No Fail Tips and Styles for Older Men

styles for older men

Are you a man over the age of 50 and feeling apprehensive about dressing stylishly? You can do a lot to match the same level of style prowess as you had when you were in your 30s. With all the new trends popping up every season, it’s even more vital to learn different adaptable styles for older men to embrace your age with a flair. We’ll provide you with no-fail tips and style ideas so that you can look your best even in your advanced years.

Defining Styles For Older Men

Fashion for men over 40 can be tricky, but that’s only until you learn how to balance style and grace. Older men can take advantage of layering to show off their solid sartorial style. Fashion for those over their 40s can mean dressing with boldness and confidence, and there is certainly no harm in it. Add a patterned pocket square or scarf for the right flair, and the styling game for the seniors is won!

Wardrobe Essentials Of Older Men

As men get older, a wisely curated wardrobe can help them look more stylish and attractive regardless of age. Yet, the challenge for many older men is to know which pieces are must-haves in their closets. That’s why we have compiled a list of essential items that every man over 50 should have in his wardrobe. More ideas are accessible in the men’s capsule wardrobe.

Assorted Shirts

Older men’s shirts can be fashionable, but they must be comfortable. Assorted shirts in timeless styles are subtle in the wardrobe. Polos, Oxford shirts, cotton gingham shirts, henleys, and plaid shirts are always in style. You can learn a lot of men’s flannel outfit ideas suitable for the age group. 

The colors recommended for stylish shirts are soft grey, navy blue, brown, and camel. For a hint of a rugged look, go for a grey or blue chambray shirt. Shirts for older men differ from those suitable for younger men in terms of fit and silhouette. They tend to be roomier and less tailored. It allows freedom of movement without sacrificing sophistication.

Upper Layering

A mature man opts for a stylish outer layer to achieve an endearing look. Older gentlemen look good in high-fronted jackets with plenty of pockets. A bomber jacket is a good option as it is snug but not too tight. A leather field jacket suits mature guys with a belted waist. 

Pair up a stylish knitted vest with your outfit to add a pop of color. Swap pull-over knitted vests for jackets to create an informal outfit. A sports coat or blazer is an excellent way to bring a sense of elegance to a wardrobe for a man over 50.

Trouser Styling

Whether you opt for classic cuts or more modern fits, pants are the staple for putting together a unified look for middle aged men. For a casual option, consider going for khakis with an Oxford shirt or chinos with a linen jacket. More trouser ideas can get more khaki pants outfit ideas to learn how to use this versatile staple. 

If you’re looking for something tailored, try slim fit trousers and a classic collared shirt. With some savvy styling, you’ll be turning heads at dinners and garden parties!

Comfortable Shoes

Find a footwear brand that fits your tastes. You can find high-quality shoes that make a statement and offers utility. Appropriate footwear allows you to look sharp and feel your best every day. Invest in a good pair of leather walking shoes or bucks in a neutral color. Dark brown, tan, navy blue, and black are the right options for work days or formal occasions. 

Invest in quality espadrilles if you’re looking for something unique for casual wear. Sneakers and loafers can be subtle footwear styles for older men. Good shoes should always be well taken care of using quality products.

Incorporate Accessories

Most mature men may incorporate styling with accessories. An older gentleman’s look can spruce up with a pocket square, a pocket watch, and a good hat. A nice leather belt can be enough to make a statement, so make sure you choose a suitable one, preferably matching your shoes. Accessorizing can add character and visual interest, making you stand out even if you are in your old age, so do it in a classy way. 

Rules To Follow For Men In Their Old Age

Fashion trends change constantly, impacting standard ways to dress up for every age group. Fashion for men over 40, 50, 60s, or even 70s can also absorb the influence from these dynamic trends. The men’s style guide may also help you get your feet wet in the vast arena of men’s fashion and grooming. We will break down some valuable rules on how men should dress at 40 (or older!) that will help you stay stylish and feel your best.

Integrate Character In Every Outfit of Yours

Integrating character into styling can be an enjoyable way for older men. You may be young at heart, loving eccentric clothing and accessories. No harm in incorporating what you truly love in your look, as you can go for quirky prints or detailing, as we saw in 60s fashion

An older man can show his refined personality and maintain a sense of sophistication. Muted hues, neat silhouettes, and the coat and blazers game are fundamental in this regard. These measures will help older men look sharp and trendy without drastic changes.

Finding Clothes That Fit

Finding clothes that fit older men is a challenge. Finding a comfortably fitted garment at ready to wear clothing stores is tough, and you might need to resort to tailoring and bespoke clothing more frequently. 

Groom Better

Personal grooming after the signs of aging appear is essential. Take a shower daily and use deodorant to maintain hygiene (and health, of course). Skin becomes sensitive as we age, so remember to use sunscreen while going outside. Use eye gel for hydration and puffiness of eyes.

Hydrate your lips with lip balm. Keep up with oral hygiene by brushing and flossing. Beard styles are more attractive than shaved, but make sure you trim the unwanted spares twice a week. Also, get a well-suited hairstyle to ace the groomed look. The gray hair will add sophistication to your style.

Look After Your Health

Maintaining your fitness adds extra years to your life. Increase your activity level and enjoy all the positive effects of exercise on your physical and mental health. Visit a dentist at least twice yearly to prevent tooth decay and invisible cavities. Visit a dermatologist to buy the right skincare products.

Things older men should not wear

  • Loosely fitted jeans with a big chunky belt and tightly fitted t-shirts.
  • The same goes for loud and bold graphic prints, neon colors, and thin or clingy fabrics.
  • Distressed jeans and sporty sandals are not favorable styles for old men.
  • Oversized or prominent logos are no more sought-after and can reflect poor taste in fashion. They might give the impression that you’re trying too hard to be trendy.
  • Older men should refrain from wearing colorful socks, ties, shorts, and baseball caps very often.

Quick Tips For Men Over 40s

  •  In summer, you can wear a polo shirt and a pair of shorts. Get inspiration from men’s shorts outfit ideas to try some decent looks.
  •  Mid or high-rise pants will flatter your physique more than low-rise pants would.
  • Skip the pleats and go with flat front pants.
  • All-black outfits are versatile even for older men, so go ahead and wear that black striped collared shirt with black chinos to work today.
  • A pair of loafers make everything a little more relaxed while still staying true to your age.
  • Sneakers may be worn for grocery shopping, walking, or running.
  • A pair of chukka boots are the perfect mix of casual and polished looks.
  • Choose age-appropriate colognes.
  • Statement pieces like bright colored shirts or wide checked patterns from the 70s fashion can be a good idea for summer.

Fashion Icons Over 40

Wonder why even the silver in George Clooney’s hair is to die for? Learn about his style secrets and some other admirable fashion icons who are way past their 30s. 

George Clooney

The Hollywood star George Clooney always impresses with his sophisticated dress style. Classics like well-tailored tuxedos and Italian-style three pieces and suits are his signature style. The actor favors loafers or leather boots with expensive accessories. 

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is an admirable celebrity and a true style icon. His signature look includes sharply tailored suits and artful use of accessories. Denzel chooses shades such as navy, gray, and black for a sophisticated appeal that never goes out of style. He makes a fashion statement with his reliable pair of black Ray-Ban aviators, similar to those famous in 80s fashion for men.

Charles Dance

Charles Dance’s daring style choices have made him famous worldwide. He sets trends from his towering top hats to his suits. Charles’s wardrobe frequently features velvet, leather, and elaborate stitching. The star often opts for bold, daring colors, purples, and blues, usually set against a backdrop of black or gray.

Johnny Depp 

Johnny Depp is a fashion icon, for sure! He’s been spotted wearing a mix of preppy style from the 90s fashion and alternative looks. He always knows how to combine random pieces intriguingly. The actor often sports tailored suits that feature creative accents. Johnny Depp always makes a statement with his unique hipster-cool style.

Older Men Outfits At Every Age

Men of every age want to stay on-trend and put their best look forward. There are many great options for professional, casual, and adventurous outfits for men. With subtle accessories like ties or pocket squares, you can find decent clothing styles for older men

Outfits To Wear In Your 40s

Men in their 40s can dress up in bespoke suits on corporate occasions. Grey wool slacks are usually the default pants for every situation. Steal the show with statement shoes like brogues, saddle shoes, and chukka boots.  

If you want something more relaxed and easier to wear during the summer months, linen shirts with shorts in fresh colors can work too. You may check more outfit ideas in our men’s summer fashion guide.

  • Try classic pieces such as a well-fitted light shaded checkered dress shirt paired with charcoal dress pants for a well dressed, neat look. Wearing a classic watch and brown leather loafers will polish up any outfit.
  • A navy blazer over a black crew neck t-shirt and electric blue straight jeans is a suave and casual outfit. Put on brown leather derby shoes to complete the ensemble.
  • Infuse your personality in day to day looks, such as crisp plain shirts and chinos. A pair of black leather loafers will elevate the style quotient of this look.

Outfits To Wear In Your 50s

Trendy casual clothes for 50 year old man should not necessarily be dull. An example would be casual patterned suits that are befitting for these men. Muted hues have also been timeless, as they dominated men’s fashion in the 1950s and beyond that era. Comfortable, cozy leather shoes are an excellent footwear option. A man aging gracefully can add style to ensembles with hats, gloves, walking sticks, etc.

  • A well-fitting gray plaid suit will make you look sharp and stylish, and you can dress up or down with a white dress shirt. This outfit is finished off wonderfully with black leather loafers.
  • A fail-safe way for a 50-year-old man is a blazer with a shirt and sleek looking trousers. It is a smart casual look than a suit, but it can still be dressed up or down as needed. Our best bet is a beige blazer and brown chinos are more ideal for everyday wear. Round off your outfit with black leather boots to serve a little outfit-mixing magic.
  • For a casual look, jeans and a t-shirt are always a good choice. Look for well-fitting jeans in a dark wash, and pair them with a mint polo shirt. Give a carefree vibe to this outfit with a pair of brown suede loafers.

Outfits To Wear In Your 60s

You can undoubtedly stay fashionable as you enter your 60s without compromising comfort. 

  •  Start with a pair of charcoal dress pants. Add a button-down shirt in blue. Then, layer on with a brown plaid blazer. Finish the look with a pair of brown leather loafers.
  •  A grey wool suit and a white dress shirt are absolute must-haves for an older man. A pair of brown derby shoes are the most effective way to upgrade your outfit.
  •  Are you wondering how to master casual dressing well into your 60s? Demonstrate that you do casual like a fashion pro in a light blue full sleeved polo and tweed pants. To give your overall outfit a classier finish, why not complete your look with a pair of white canvas low top sneakers?

Outfits To Wear In Your 70s 

We have compiled all the trending styles men in their 70s could pull off with style and confidence. Whether it is wide-leg trousers, corduroy jackets, or double denim ensembles. You may make outfit choices with classic items that should be the foundation of your wardrobe: suits/blazers, oxfords, dress boots, chinos, Harrington, bomber jackets, or polo shirts. Keep scrolling to learn which items are worth investing in!

  •  Combining a grey three-piece suit and a blue vertical striped dress shirt is a surefire way to breathe style into your formal look. On the footwear front, this outfit is finished off wonderfully with brown Oxford shoes.
  • Try pairing a brown wool blazer with khakis for a look that’s worthy of smart and casually neat. If you need help finishing off, introduce tan suede desert boots to your look.


How Do Older Men Look Cool?

Age-defying styles are more popular than ever, and there’s plenty that can make an older man look cool. Upgrade your wardrobe with subtle but tasteful styles. That can create slimmer silhouettes and stress the bright spots of aging. Older gents can show their fashion acumen by nailing the look for any occasion. While still exuding an air of authority and coolness.

Should Older Men Wear Leather Jackets?

Absolutely! Leather jackets come in styles and colors that fit almost any man’s taste. Making them a definitive fashion statement. Whichever type of leather jacket an older man might appreciate. It can be an excellent way to draw attention in a way that looks nice without yelling too loudly.

How Should Old Men Dress Casually?

Try out classic pieces, such as a v-neck sweater or henley with slim joggers or straight chinos, and round off with loafers or espadrilles.  Remember to keep the color choice generally muted. A rounder fedora or crisp newsboy hat can add the right amount of class to any casual outfit. Accessories such as classic watches may complete the perfect look.

Should Older Men Wear Hoodies?

Yes. Hoodies are fall and winter must haves even for older men. They can wear hoodies in neutral shades without any gaudy designs.

Final Thoughts

To be a well-dressed older gentleman, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your wardrobe. He can look sharp and stylish by inculcating grooming habits and wearing good quality clothing and accessories appropriate for his age. This guide walks you through styles for older men so that you can refer to them whenever styling ideas fall short.