How To Dress for a Wedding for Men: A Helpful Guide

how to dress for a wedding men

Dressing for a wedding is an art and how to dress stylishly at weddings can be tricky for men. There are specific unspoken rules when it comes to dressing for weddings. You need to pick what colors, fabrics, and accessories would look best depending on the formality, time, and location of the event. Whatever your style preferences or budget limitation is, this blog post will give you all the key tips, from wardrobe staples to accessories. It will help you ace your look on the next big occasion, be it your own wedding, or someone else’s.

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Fundamentals Of How To Dress For A Wedding For Men

From venue, color scheme, to weather, a lot goes into choosing an outfit for yourself for a wedding. It’s time to learn how to dress for a wedding like a voguish man with the valuable tips that we are about to lay down!

Men’s Wedding Styling Basics

Planning the right outfit is necessary for looking comfortable and feeling stylish at a wedding party. Take cues from our comprehensive men’s style guide to learn basic styling for party outfits. We’ll show you the essentials of men’s wedding attire, from timeless suits to appropriate footwear!

Consider The Formality Of The Wedding

Deciding the level of formality is the first step of wedding planning. The most common formality types are ultra-formal, semi-formal, informal, or casual. Venue searching is a vital part of planning a ballroom or a barn.

Decide On A Color Scheme

Consider season, venue, and formality level before deciding on the color palette. Opting for shades of white is not dull, but you can also experiment with colorful themes, such as Bohemian.  

Choose The Right Fitted Suit

Three-piece, double-breasted suits, and tuxedos are the main suit styles. A classic fit suit fits nicely along the contours of your body. The slim-fit suit narrowly fits shoulders and is slimmer through the chest. The trousers’ legs are straight and very slim. Modern fit is a compromise between the above two cuts. 

Accessorize Correctly

Accessories are the ultimate way to breathe life into men’s wedding attire. Tie and bow ties come in prints and colors to complement any color scheme. Cufflink designs should also coordinate with the complete outfit. 

The belt should be chosen wisely as it plays a role in bringing together the formal look. Suspenders may remind you of a 50s fashion style, but they are still popular. Pocket square offers a nice contrast to the suit. Printed, goofy socks are trending these days, but experiment if you can confidently pull those off.  

Consider The Time Of Year And Weather Conditions

Picking the right season and time for your big day is a decision that would have a direct influence on your styling. A summer wedding is ideal for those who adore beach weddings. For a winter wedding, you’ll need to ensure that the venue is properly heated. A spring wedding is a perfect time for an outdoor venue. 

Etiquettes for Men’s Wedding Guest Attire

  • Avoid attempting to steal the groom’s spotlight. Add some personality to your attire.
  • Avoid entirely concealing the shirt sleeve with your jacket sleeve.
  • The shirt cuff (around 1.3 cm) should always be visible.
  • Always unbutton the top suit button while standing. As you sit, unbutton it.
  • The middle button of your suit shouldn’t fall below your navel.
  • The tie clip has the same height as your chest jacket pocket or between the third and fourth shirt buttons.
  • Neckties easily crease. Carefully hang or roll it before the wedding.
  • A pocket square looks sophisticated when it contrasts with the jacket.
  • Complement leather items you wear by matching them, i.e., belt with shoes.
  • Your trousers’ hem should hit the top of your shoe.

Choose The Finest Wedding Suit Fabrics

Picking the finest fabric for your suit can be one way to make it easier and avoid going out of your comfort zone too much. Some popular fabrics are:


It is a very lightweight and soft natural fiber. Winter is the finest season for wearing cashmere.


It allows comfort and is easily available. It’s the best option for all seasons.


It is ideal for summer weddings. However, it is a casual fabric that gets creases fast.


It appears wrinkled because of the tight weave in the fabric. It’s great for summer events.


It’s a luxury fabric better suited for events in cooler weather.


Looks good in informal events for its unique texture. It goes well for Fall weddings.

Velvenuptialsusually used in a tuxedo jacket. It gives warmer vibes in winter.


It is versatile and durable with crease resistance. It works great for any season.

Dos And Don’ts Of Men’s Wedding Outfits


  • Get to know the differences between a suit and a sport coat with slacks.
  • Wear an all-black suit and tie for evening weddings if it doesn’t specify a theme.
  • You may only dress up in a tuxedo after 5 PM.
  • At a summer garden wedding, a pair of khaki pants with a classic blazer to balance out your look.
  • Suits and ties are recommended for cocktail dress codes.
  • To enhance the elegance of your smart casual attire, consider adding a men’s wedding vest to your ensemble.


  • Graphic t-shirts are not at all welcome at weddings.
  • Overlook the fit and look sloppy.
  • Too many accessories will give a gaudy look which should be avoided.
  • Don’t experiment with too many colors at once at formal weddings.
  • Don’t forget to wear your tie or bow tie at a formal event.

Wedding Dress Code Guide For Men

Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming; there’s an endless amount of things to consider. From the venue, catering, and budgeting, to clearly understanding the clothing options. Refer to the section below when picking outfits for a wedding.

Courthouse Wedding Style

The beauty of courthouse weddings is exchanging the vows simply and cost-effectively. A civil ceremony is typically quick, lasting around 10 to 15 minutes. To learn how to dress as a man for a courthouse wedding, you may wear a suit jacket, vest, tie, and trousers for a semi-formal look. Wear a nice shirt, tie, and pants for a casual one.

Wedding Attire For The Groom

  • The groom will look dapper in an off-white linen suit with a black belt. A nice pair of brown leather tassel loafers pulls this look together.

Wedding Attire For The Guest

  • A brown blazer, a white dress shirt, and black dress pants make for the ultimate stylish outfit. Black leather tassel loafers can round off this wedding guest look.

Beach Wedding Style

The mighty ocean in the background and the romantic setting are the main reasons to opt for a beach wedding. With softer fabrics, it can be as elegant and sophisticated as you choose. Men prefer to wear light-colored suits.

Wedding Attire For The Groom

  • Combining a classic brown linen three-piece suit with a beige long-sleeve shirt. Add a flair with a bow tie. A brown leather loafer is great for a sharp and polished groom ensemble.

Wedding Attire For The Guest

  • A two-piece beige linen suit with a white mandarin collar shirt and black leather loafers is a seriously sharp combination for any gentleman.

Cruise Ship Wedding Style

Cruise weddings are the most stress-free events one can go for. You may have a perfect vacation cum wedding with your guests sailing with you. For the groom, it’s easy to look handsome without having a tux for the cruise wedding.  

Wedding Attire For The Groom

  • A tan suit and white dress shirt with red boutonniere are amazing when teamed together in an elegant outfit for men. Brown leather oxford shoes are the proper footwear for this cruise ship groom’s outfit.

Wedding Attire For The Guest

  • Consider pairing a navy blazer with a light blue dress shirt and white dress pants for a perfect gentleman. Pair up with the brown leather loafers for decent touch.

Garden Wedding Style

Garden weddings bring an air of romance 

that is highly sought after. Fill up your space with touches like tea and string lights for a picturesque wedding. Garden themes have a more relaxed vibe. You can wear smart staples including khaki pants and shirts in pastel hues like lemon yellow, pink or mint green. You may pair it with patterned shirts and knit ties that work together for a polished look. 

Wedding Attire For The Groom

  • Team a light gray vest coat, white dress shirt, and light gray dress pants. Pair up with a black leather tassel loafer, and you’ll be the epitome of refined men’s fashion.

Wedding Attire For The Guest

  • Wear a pastel two-piece suit with a white dress shirt for an incredibly dapper look. Add a flair with a floral tie. Brown leather tassel loafers are the perfect addition to this outfit.

Formal Wedding Style

Formal weddings require more attention to detail and cost than other types. The traditional cake cutting, the first dance, and exchanging of vows are all activities that are elevated by proper etiquette and dress code at formal weddings. 

Wedding Attire For The Groom

  • Pair a navy tuxedo with a white dress shirt for a smart outfit. Complement with a black bow tie and boutonniere. A pair of black leather tassel loafers easily appeal to your ensemble.

Wedding Attire For The Guest

  • Wear a black two-piece suit and a light blue dress shirt for stylish attire. Add a flair of pocket square and a black tie. A pair of black leather oxford shoes look perfect here.

Semi Formal Wedding Style

A semi-formal wedding style is a perfect balance between elegance and fun. It gives couples more options in attire and atmosphere, allowing them to customize their special day.

Wedding Attire For The Groom

  • Pair a blue plaid two-piece suit with a white dress shirt for an incredible semi-formal outfit. Complement with white tie and boutonniere. A pair of black leather tassel loafers easily ramp up the appeal of your ensemble.  

Wedding Attire For The Guest

  • Team a beige two-piece suit with a green patterned dress shirt and tie. Go with a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes for footwear.

Casual Wedding Style

Casual weddings aren’t just for beachgoers and boho brides like 60s fashion anymore. A laid-back atmosphere, attire, and decorations typically characterize simple weddings. Couples can represent themselves more by incorporating elements found in everyday life.

Wedding Attire For The Groom

  •  A white dress shirt with a black tie and boutonniere will inject your styling lineup at the wedding. A pair of white and black sneakers will be a stylish complement to this look.

Wedding Attire For The Guest

  • The best choice for such a  wedding can be a white dress shirt with chinos. A pair of brown leather loafer can be integrated effortlessly with such combos.

Cocktail Wedding Style

The attire of cocktail evening is a mix and match of formal and casual outfits. Investing in high-quality leather dress shoes and cufflinks with your cocktail wedding ensemble will elevate it for sure. 

Wedding Attire For The Groom

  • Just a black plaid blazer with a white shirt, a bow tie and charcoal dress pants is enough to woo the onlookers. Avoid looking too casual by finishing off with black leather derby shoes.

Wedding Attire For The Guest

  • Pairing a two-piece midnight blue suit with a black tie and white pocket square is ideal for a cocktail look. Complete this look with a pair of black leather Derby shoes.

Fall Wedding Style

Fall is another great season for weddings, outdoor ceremonies, or cozy indoor celebrations. Grooms may wear tweed and velvet in violet, navy blue, and soft neutral hues with contrast.

Wedding Attire For The Groom

  • Wear a deep brown two-piece suit with a white dress shirt and black tie – this look is guaranteed to turn every head in the room. Brown leather loafers are guaranteed to inject style into your ensemble.

Wedding Attire For The Guest

  • The pairing of a green blazer with a white dress shirt and white dress pants is an exciting pick for off-duty wedding styling. If you doubt the footwear choice, stick to a pair of brown tassel loafers.

Summer Wedding Style

Summer heat suggests lighter materials such as linens and lace. Remember cool shades and bright colors to complement your unique style.

Wedding Attire For The Groom

  • A light blue three-piece suit and a white dress shirt perfectly go together for the warmer days. Complement this outfit with a black tassel loafers.

Wedding Attire For The Guest

  • Wear a dark pastel two-piece suit and a micro floral print dress shirt for stylish men’s summer fashion. A pair of brown leather oxford shoes look lovely here.

Winter Wedding Style

Winter weddings can be a dream come true for many couples. For men’s attire, a classic suit in warm hues is always a timeless look. 

Wedding Attire For The Groom

A burgundy colored three-piece tweed suit and a white dress shirt are a surefire way to infuse your groom’s look. The brown bow tie adds some refinement. Dark brown suede tassel loafers look awesome, finishing your outfit.

Wedding Attire For The Guest

  • A gray two-piece suit and a black turtleneck look fabulous when worn together in a classy ensemble for a modern man. Make your outfit more functional by rounding off with black leather double monks.

Spring Wedding Style

Spring is a season of welcoming in-season blooms like tulips and daffodils etc. March, and April are the popular spring wedding months. Springtime wedding decor is associated with pastel palettes. Examples are pinks, purples, whites, baby blues—and pretty blooms.  

Wedding Attire For The Groom

  • Rock a bluish grey 3- piece suit with a white dress shirt. Complement the ensemble with a dark blue tie and floral pocket square if you aim for a proper, fashionable get-up by pairing brown tassel loafers

Wedding Attire For The Guest

  • A light pink blazer and black dress pants are a seriously sharp combination for any gentleman. A pair of black Derby shoes are a classy choice.


What Should A Casual Man Wear To A Wedding?

Ensure your look is stylish and appropriate as a male guest at a wedding. Opt for darker hues like gray, charcoal, and navy for the suit. Finish up the look with sleek dress shoes in leather or suede.

Can You Wear Chinos To A Wedding?

Chinos may be worn for casual summer weddings to cocktail events. For men, wearing a bold hue would work in pairs with a neat collared shirt, suspenders, and a tie. It looks stylish even without a blazer and trousers.

What Colors Should Men Not Wear To A Wedding?

Neon green, orange, and animal print patterns can be inappropriate for any formal event. Neutral tones such as black and gray are favorites. Navy blue is always a safe color for those wanting to add more life to their ensemble.

What Can I Wear To A Wedding Instead Of A Suit?

Mix and match a shirt, tie, slacks, or dressy trousers. Combined with a sport coat is one way to look stylish while still seeming appropriate. Opt for a linen or seersucker blazer paired with chinos and nice loafers for a more laid-back look

Final Thought

If you have received an invitation to a wedding, it’s time to get suited up and look your best. Follow our advice on how to dress for a wedding as a stylish man by choosing the right fabrics, and you’ll be set for any wedding you attend. With some preparation, you can look sharp and feel confident at any wedding ceremony or reception. So go forth and enjoy celebrating with the happy couple while looking your best!