An Absolute Men’s Style Guide to groom you from head to toe.

mens style guide

Do you want to bring out the dapper in you with a classy yet comfortable style? Do you wish to woo the onlookers with your effortless demeanor? Take a deep breath and relax! With our comprehensive men’s style guide, you can amp up your looks and dress like a true fashion-savvy guy. We will guide you about what type of clothes, footwear, and accessories are trending in 2021, plus some useful tips on men’s fashion to help you dress up nicely on casual and formal occasions. 

There’s more to creating stylish outfits for men than just trending clothes and shoes. To make sure you are getting all the right attention with your style, make sure to follow these guidelines. 

  1. Invest in Good Quality Clothing:

Imagine you are standing in front of a branded store selling fine quality clothes. 

Right beside it is a retail store selling bulk clothes at cheap rates. 

Will you enter the reputable brand outlet to buy quality, or visit the retail store to shop variety instead?

We highly recommend you to choose the best quality that fits your budget. 

The key to a practical style is to always opt for good quality clothes that are comfortable, durable, and don’t get ruined after washing. 

  1. Wear Clothes That Fit You Right:

When it comes to great men’s dress style, the right fit is paramount. 

Properly fitting clothes actually solve the majority of your styling issues. Whereas oversized clothes make you look sloppy, fatter, and shorter than you are. Making your overall image down to zero.

Here’s a piece of in-depth men’s fashion advice on the right fit of different types of clothes:

  • Suit:

Think of suits like a glove. We suggest you avoid buying a suit too tight or big. Try on different sizes to check that the shoulder seam fits right at the outer side of your shoulder. Ensure that the lapels are flat across your chest. For the pants, be sure they are tapered and barely skimming the top of your shoes.

  • Blazers:

One staple that is a must have for smart casual dress code for men is a well fitted blazer. Try the blazer on to see whether it fits perfectly. If you can move easily, try sizing down until you reach a size that’s too small. Then go back one size up. That should be the perfect size for a well-fitted blazer.

  • Dress shirt:

A right-fit shirt should not swirl out excess fabric from sleeves or body. If it’s a slim fit, it should be slim all over.

  • Jeans:

Firstly, measure your actual waist size with a measuring tape or by trying on different pairs. If you can effortlessly button the jeans up without a belt, the size is perfect. 

For a subtle change in pace, we recommend you to give it a try to taper or slim fit if you are used to the baggier leg. If you lean towards the rugged look, go for distressed slim fit jeans. 

  1. Add Versatile Staples to Your Wardrobe:

To pull off the classy man’s look, you need well-chosen clothing essentials and a personal style. Stocking up several types of outfits doesn’t make you a stylish guy.

We suggest a minimalist approach while building your wardrobe. A men’s capsule wardrobe will help build several outfits from a few staples.


Casual / Formal wardrobe staples:

We are spoiled for choices. Aren’t we? In your life, the biggest choices may be the girl you want to date or a luxury car you want to buy. 

But your wardrobe choice still tops the list!

Here are a few must-haves that you should own to nail the dashing look whether you are sitting at home, going for a casual walk, or invited to a formal dinner. 

  • Khakis

A pair of khakis is a must for every man’s wardrobe. They go with t-shirts, flannels, button downs, and all types of sweaters to give a stylish appearance. You can take help from these khaki pants outfit ideas for men

  • Cotton Chinos

The best alternative to your jeans or formal suit pants, probably these chinos must be the only trouser you need. Wear it with your shirts, t-shirts, and bomber jacket.

  • Shorts

Another wardrobe mainstay that will help you stay cool in the warmer months are shorts. Keep a few sleek chino shorts in neutral colors, a pair of cargo shorts, and denim shorts as well. Try our men’s shorts outfit ideas for charismatic looks. 

  • A Denim Jacket

A denim jacket adds wonder to a normal ensemble. Club it up with your oxford t-shirts, white shirts, or long sleeves shirts for that smart look while heading outdoor. 

  • Leather Jacket

You can never go wrong with leather jackets. They give you multiple wears due to their durability and versatility. Biker jackets and bomber jackets are a no fail option for street style casual looks. Read our bomber jacket guide for an in-depth style advice on the outerwear. 

  • White Buttoned Shirt

A white dress shirt incredibly elevates your looks. Pair the crisp white with your jeans or wear them under a suit. The best option for casual as well as formal look.

  • Polo T-shirts

A classic turned casual menswear, polo t-shirts are an essential part of men’s wardrobe. It works well with your weekend looks or even casual lunch dates.

  • Flannel Shirts 

A comfortable and trendy option that assures a top notch look is a flannel shirt. Get a few in traditional colors, such as red, grey, blue, and green to diversify your outfit creation. For more ideas on styling flannels, check out our men’s flannel outfit ideas blog.

  • Non-collared Casual Shirts

T-shirts and henleys are included in non-collared shirts. You must buy them in a size that fits right.

For a sophisticated look, try to avoid graphic tees. Instead, go for plain color t-shirts that suit you well. If you are a fitness freak and have those bulging muscles, opt for V-neck to give you more of a masculine ‘v’ silhouette.

  • Dark Slim Fit Jeans

Dark denim highlight the strong sense of your personality. Especially when you pair it up with blazers or cardigans.

  • A  Grey Suit

The most dominating suit in your closet will be this grey color suit. 

The no-nonsense vibe of this color is the reason why it is a classic. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and black shoes. Or maybe with a sleek black collar shirt in the evening at a friend’s reception.

  1. Colors in a Men’s Wardrobe:

You can enhance your appearance with the art of selecting the right color combination for your wardrobe. Here we are with three color profiles for men to let you choose according to your flavor, what you want to add up to your wardrobe.

  • Neutral color profile: 

Neutrals include black, grey, white, navy or brown, dark blue, and olive colors. These are extremely versatile colors that can easily complement intense colors.

  • Americana color profile:

This color profile mixes up the images of classic America. Adding up colors like Khaki, red, military green, denim (lighter blues) to a neutral color palette.

  • Monochromatic profile:

If you are a fan of Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg and wish to be productive like them, the monochromatic profile is just right for you.

You too can try the all black outfits for men to create a dapper, no mess look. You can also go for the double denim look in blue, or an athleisure outfit in darker tones of grey. 

  1. Iron Your Clothes:

Even if you learn the above-mentioned fashion advice well, you will ruin your overall impression if your clothes are a crumpled mess. 

An essential asset to men’s dress style is a one-time investment in a steam iron. It applies steam to the garment to moisten. At the same time, it relaxes the fabric.

Don’t forget to use the fabric conditioner while washing your clothes. As it not only makes ironing easier for you but improves the appearance of fabric as well.

  1. Your Footwear Collection 

A pair of shoes can easily make or break your overall look. In this men’s fashion guide, we’ve narrowed down a selection of footwear that are a must in a stylish man’s wardrobe.


  • Brogue:

For formal occasions, opt for dark brown brogue shoes, and for casual days, wear a lighter shade of brown brogues. 

  • Suede Chukka Boots

Popular in the ‘40s, chukka boots have surged in popularity again in recent years. You can combine it with chinos and a polo shirt or jeans for a trendy streetwear look.

  • Leather Boots

A must-have for the winter wardrobe, these leather lace-up boots are a type of footwear that lasts long. Opt for dark brown or black ankle-high boots and cuff your pants for a casual, classy look.

  • White trainers

For a monochromatic look, white low trainers are perfect when styled with black jeans. They are the ultimate men’s casual fashion footwear for outdoor that is highly versatile. 

  • Loafers

A favorite casual footwear for men’s summer fashion, low and lace-free loafer adds more comfort to a casual outfit. Go for brown loafers that gel well with a wide range of color palettes for both casual and formal looks.

  1. Men’s Accessories Guide


To add to the well dressed look, use stylish accessories with your outfit. Here are the standard men’s accessories that you can get for yourself:

  • Bags

It depends upon your nature of work, but almost every profession requires a functional bag. Crossbody messenger bags and vintage satchels add sleekness and versatility and provide much space for your stuff.

Look for Ernest Alexander, H&M, Asos, and River Island craft for reasonable yet quality bags.

  • Leather belt

Leather belts come in different styles, varieties and are a must-have in your fashion wardrobe. The most common colors preferred by men are brown and black.

  • Wrist Watch

Wristwatches are the most delicate and refined accessory in men’s closets. They come in different ranges: digital, chronological, and analog.  Marc Jacobs, Guess, Fossil, Seiko are the famous brands to find your piece under $1000.

  • Leather wallet

If you take pride in owning fashion-forward accessories, your wallet should complement your lifestyle. It must be well built to easily fit your daily life essentials like cash, cards, or coins in a small and compact size. To make it look more elegant, make sure to get your name printed on it.

Kenneth Cole, Maxx & unicorn, Chester Mox, Merona provides you impeccable and quality design for under $1000.

  1. Build Your Confidence:

We hope, up till now, you’ve learned the various men’s clothing styles via this absolute men’s style guide.

But wait,

One last thing that will complete your style is confidence! Whether you are heading outdoors or staying inside, a confident demeanor instantly upgrades your style. 

Understand that the purpose of dressing well is to overcome your self-doubt. Remember to keep yourself motivated to dress sharp despite criticism.

To boost your knowledge of the latest men’s fashion trends, follow influencers on social media and famous celebs like Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Gosling. Make them your style inspiration to replicate the confidence and looks without any glitch.

Wrapping Up:

“Clothes and manners do not make the man, but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.” 

–Arthur Ashe.

Whether you need to upgrade your wardrobe or want to work on your style sense, this complete men’s style guide will be a handbook for achieving what you need. Purge the wardrobe today and add a new flair to it according to the tips mentioned above. We are sure that you will be able to impress the onlookers with your outfits and unmatched style.