How to be a Nice Dressed Man: The Ultimate Guide to Look Classy

How to be a Nice Dressed Man

Making a mark with your dressing is an art that all of us should master. Looking at someone who is dressing sharp, we marvel at their sense of fashion, neat style and their personality, intrigued to replicate their style. What a nice dressed man strives to do is wear an outfit that conveys dignity, elegance, and an elevated sartorial sense. The smart-dressed man’s style defines who he is without having a word. 

We’re here to guide you on each and everything you need to know regarding how to dress nicely.

How Being a Fancy Dressed Man Makes You Appealing?

Do you want to build an endearing personality? The first thing is to know yourself, and dress up for the occasion. Heed what you wear, and watch out for silhouettes, colors, and patterns that complement your physique and skin tone. Never attempt wearing very tight clothing in an attempt to look slim, as it snatches the effortless style that you are striving to achieve. 

A well-dressed person is identified by his attire. The appearance of a well-groomed man can do wonders as it is the first thing people perceive about his personality. The sharp dressing is crucial in your workplace, representing that you take your job seriously. 

The nice dressed man earns credibility through his sense of dressing. If you represent your company in front of everyone, the appropriate outfit will empower your confidence. People may trust and respond positively to you, adding integrity to your dealings. Moreover, a smart dressed man exudes confidence and is ready to take on the task that comes their way. Your apparel’s tidiness, style, fit, color, and cleanliness can affect your success.

No-Fail Tips to be a Nice Dressed Man 

Do you ever notice how well dressed men style in a seemingly sharp and smart way with elegance? Style is eternal; fashion will fade with time. Also, clothing is not the only factor to create that complete charming look. Here are a few tips for a stylish touch to your nicely-dressed man aura.

Groom Your Hair

Grooming can maintain a high confidence to influence your appearance. A nice haircut and keeping your hair clean is a vital step to be a well dressed gentleman. Additional steps, such as applying oil or a hair dye, setting spray, can be a part of your hair care.

It would help if you use shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type. They would lock in moisture and maintain hair volume. Apply serum after completely drying off your hair. 

Regular haircut would help you maintain your look, and you can try different styles to see which one gets the most compliments.

Facial hair

Your facial hair also needs grooming to prevent dryness and dishevelment. If you have a beard, make sure it compliments your face. Trim your beard regularly and keep it clean. Nothing impacts your personality positively more than a well kept beard. The same rule applies to a mustache, so keep trimming it and look like a groomed man.

The Right Choice Of Spectacles

Nothing but the best for your eyes is the right choice of spectacles. A pair of eyeglasses complement your dress, not defines it. Before buying eyewear, you should figure out some rules. Get those spectacles that are appropriate for your face shape. Choosing the hue of your glasses frame is what you need for a formal dress code. Base metallic colors and fine black are the best options. Brightly colored and plastic-looking is not acceptable with business attire. 

Get Your Clothes Tailored

A sharp dressed man makes sure to tailor his suit ideally to look elegant and sophisticated. Everything they wear should fit perfectly. Properly fitted clothes are the key elements for formal and smart casual dressing

Tailoring is the art of fitting or adjusting your outfit according to your body size. A tailor will take measurements to ensure your garment is snug in all the right places. A fit that feels tighter than slim-fit garments on the body and torso is known as a tailored fit. 

The Right Length of Pants 

Generally, the waist of the pants sits on your waistline. The right length is where the hem touches the top of your shoe, covering your socks with no wrinkle. The perfect length depends on the pants you wear. For khaki pants, you must ensure they fit well and should be slimmer than suit pants or dress pants. Many people set their pants’ waist an inch or two lower on their waist.

Never Wear Wrinkled Clothing

Wearing wrinkled clothing gives you a sloppy appearance. Well, steaming or ironing your clothing piece is one of the unspoken rules of fashion. Good dressing sense matters how you spend on your clothes and how you carry them. Make sure to iron or steam your apparel right before wearing them. You may choose a fabric that does not crease as much. Creases in your outfit tend to look run down.

Appropriate Footwear Defines The Well Dressed Gentleman

Stylish and comfortable footwear gives your men’s outfits a finishing touch. Keep cleaning and polishing the leather or suede shoes to make your shoes attractive. There are a lot of timeless shoes, like Oxford, Derby, Chelsea boots, and many more, that you can pair with your ensemble. Your socks should look nice with the color of shoes. While black and brown shoes would be highly versatile, you can give a modern spin with grey, navy blue, or oxblood colored shoes. 

Use Accessories As Subtle Accents

Accessories are an integral part of a man’s look, and you must have the basic ones at least if you are building a capsule wardrobe. A nice dressed man chooses accessories elegantly and knows how to harmonize the accessories with an outfit. 

A pocket square has been a men’s fashion accessory since ages, and is still the best for elevating a classic formal outfit.  Watches are indispensable pieces of accessories. Select watches that fit both your style and needs. If you’re looking for watches for a dressier outfit, go for metal strapped ones. Consider leather band watches for smart casual outfits.

Belts are also a must have accessory, and should ideally match with your footwear in the outfit. 

Make Sure You Smell Good

A well-dressed man always pays attention to his personal hygiene to avoid smelling bad. Not just your face and hair, proper hygiene of intimate areas is also very crucial. Make sure you use a good deodorant after your daily shower to avoid body odor. 

For a perfume, you may select the ideal scent to reflect the various elements of your personality. Make the right choice of perfume that complements your persona. The essential fragrance choices are woody, and musky, and hints of flowery notes if that suit your taste. Your fragrance would leave a lasting impression on people. 

Outfit Suggestions for a Sharply Dressed Man 

Men with style are classy because they have a good dressing sense. It’s not about the ensemble you wear; it’s about how you pair clothing to dress up sharply. Being a well dressed gentleman is all about fusing classic and contemporary trends. Dress in a way that feels like you own your style. 

White Oxford Shirt

Outfit Suggestions for a Sharply Dressed Man 
  • Want to show a solid proof of your elegance? A white Oxford shirt and dark brown suit with a dark brown plaid tie never disappoint. Complete this ensemble with dark brown Chelsea boots.
  • A white Oxford shirt and dark navy dress pants are essential in any gentlemen’s closet. Complete this refined look with a black leather watch and boots to avoid overdressing.
  • Putting together a navy blazer combination with a white Oxford shirt and gray dress pants is an infallible way to infuse your wardrobe with formal sophistication. Add a touch of style fused nonchalance with a white pocket square and brown leather Derby shoes.
  • This elegant white Oxford shirt with a charcoal wool blazer and charcoal wool dress pants is a common choice among dapper gentlemen. Add a carefree vibe to this attire with a pair of black leather tassel loafers.


  • A blue v-neck sweater and gray chinos will likely become your favorite combo for a neat look. Complement this ensemble with white and gray low-top sneakers for a smart look ensemble.
  • We love how a combination of a navy crew neck sweater over a collared shirt with a brown coat and charcoal chinos instantly makes you look classy and dapper. Charcoal socks with white canvas sneakers will add edginess to an otherwise classic ensemble.
  • Why not pair a black cardigan with beige dress pants? Both items are very comfortable and will look amazing when combined. Complement this attire with clear sunglasses. For a finishing touch, wear black tassel loafers.
  • This formal combination of a grey cable-knit sweater with a white dress shirt, gray overcoat, and white dress pants is a safe option when looking stylish in a flash. Take a smarter approach with the footwear and finish this outfit with a pair of black leather loafers.

Polo Shirt

  • This pairing of a grey polo with slim fit black jeans is an indisputable proof that a simple outfit is not boring. Finish off this attire with a pair of white sneakers. 
  • Why not consider pairing a black polo shirt with white jeans? As well as being comfortable, both of these pieces look great worn together. Slip into a pair of black leather boots. You can layer a sleek looking wool blazer over this outfit if needed.
  • Try a practical combo of a beige polo with a brown wool blazer and white chinos. Complement this ensemble with dark brown sunglasses and a silver watch. Fine tune the classiness of your look by finishing with a pair of brown horsebit loafers.
  • A navy polo and charcoal plaid chinos have become veritable wardrobe styles for most men. Invite clear sunglasses and a black leather watch to mix things up. A pair of black suede loafers make the outfit slightly smarter.

Plain Black Tshirt 

  • Show off your expertise in all-black outfits, and men’s fashion with a plain black t-shirt with black chinos held up with a black leather belt. Let’s pair black leather derby shoes with your ensemble to pull your entire look together.
  • A stylish combo of a plain black t-shirt with a dark green blazer and navy blue jeans is a safe option for a smart casual outfit. Round off the outfit with white athletic shoes.
  • A plain black t-shirt and black chinos layered up with a grey overcoat are absolute menswear essentials if you’re crafting a formal closet. Let a pair of black leather boots switch things up.
  • A nicely paired combo of a plain black t-shirt with a charcoal plaid blazer and navy jeans will set you apart in smart casual style effortlessly. Black leather boots will take your ensemble on a more sophisticated path. 

Collared Shirts In Different Colors

  • This combination of a black collared shirt and beige chinos is an interesting balance between practical and stylish. Go off the beaten track and jazz up your look by finishing with a pair of beige canvas slip-on Sneakers.
  • A light pink looks especially lovely when worn with navy blue. Add white Canvas slip-on sneakers to the mix to finish off this look.
  • Perfect the stylish formal outfit in a white shirt and olive chinos. Elevate this outfit with white and black low top Sneakers.
  • Go for a pared down yet a smart option in a gray shirt and white chinos. Add a wow factor to your ensemble with low top sneakers.

Checked Shirt 

  • A two toned checked shirt and navy corduroy chinos make for the ultimate smart casual style for any man. And if you want to smarten up this outfit with one single item immediately, add Chelsea boots in black to the equation.
  • Confidently strive for a classy outfit. Choose a charcoal plaid shirt and black chinos. Wear black Chelsea boots to bring out an elegant side of you.
  • This laid-back combo of a navy plaid shirt and white chinos is a goof proof option when you need to look stylish but have no time to dress up. If you’re puzzled about how to round it off, a pair of suede desert boots would do.
  • Go for a simple yet casual and cool ensemble by pairing a white, gray plaid shirt and light blue slim-fit jeans. Introduce black and white leather sneakers to this ensemble for something more on the elegant side to effortlessly round off your look.

Slim Fit Black Or Blue Jeans

  • This pairing of a tan long sleeve shirt and charcoal slim fit jeans offers comfort. Up the style quotient of your look with footwear, complement this outfit with a tan suede desert boot.
  • A mustard polo and beige slim fit jeans are a smart ensemble to change your wardrobe subtly. And if you want to dress up this ensemble effortlessly, add a pair of white suede derby shoes.
  • This combo of a navy shirt and white slim fit jeans is impeccably trendy. Black and white canvas shoes will inject a class into an otherwise standard outfit

Black High Neck

  • This combination of a dark green turtleneck and a beige jacket, and beige dress pants looks impressive and makes you look instantly trendy. Pairing up brown leather Desert boots can smartly finish the ensemble.
  • Pairing a black turtleneck with black Harrington is a pick for a stylish and polished look. And it’s a wonder what a pair of black suede Chelsea boots can do for the attire.
  • The formula for a smart casual male ensemble is a white knit wool turtleneck with a dark brown blazer. On the shoe front, go for something on the classier end to finish your ensemble with brown double monk shoes.


  • This combo of a crew neck t-shirt with a gray blazer and khaki makes for the perfect base for an outfit. White canvas low top sneakers instantly step up the cool look of your outfit.
  • Dress in a charcoal polo shirt and gray chinos, and you’ll create a sleek and polished ensemble. For maximum style, complement this look with a dark brown leather loafer.
  • Dapper up your attire in a black blazer, light blue shirt, and white chinos for the day. Finish off this ensemble with black and gray loafers.


  • Wear a brown three piece suit and a white and black striped dress shirt with a dark brown striped tie to have all eyes on you. Brown suede loafers complemented with dark brown socks is a simple way to infuse a hint of stylish casualness into your look.
  • A gray three piece suit and a light blue shirt complemented with a silk tie and black pocket square are an elegant combo for formal dressing. Add black leather Oxford shoes to complete your outfit.
  • Pair a navy three piece suit with a light pink shirt for an elegant style with a fashionable spin tan pocket square. A nice pair of brown leather Oxford shoes ties this ensemble together.


What Is Decent Dressing for Men?

Decent dressing means pairing sophisticated clothing essentials for men to create neat, refined looking outfits. You need to build outfits according to the occasion. Shirts in classic colors, subtle patterns, tailored clothing, and a well groomed appearance are considered part of decent dressing. 

Is Dressing A Part of Your Personality?

With the choice of colors, silhouettes, and proper clothing essentials, your personality is reflected. By choice of apparel,  it’s easy to understand a person’s traits. We can perceive whether a person is carefree, organized, bold, and integrated. 

Final Verdict

A nice dressed man is well-groomed, and indicates his winning sense of style with his clothing. The above recommendations would be very helpful to you, and dispel the myth that formal dress is boring. Everyone around you will notice it and shower you with compliments secretly wishing to imitate you.