat Outfit

Every fashion savvy man must have a black coat in his wardrobe for those seriously stylish statements. This outfit with a black henley, dress pants, and a black trench coat proves that you don’t have to put a lot of effort to look refined. 

Black Flannel Shirt Outfit

We love plaid a bit too much as you can see with many of our men’s flannel outfit ideas. Pair a plaid flannel shirt with a black t-shirt and straight fit pants for a sophisticated look. To add to the smart casual vibes, put on a pair of black Derbies. 

All Black Business Casual Outfits for Men

When you need to dress up in the business casual style, an all black suit will never fail to let you achieve a sharp look. The primary focus of this style is pairing dressy plus casual essentials that fit your right. Here are a few suggestions for an all black formal outfit.

Black Blazer with Jeans Look

You can never go wrong with a blazer and jeans combination. Mimicking the all black formal outfit with suit, this look is dressy and lets you stay comfortable at the same time. This is possible due to the flexibility of jeans and the unstructured blazer, which makes movement easier. Go for black chukka boots and aviator sunglasses with this casual black suit for some dapper vibes.

All Black Outfit with an Overcoat and Straight Fit Pants

The reason why all black outfits for men are popular for an urbane look is that black symbolizes a refined, clean cut style. The right way to fuse style and comfort while looking professional is to team up a black turtleneck, straight fit tailored trousers, and a smart black overcoat. You can elevate this all black formal outfit with a sleek black wristwatch and black Chelsea boots. 

Tips on Wearing All Black Clothing for Men

When in doubt, keep the following tips related to all black clothing for men in mind to nail the all black look aptly.

  • Remember that monochrome doesn’t have to be synonymous with monotone. Your all black look can be interesting if you mix textures and fabrics in black color. A black tweed sports coat will look very elegant along with a matte black turtleneck or sleek chinos. The fabric contrast will add depth to your outfit.
  • Try different fits to build an outfit. A baggy sweatshirt along with slim fit joggers or jeans looks very stylish. Or, you can mix things up with a fitted turtleneck, slim fit jeans, and a baggy overcoat.
  • Avoid wearing all black clothing for men during summers. Unless you are going somewhere in the evening or night, a black outfit will look inappropriate in the scorching summer as it absorbs heat. Even during the cooler parts of the day, just go with a basic black t-shirt, polo shirt, or long sleeved shirt along with your classic black chinos or jeans. 
  • When buying black clothing, opt for good quality. Although you will easily get clothes in a few bucks, neither their color will stay the same, nor the material. You do not want to look shoddy in a stretched out t-shirt or a faded pair of trousers. 
  • Line up your accessories to match the all black look. There is no rule to wear black shoes, watches, belts, and shades with your black attire. However, wearing black accessories with your outfit will take the style up a notch. 
  • Avoid wearing the all black look frequently. It is a style statement that should be sported sparingly. But as we said earlier that there is no rule, it’s up to you if you want to adopt all black as your day to day personal style statement.


Wearing all black clothing for men is a classy way to look handsome. When done right, a black outfit will definitely make heads turn. If you want to give all black men’s fashion a try, this blog will definitely help you with the dos and don’ts of wearing black. We have laid down best outfit suggestions to help you nail the monochrome look in black.