Trendy and Cool: Men’s Shorts Outfit Ideas for 2023

mens shorts outfit ideas

Some men dress for style while some dress for comfort. But the smartest ones strike a balance between both and wear shorts! Besides topping the list of relaxed bottom wear, shorts are trending high in menswear these days. Get inspired by our men’s shorts outfit ideas to rock the warm season with style. 

Even in 2022, it’s not uncommon to see men hesitating to wear shorts. Maybe the leg baring clothing item seems too bold for their personal style, or they believe it will give them a shabby appearance. But if you know what shorts to wear and how to style them, all these myths regarding shorts can be busted. 

The right pair of shorts can make men look tall, slim, and toned. For men with a muscular, macho appearance, shorts are a great way to show those sculpted quads and calves. Let’s show you how to create casually stylish summer shorts outfit ideas for men.

Go For the Right Shorts

To avoid a disproportionate look with shorts, make sure you pick the right one. At least an inch to 3 inches of your skin should be showing above the knees to balance out the look. 

Shorts should never go below your knees as it is quite an outdated fashion now. If you have longer shorts that you want to wear, cuff them till 2 inches above the knee. Your shorts should be comfortably loose, but not to the extent that they look baggy. It is best to get them tailored for the perfect look. 

A man with a short height should never go for long cargo shorts. A shorter length would elongate your figure. Another thing to remember is never to wear socks when you are wearing shorts. Learn more about the men’s fashion dos and don’ts in our comprehensive men’s style guide

Men’s shorts are available in different styles, like athletic shorts, bicycle shorts, cargo shorts, and Bermudas. But our focus in this blog would be on fashion forward chino, denim, and dress shorts which you can style in many different ways. 

Best Shorts Colors for Men

In a men’s capsule wardrobe, a few shorts in neutral hues like black, white, grey, and navy should be enough. They are pretty versatile, and you can wear them with most of your shirts. Khaki shorts outfits are also a raging trend. But if you are a man with a knack for colors and patterns, go beyond the classics for added style. We recommend opting for red, green, burgundy, and yellow shorts. 

Remember not to create an outfit with shorts and shirts in loud colors. Instead of a clashing look, keep your look subtle by pairing a neutral item with a colorful one. You can also go for patterned shorts, like polka dots, striped, or checked ones to pair with plain t-shirts and button downs. 

How to Style Men’s Shorts?

If you have read till now, you probably know that creating the best shorts outfits begins with the type of shorts you choose according to your body type. Fabric, color, and patterns also play a vital role as you need to select a shirt that go with shorts nicely. In the end, footwear and accessories are also a deciding factor in creating a dashing look. 

Let’s quickly enlist the type of shirts and shoes that can be used for summer shorts outfit ideas.

Shirts That Go With Shorts

The most effortless way to style shorts is to pick a complementing crewneck t-shirt with it. White goes with almost all shorts, but black ensures a dapper look. You can wear oversized graphic t-shirts, v-necks, and comfortable tanks for a laid back look with shorts. 

You can go for long sleeved t-shirts as well. Pull the sleeves up to reveal your forearms for a rugged look. Half and full sleeved henleys and polos go well with shorts, the latter giving a stylish preppy look. 

To game up men’s summer fashion in your own way, opt for half sleeved floral print shirts, Hawaiian shirts, and striped shirts in vibrant colors. Achieve perfect beach looks with a white tank top and an unbuttoned collared shirt over shorts. You can also opt for breezy chambray shirts in light colors.

For a smart casual look, wear crisp button downs and a tailored blazer with dress shorts. Patterned button downs with a tie along with tailored shorts are appropriate for garden party attire.

If the weather is pleasant enough to allow layering, opt for a lightweight bomber jacket or a breathable denim jacket with your shorts outfits. 

Shoes That Go With Shorts

Whenever you don shorts, pick something low top with a casual feel, like boat shoes or loafers. Sneakers also give a spring-summer feel. Moccasins are also a good choice, and so are leather sandals that will let your feet stay cool in the warm weather. 

Shorts Outfits for Guys

Men’s short outfit ideas are diverse, ranging from the laid back looks to the proper garden attire. Here are several ways that you can wear shorts in different colors and styles. 

Summer Shorts Outfit Ideas

You can’t brush aside the need to stay cool when the heat is unbearable. Rather than going for your regular jeans or chinos, create fashion forward looks with shorts. 

Pack a pairing of a floral print yellow and white shirt along with navy blue shorts for your beach vacation. Wear tan loafers with this outfit.  

A cool chambray shirt paired with white shorts will give a rugged look. This classy summer look can be completed with a brown belt, dress watch, and brown leather sneakers. For the proper handsome look, leave a few top buttons open and roll up the sleeves a bit.

When in doubt, just pick a plain mandarin collar shirt in a light color and pair it with grey shorts.  Round it off with light brown boat shoes. This is an easily put together look that you can elevate further with a grey denim jacket. 

Shorts and T-shirt Outfit

As a matter of fact, shorts and t-shirt outfits is nothing out of the box, but you can nail it by adding a hint of your own style. Whether it is following the latest trend or going for a classic look, the options with this pairing are abundant. 

Don a tie and dyed t-shirt with navy blue chino shorts. Amp up the look with a white snapback and white espadrilles. 

Your versatile black t-shirt will look great over a pair of faded denim shorts. Finish this casual look with black slip on sneakers and a sports watch. 

Achieve another killer look by wearing a stylish red polo with ivory shorts. Add a textured belt and white low top sneakers to the mix for an added panache. 

With a pair of camo shorts, you can wear a plain white t-shirt and accessorize the outfit with a black watch and a neck chain.

Khaki Shorts Outfits

Nothing beats the versatility of khakis as they make the best shorts outfits. Khaki pants and shorts can be paired with almost anything. They are a summer wardrobe staple that can give you a variety of casual and smart casual looks. Read our guide on stylish khaki pants outfit ideas for men

A simple yet charming look can be created with a half sleeved white button down and khaki shorts. You will surely look modest in this outfit due to its classic appeal. Grey espadrilles, brown sunnies and a silver dress watch will give a well dressed twist to this look.

Why not try a charismatic look with a blue and green plaid shirt over khaki shorts? The combo will exude style even more if you wear tassel loafers with it. 

You can also go with a no fail duo of a black polo with khaki shorts to make a lasting impression. Give off dapper vibes with this outfit by finishing it with black moccasins. 

Another way to look dashing in khaki shorts is to wear them with a blue and white checked button down. Choose black low top sneakers and black sports watch to complete this look. 

Black Shorts Outfits for Men

Black shorts give a neat look, so pair them with dress shirts, dark colored polos, or white shirts for a casual yet refined style. An outfit that would never fail to make a mark is an all black outfit for men with a black collared shirt and black chino shorts. Add an extra appeal to this look with aviator style shades and white sneakers.

Simply create a black shorts outfit for men with a white henley for a magnetic look. This effortless outfit can be put together in seconds, and you can round it off with brown loafers. Try layering the look with a camel colored shacket if the weather allows.

Play with colors and try a light pink linen shirt with black shorts. Inject a dose of style to this casual black shorts outfit with black loafers.

Casual Black Shorts Outfit

If you go for slightly loose, relaxed sweat shorts in black color, you can create fashion forward casual outfits. For instance, a striped hoodie can be paired with black shorts to give carefree vibes. Or, wear a plain grey crew neck t-shirt with black casual shorts when out for a walk. White minimal sneakers will round off these casual looks perfectly.

If you want to go for patterned shorts, pick black and white striped shorts and wear them with casual collared shirts in light colors. 

White Short Outfit for Men

The good thing with white shorts is that they can give both types of looks, whether you want a crisp one or a casually relaxed one. They are perfect for the hot weather, giving men a chance to look dashing while staying cool. White shorts outfits for men are an excellent way to show off a vibrant shirt. 

Wear shirts in bold colors like red, orange, yellow, or blue with white shorts or printed shirts. But you can totally rock a summer-perfect all white look by wearing a white button down shirt over white shorts. Wear brown boat shoes with this outfit.

Go for a neat look with a navy blue button down over white shorts. The comfort level in this attire is unmatched, but it leaves no stone unturned in proving your dapper style.

Another vacation-appropriate look is a yellow polka dot polo shirt with cream shorts. All you need is brown leather sandals to complete this look.

You can also test the combo of a striped half sleeved shirt in pastel hues with white chino shorts. A casual Panama hat, white sneakers, and some beaded bracelets would complete this beach outfit. 

When the occasion calls for a laid back outfit, look no other than a light grey tank over white linen shorts. Wear your leather sandals with this look as well.

Blue Shorts Outfits for Men

You can opt for navy blue shorts for a smart appearance or light blue shorts for relaxed outfits. Blue denim shorts are also an excellent piece for those quick, instantly dapper looks when you desire to stay chill. 

Our first suggestion for a blue shorts outfit for men would be a no fail navy blue short and white polo shirt combo. Pull off this classy look with stylish sunglasses, navy suede loafers, and a dress watch.

Create blue on blue looks by pairing dark colored shorts with light blue shirts or the other way round. Brown shoes go well with all blue looks for men.

Looking for a men’s flannel outfit ideas with shorts? A brown and red plaid shirt makes a fabulous pairing with navy blue shorts. Give an edge to the attire with light brown lace up casual shoes and a stylish backpack.

Brown Shorts Outfits

For a man with a minimalist style, having a pair of brown shorts would suffice. They are definitely among the best shorts colors. The earthy shade complements many colors and is very useful when you want to highlight the shirt. 

Pair an olive green fitted t-shirt with tan shorts and add a dark brown belt. The brown shorts outfit is subtle but certainly a visual treat for onlookers. Tan brogues are the perfect place footwear choice for this ensemble.

Another way to create a dapper brown shorts outfit is to wear white round collar shirt with dark brown tailored shorts. Roll the cuffs up to your elbows and don tan suede shoes for a casual yet smart appearance. 

Green Shorts Outfit

Shades of green will be a raging trend in menswear for 2022. Get your hands on a pair of dark army green chino shorts, and wear them with a grey t-shirt. If the air has a pleasant chill, layer the outfit with a striped collared shirt. White tennis shoes will round off the look with perfection. 

Or, try pairing a black and white gingham shirt to make a green shorts outfit for men. Go with deep green shorts to nail the casual look with panache.

Men’s Dress Shorts Outfits

Although dress shorts are a level up from linen shorts or cargo shorts, they are still not appropriate for work or important business meetings. The dress short outfits are instead great for smart casual dress code for men, for occasions like spring and summer garden parties and casual meetups.

Try wearing a plaid button up shirt with grey dress shorts. Black loafers and a brown leather belt elevate the sharpness of the look. 

Create a polished garden party look with cream dress shorts, a white buttoned shirt, and a double breasted navy blazer. Round framed glasses, a pocket square, and tassel loafers will add more class to the outfit. 

Wrapping Up

Shorts are an essential staple when you are deciding on your summer outfits. They help you stay relaxed and cool, provided you pick the right one according to your body type. If you follow the above mentioned shorts outfits for guys, we bet you can never go wrong.