Men’s Summer Fashion Explained: How to Beat the Heat with Style?


Men’s summer fashion is all about cool, relaxed outfits that give you a charismatic look. It is apparent that in summer, you wear lightweight, breathable clothing, which allows freedom of movement. But, doing so with absolute flair while staying on top of trends is what you will learn via this men’s summer style guide.

For men who leave no stone unturned in dressing up stylishly, the onset of summer is a turning point. Deciding what to wear depends upon the occasion and severity of the weather. The warm weather compels you to rethink your clothing choices to create stylish men’s outfits. 

Men ace the fall and winter looks with ease by wearing layers. And while there is occasional layering in summers, one needs to stay cool while looking good. Having said that, we certainly don’t mean that layering guarantees style. It’s all about handling the heat without failing to make a style statement.  

Men’s Summer Style Guide: The Wardrobe Staples

Building a  men’s capsule wardrobe for summer is the initial step for any man who makes an effort to look good. You can add pieces that have an airy, relaxed fit and good quality fabrics that will withstand sweat and frequent washes.  

This year, the top trending colors for men’s summer clothing are sage, persimmon, light blue, olive, grey, and white. Besides these, vibrant summer colors make a comeback, and so are floral and paisley prints. 

whether you want a perfect men’s summer date outfit suggestion, or an evening ensemble, here is what you can get your hands on to nail the summer style with verve. 


Upgrade your t-shirt collection this summer. While the plain white crew neck and a black t-shirt are wardrobe mainstays, solid colored tees in other trendy colors are also worth keeping. Striped t-shirts will increase the number of outfits that you can create, proving to be immensely versatile.

Dapper men with a penchant for preppy style can opt for polo shirts. Go for classic navy blue, grey, and cream colored polos and a few in bright colors as they are currently in vogue. 


Shirt trends this summer portray the fusion of classics and some offbeat styles. A white button down is an absolute necessity as a plethora of men’s summer outfit ideas use it as a foundation piece. You can try it with slim fit chinos for a no fail smart casual look, or even with denim shorts. 

Talking about classics, a chambray shirt is a must have for the warm weather and not just a passing trend. 

Keep a few Henleys and cotton button downs in neutral colors. Hawaiian shirts will be ruling the summer fashion for men this year, so add these to your half sleeved collared shirt collection. We have added some trendy hawaiian shirt outfits in this men’s summer style guide.  

A band collar shirt, preferably in a light color, will make a great addition to your summer wardrobe. They look good under an unstructured blazer and can be worn alone with jeans.   

For a dashing look, leave the top button of your shirt open and roll up o the cuffs. Wear your shirts untucked over jeans, and chinos. 


You might feel like replacing your regular jeans with something else at times. And what else could be better than a pair of twill chinos? They give a finished, sophisticated look, and men love to wear them for comfort. If you want to go for khakis, here’s a scoop for men’s khaki pants outfit ideas

Linen Pants

Crisp, lightweight, and thin linen pants are a summer fashion staple. They go well with a variety of outfits. Roomy, pure linen pants are for casual wear. In contrast, streamlined ones make perfect workwear outfits in summer. Formal linen pants are usually made with a cotton blend to avoid wrinkles on them. 


Ideally, two factors define the perfect summer jeans for men. The first one is that the denim should be thinner, and secondly, it should be a light wash. 

You can go with ripped jeans for a rugged look or plain, slim fit styles for a sleek look. Baggy jeans are currently trending, perfect for the hot weather. Diversify your outfits by going for different colors, such as grey or white jeans. 


When it is hot outside, you just don’t want to wear anything but a pair of men’s summer fashion shorts. They allow full mobility and let the skin breathe. To make sure that comfort meets style this summer, go for shorts that are neither too long nor too short. Just above your knees is the sweet spot for shorts length. 

We suggest streamlined chino shorts or cotton shorts for a clean cut style. Go for colors like navy, grey, khaki, and olive to match most of your shirts. Here are some trendy men’s shorts outfit ideas for your style inspiration.

Casual wear shorts can be denim shorts in blue or white. Or, go for comfortable sweat shorts or camo print cargo shirts with a slim silhouette. Moisture wicking technical shorts are an excellent choice to wear for running errands on a hot day. 


In many regions, the temperatures vary from morning to night. Men often need lightweight jackets and coats to layer their outfits. Keep a few breathable jackets in your closet for morning walks, air conditioned interiors, or chilly nights. 

A suede bomber jacket, a light denim jacket, or a twill shacket (aka shirt jacket) come in handy with casual outfits. When you need to dress up formally, blazers and sports coats will give the desired sharpness to your look. A navy blazer is undoubtedly the most versatile, but you can also get some in brighter hues according to the latest fashion. 

Summer Footwear for Men

It’s time to pack away your chunky boots until fall. With your breezy and stylish summer outfits, loafers, boat shoes, and slip on sneakers will be the best choice for footwear. You can also wear chunky sneakers with jeans and shorts outfits. 

Other options are espadrilles, Birkenstocks, and simple leather sandals. These were in fashion a few decades ago and are making a comeback this year, so get your hand on these to elevate your style. 

Men’s Summer Fashion Accessories 

No matter the season, an outfit needs proper accessorizing for a well dressed look. Uplift your summer style with classy shades, watches, caps, and belts.

Pick retro style sunglasses as they are back in trend, or go with the classic aviators to shade your eyes from the sunrays. Digital watches in slim designs and sports watches look good with casual summer looks. Leather bands or swanky bracelets will further bring up the style. 

Baseball caps, snapbacks, or bucket hats are a great way to bring some verve to your summer outfits. 

Summer Fabrics

It’s good to learn about the appropriate fabrics for summers to stay cool and ensure comfort in the hot weather. Shop for clothes that are made with light breathable fabric. Even better are lightweight synthetic blends that wick moisture. These allow heat to escape from the body so that you can stay comfortably cool. 

Here is the list of fabrics that men can opt for this season:

  • Pure Line
  • Linen blends
  • Pure Cotton
  • Cotton blends
  • Seersucker
  • Chambray
  • Poplin
  • Tencel

Contemporary Spin to the Retro Trends

Breaking the shackles of the minimalist styles that have been trending since the last decade, many trends from the previous century are making a comeback. 2022 summer fashion for men is all about eclectic outfits.

We have sorted these summer specific trends depending on what decade they were originally from. Incorporate these into your men’s summer fashion casual ensembles to relive the bygone eras. 

60s Men’s Summer Fashion in 2022

During the sixties, preppy style and mod fashion was all the rage. Men wore polo shirts, vests, striped shirts, and shorts. Tie dye, paisley, floral, and psychedelic prints of the 60s are in vogue once again.

In those days, the outerwear game was one of a kind, with men wearing splendid jackets with a cropped fit. Harrington jackets were also trending in menswear. You can easily carry this 60s men’s summer fashion in 2022 without anyone batting an eye.

Back in the day, men wore penny loafers and Chelsea boots which are now once again a raging footwear trend. 

70s Men’s Summer Fashion in 2022

Some name 70s as the most fashionable decade for menswear. Many clothing styles that were a craze in the 70s are now resurging. Four summer menswear trends from the 70s that have revived in 2022 are Birkenstocks, brogue shoes, and flared jeans. Cuban collared shirts are another 70s men’s summer fashion in 2022. 

80s Men’s Summer Fashion in 2022

Items of the 80s decade in menswear that we can now see reviving are short sleeved shirts with shorts and athletic tank tops. Fluorescent apparel, bright and pastel colored pieces, such as blazers, are trending again. 

Polo shirts in bright colors worn over slacks and snapbacks are other staples to rock 80s men’s summer fashion in 2022. 

90s Men’s Summer Fashion in 2022

Fashion in the last decade of the 20th century was quite diverse. Since the last year, many 90s trends have reappeared on the streets and runways, like baggy jeans, bucket hats, oversized t-shirts, and plaid flannels. Don’t forget to read our guide on men’s flannel outfit ideas.

Men’s Summer Outfit Ideas

Till now, you have read out take on this year’s men’s summer fashion. We also gave an overview of the yesteryear trends currently dominating men’s fashion. We will now bring you some fashion forward ways to nail the summer style effortlessly. You can add your own touch to these men’s summer outfit ideas to show your personal style with every look. 

Men’s Summer Fashion: Casual Outfits

Even when you are lounging around, or going for a casual meetup during summer, it’s always better to do it with style. Unlike the sleek all black outfits for men in fall, summer is the time to play with colors. 

Rugged Outfit

Show your rugged style with a red and black plaid flannel and blue jeans. Black leather loafers will complement this look, and you can round it off with a chunky chain bracelet. 

Casual Button Down with Chinos

Pair a pink striped cotton button down with grey chinos for a perfect casual look. Wear white trainers with this look to make it street worthy. 

Ripped Jeans Outfit

One of the easiest ways to pull off a summer look is to wear an ivory band collar shirt along with ripped black jeans. Complete this outfit with wayfarer style shades, a black digital watch, and black boat shoes. 

Striped Tee Over Shorts

Go for an oversized striped crew neck t-shirt over beige sweat shorts for a laid-back look. These two pieces always work together for a cool and relaxed men’s summer day outfit. 

Hawaiian Shirt Outfit

Put together a fabulous outfit by wearing a white t-shirt and faded denim shorts. Throw a bright colored Hawaiian shirt over it for some tropical vibes. Opt for brown leather sandals with this quirky outfit. 

Polo Shirt with Jeans

To nail the smart casual dress code for men without fail, pair a light gray polo shirt with straight blue jeans. Round off this look with a silver watch and Chelsea boots. 

Half Sleeved Collared Shirt Look

Another way to rock summer style is to wear a light brown half sleeves shirt with men’s summer fashion chino shorts. Wear white slip-on sneakers with this outfit.

Men’s Summer Date Outfit

A fashion savvy man’s style is always upgraded when he is on a date. Don’t let the soaring temperatures hinder your style, and impress your date with any of the following men’s summer outfit ideas. 

A blue and white striped shirt with white jeans will make you look handsome. Throw a blue blazer over it for an added touch of class. You can wear suede Chelsea boots with this ensemble. A nice dress watch and retro style sunglasses will give bonus points to the look.   

Another way to dress up and impress is to team up a navy blue polo shirt with grey plaid trousers. This men’s summer date outfit leans towards a casual style and lets you stay comfortably cool. Wear navy blue suede loafers to complement your look. 

Men’s Summer Night Outfits

Wear a white crewneck t-shirt over light grey chinos and layer the outfit with a black bomber jacket. This summer night look gets completed with a pair of black Chelsea boots. 

You can also wear black on a summer night. Just pair a black button down with black slim fit linen pants. Roll the cuffs for a laid back style, and wear black leather shoes to complete this charismatic men’s summer night outfit. 

Men’s Summer Fashion Over 40 

Being on the other side of 40 should not stop you from dressing up well. Mature men can look attractive with some extra care and an unbeatable style. 

To nail the men’s summer fashion over 40, pair a grey chambray shirt with blue jeans. Elevate your style with a classy watch and wayfarer shades. You can also wear a grey checked shirt with grey shorts for a relaxed yet stylish look. 


What should guys wear in summer?

Men should opt for pure cotton or linen clothing or other light fabrics such as chambray or seersucker. Classic ways to nail the men’s summer fashion casual outfits is to pair half sleeved shirts, t-shirts, and button downs with a relaxed fit with jeans or shorts. Other summer wardrobe options for men are chinos or linen pants. For summer 2022, choose clothing items in bright hues and psychedelic prints for a quirky style. 

What should men not wear in summer?

Stay away from non-breathable clothing in summers. Keep those thick shirts and heavy jackets for the fall, and go for lightweight and light colored clothing to stay comfortable. Avoid black clothes when you are out during the day.

How should a gentleman dress in the summer?

Show the world your gentlemanly flair with polo shirts, classic button down shirts, and linen pants. Occasionally, wear a blazer or a sports coat over your men’s summer night outfits for an added class. Don’t forget appropriate accessorizing to give a refined touch to your outfits.

What do you wear in extreme heat?

Clothing that efficiently absorbs moisture, such as cotton or linen, is perfect for sweltering weather. You can also opt for synthetic blends that wick away moisture as they keep your body cool. Instead of wearing jeans, opt for sweat shorts when the weather is unbearably hot. 

How should a man over 40 dress in the summer?

Men’s summer fashion over 40 is all about looking classy. Crisp white tees, chambray shirts, chinos, and rugged jeans are your ideal summer choices. You can also go for denim shorts and chino shorts, but it is better to avoid cargo shorts. 

Wrapping Up

Giving off cool vibes in summer is not difficult at all if you learn to ace the look. It is the season for camping, beach trips, and picnics, giving you ample opportunities to show the world your fashion sense. Dress like a dapper with the help of our men’s style guide for summer and impress everyone with your style.