What to Wear With Khaki Pants For Men in 2023? 10 Outfit Ideas with Khakis

what to wear with khaki pants

While jeans and chinos are the generic bottom wear choice for most men, khakis are definitely unique. They are not any less when it comes to comfort. These casual pants are trendy and available in different fits and styles. 

Read on to know what to wear with khaki pants to create dashing outfits. 

Khaki pants are made with thick cotton, linen, or twill. They get their name due to the fact that they are available in different shades of brown. You can create stylish outfits with khaki pants for men with shirts and jackets in different colors with khakis. They are sturdier than lightweight chinos, which makes them durable.

A distinct feature of khakis that makes them unique is the exterior stitching details. It gives them a dressed down feel. Baggy khakis are appropriate for laid back looks, while you can opt slim fit ones for smart casual attire. 

Styling Khaki Pants for Men

When it comes to building brown pants outfits for men, khakis are the ultimate choice. Use their versatility to the fullest by pairing all types of plain and printed shirts for casual and formal outfits. Besides the popular khaki pants, khaki jeans and khaki joggers for men are a valuable addition to your wardrobe. Or, have a look at these stylish men’s shorts outfit ideas to put your khaki shorts to good use. 


You may think about what color shirt goes with khaki pants to ensure sartorial perfection. The best combinations with khaki tones are navy blue, black, white, light blue, and green. You can also never go wrong with olive, burgundy, and different shades of grey. 

Apart from the collared shirts in the above colors, you can safely opt for flannels, chambray shirts, and half sleeved cotton shirts. Besides plain shirts, play with striped, check, and polka dot patterns, as well as printed shirts. Hawaiian shirts are coming back in trend, and they go well with khakis.

For a laid back look, go with plain black or white t-shirts, henleys, and round collar shirts with your khaki pants. Other options are classy turtlenecks, which give a charismatic look when paired with khakis. 


Classy jackets over khaki color pants are your answer to nailing the layered outfit look. With khakis, you get the liberty to pair all kinds of jackets. Pick a dark washed denim jacket, biker jacket, leather bomber jacket, or a blazer to wear with khakis. When the weather turns bitterly cold, wear parka coats, shearling jackets, and long overcoats with these pants. 

For casual outfits with khaki pants for men, go for a comfortable hoodie, wool coat, or a comfortable fleece jacket. 


Footwear choice is also diverse if you are styling khaki pants. White or black converse sneakers are the go-to pick for casual looks. Apart from those slip-on sneakers, loafers and different styles of boots go well with khakis. You can also wear leather sandals for everyday wear. 

Outfits With Khaki Pants for Men

To rock the khakis look with panache, you don’t need to make much effort. Their color allows you to pick staples from your capsule wardrobe and still be able to look flawlessly fantastic. Here are a few ideas.  

Khaki Pants with Button Down Shirt and Sweater

Adding the flavor of preppy style, you can create a casual outfit with a checked button down and a lightweight sweater. Leave the cuffs and hems of the shirt visible and put on your converse sneakers to complete the look. 

More of men’s flannel outfit ideas to give your fashion inspo a kick.  But you can recreate this outfit with plain, striped, and printed button downs as well. Or, try swapping the round neck sweater with a v-neck one or a sweater vest. 

Khaki Pants with Black Shirt

Ask anyone what color shirt goes with khaki pants, and the maximum number of people would say black. One of the no-fail style rules is to wear khaki pants and bla00ck shirtbrown with black. 

You don’t need anything more than a black dress shirt with khakis to infuse a classy touch to your style. This easy but proper pairing is a great way to look handsome. Go for black leather loafers to pull the outfit together.

When out for a casual meet up with your friends, opt for a black henley, a black bomber jacket, and khaki jeans. Finish the look with black chukka boots and stylish aviator shades. You can swap the khakis for black jeans to make it one of the most dapper all black outfits for men.  

Khaki Pants with White Shirt

Khakis in all shades look wonderful with white shirts. A casual way to rock this combo is to don khaki jeans with a crew neck white t-shirt. Add a denim jacket to the equation for added flair and warmth.

For a dressy look, pick a white button down with light brown khakis. Top it off with a navy blazer to give dashing vibes to this sleek outfit. Round off with mocha suede leather shoes. 

Blue Shirt with Khaki Pants

Blue shirts make another eye pleasing combination with khakis. You can go for a light blue shirt, a medium blue or navy blue shirt. 

A dark brown khaki pants with a striped blue shirt is the best way to dress up in smart casual dress code for men. show up at work in style. Brown tassel leather loafers will complete this sophisticated look. 

You can also wear a light blue casual shirt over khaki jeans for a relaxed but fashionable look. Make suede leather boots your choice for this outfit.

During the chilly weather, go for a warm blue shirt jacket along with your khaki color pants. A grey beanie and white sneakers would certainly complement this look. 

Khaki Pants Grey Shirt

Just like the other neutral palette shades, grey too complements the earthy tones of khaki bottoms quite well. You can mix and match different shades of grey and khaki for casual and formal menswear. 

A nice idea is to pick a light grey dress shirt and pair it with medium brown khaki chinos and a grey tweed sports coat. Elevate this polished ensemble further with dark brown leather shoes.

Or, create a relaxed look with khaki pants and a grey shirt. Pick a long sleeved henley and jeans along with grey suede boots. This outfit will put an affirming stamp on your dapper style. 

Green Shirt with Khaki Pants

Green shirts always go well with brown pants outfits for men. Show your sense of style with an army green shirt and khaki trousers. The right choice of footwear for this look would be dark brown Chelsea boots. Add a cowboy hat to the equation for a unique style. 

Khaki Pants with Polo Shirt

What can be more outrageously stylish than a classy polo shirt with khakis? It’s one of the best combos to rock men’s summer fashion. When it comes to pairing a polo with khaki color pants, you have abundant options. Go for black, white, navy, or grey polos to create a classic look.

Or, you can try shades like teal, burnt orange, red, burgundy, or an indigo polo shirt to complement your khakis. The pairing is effortless but never fails to make a man look handsome. 

We recommend slim fit khaki chinos with polo if you have a well sculpted body to show. Or, go with comfortable fits and even baggy styles to dress your big and tall physique. 

Khaki Color Pants with Turtleneck

The combo of a warm yet stylish turtleneck with khakis is an example of dressing done right when the weather is cold. Nothing can beat the classiness of a plain black turtleneck with khakis. However, you can try a green or a cobalt blue one for a unique, awe inspiring look. If you want to create a rugged look, roll the sleeves slightly to reveal your well built forearms. 

You can wear lace up boots to complete your turtleneck and khaki outfits. 

Outfit with Khaki Joggers for Men

Want a cool, laid back appearance? Opt for khaki joggers and pair them with stylish t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets. 

Rock the relaxed, casual look with a burgundy long sleeved t-shirt with khaki joggers and high top sneakers in white color. An added touch of style with a beanie. Layer the outfit with a dark brown bomber jacket if needed. Read our bomber jacket guide to learn styling ideas for this voguish outerwear. 

Another way to rock the khaki joggers for men is to pair them with a light grey pullover hoodie. If you are not sure what footwear to opt for, go with converse sneakers. 

Outfit with Khaki Jeans for Men

A pair of khaki jeans are a must have for any man who looks for bottom wear options beyond the regular blue and black jeans. We suggest making it a mainstay for your men’s capsule wardrobe due to its versatility. The color of these jeans allows you to pair them with so many staples. 

One of the easiest ways to wear khaki jeans is to wear them over a white crew neck t-shirt and a red and black flannel shirt. This outfit looks very smart, and you can easily round it off with white slip on sneakers. 

Use the versatility of khaki jeans to the fullest by wearing a dark green and white varsity jacket over them. 


What are khaki pants?

Khaki pants are trousers in lighter shades of brown that are made with thick and durable cotton twill. Though they are casual, khaki dress pants in sleek cuts are appropriate for smart casual attire as well. For a relaxed look, you can get your hands on khaki chinos, joggers, and khaki jeans. 

How to style khakis?

Styling khaki pants is a breeze due to their neutral colors. You can wear them with shirts and t-shirts in neutral colors, dark and light colors, or experiment with different prints. One of the simplest ways to ensure a dapper look is to wear khaki color pants with a plain white t-shirt and a fashionable jacket, such as a black denim jacket.

Boots, white, grey, and black sneakers, boat shoes, and loafers complement khaki pants quite well. 


The abundant styling ideas prove that khaki pants are a useful addition to your wardrobe. Buy a few in different styles to boost your casual and smart casual outfit creation. Wearing them with the right shirts and jackets will surely elevate your style this year. Read our detailed men’s style guide if you want to get a peek into the basics of other staples like khakis