The Ultimate Guide on How to Dress in Your 40s for Men

how to dress in your 40s men

In your 40s, you might be looking for ideas on how to dress for your age. In this ultimate guide, we’ll talk about the must-have essentials that should be part of every 40+ man’s wardrobe. From classics like chinos and sweaters to statement pieces such as sports coats and blazers, learn how to dress in your 40s for men. To get started with the do’s and don’ts of styling, let’s dive right in!

Basics of How To Dress In Your 40s for Men? 

Fashion for men in their 40s is a fusion of sophistication, charisma, and incorporation of trends while embracing your age. Creating a capsule wardrobe is your best bet to keep fewer but versatile staples and accessories of premium quality. Men in their middle age should focus on dressing for their body type and lifestyle. Opt for modern silhouettes, timeless trends, and neutrals, as these are the epitome of middle-aged men’s fashion.

Add pops of color or prints in your 40s is completely fine, as long as you are able to carry it with panache. Invest in statement pieces like classic leather jackets, slim-fit coats, and assorted shirts. Every mature man should be confident and open to experiment while maintaining a clean, simple foundation because effortless style never goes out of fashion. 

No Fail Styling To Try In Your 40s

While searching men’s style guides in your 40s, you may feel like your attire needs a refresh? Check out these styling suggestions that are appropriate for men in their 40s. From classic pieces with a modern twist to on-trend items, there are many ways to update your wardrobe. To help you get started, here are some fail-proof style moves you can replicate.

A Tailored Suit

Quite obvious right? A tailored suit is the perfect way to look sophisticated and stylish while maintaining your well dressed reputation in the 40s. Go for dark neutrals and minimal patterns. With bespoke tailoring, you can ensure that your suits fit perfectly to your measurements and look exactly your style. Investing in tailored suits is the perfect way to take your wardrobe up a notch and ensure that you always look your best.

The Power of Styling with Knitwear

While the prime function of knitwear is to keep you warm and cozy, wearing it is a style move that every man in his 40s should master. We are not talking about the ugly Christmas jumper here, but grey, black, white, or brown sweaters, turtlenecks and cardigans. They can give you immense versatility in the colder season, whether it is for street style, smart casual style, or laid back style. Yet you’re looking for a classic cardigan or a sweater and cashmere. There are plenty of options.

Comfortable Yet Stylish in Laid Back Attire

Why should you ditch style when you are relaxing at home? Go for comfortable loungewear that suits your middle age persona. For warmer days, chill in shorts outfits with soft and lightweight cotton shirts. Whatever you choose, make sure it is comfortable and fits well so you can enjoy spending time at home.

Sporting Outfit and Shoes

As you enter your 40s, learning how to fuse comfort and style while wearing athletic clothing becomes even more important. These are some basic staples that every man should have in his wardrobe. A few key pieces, such as joggers, hooded jackets, sweatpants, and minimalist sneakers, can help you look great. These can make you feel comfortable during physical activities such as jogging or working out.

Timeless Loafers

Loafers are a timeless style of shoe that can be incorporated into looks ranging from work to the weekend. They are comfortable and versatile forms of footwear, looking great with jeans and suits. Loafers are the perfect answer when it comes to dressing up a smart casual look. 

Stylish Bags

Contrary to the common notion of men carrying bags being rare, you would need good travel bags, laptop cases, or even a bag pack. Having the right combination of travel luggage and bags can make all the difference in your look when you are on the go. Whether you are traveling or need to carry an office bag, make sure it aligns with fashion for men in their 40s to create a coherent style. 

Opt For a Quality Watch

Invest in quality accessories that will last a lifetime and add the much needed zing to your look. For instance, a quality watch can be a sophisticated addition to any outfit. There are several factors to consider before buying your watch. Such as style, material, price range, and features. Yet, with some research and knowledge of different types of watches for men, you may find one that fits your style.

Signature Fragrance

For the forty year old man, the signature fragrance reflects a fabulous style and mature vibes. Ideally, the fragrance should reflect your taste and lifestyle so that you’d always arrive with confidence. So take the plunge and invest in a unique fragrance just for you – it’s a decision that won’t disappoint!

Some More Fashion Tips For Men In Their 40s

If all the tips above weren’t enough for you to learn how to dress in your 40s, we’ll now suggest essential rules on fashion for men in their 40s. By following our fashion rules, you’ll be able to enjoy the best looks from back-in-the-day classics and contemporary styles. 

Stick To Classics

Consider sticking to the classics if you’re looking for a fool-proof style that will always stay in fashion. Make sure you use clothing made with natural fabrics so you can be sure it’s comfortable and breathable. At its basic, you can try a dark pair of jeans, a white cotton collared shirt, and a sports coat. Round it off with brown loafers and a silver watch.

Know Your Body Type

Finding clothes according to your body type is the first step to look your best in your 40s. Choose colors and patterns that will flatter your body type. Draw attention away from areas you’re not keen on showing. Look for items in dark colors and fabrics to create a slimming effect if you have a dad bod or a barrel chest. 

Comfortably fitted clothes are suggested for athletic bodies. Avoid anything too baggy, as these can create a messy and bulky look. Invest in a good tailor who can advise you on the best cuts and styles for your body shape.

Learn About Dressing As A Middle Aged Man

As you cross your 30s, the sudden rush of sophistication is bound to come. However, learning the style rules for the 40s will make you understand that boring and outdated are the last words to be related to middle aged man’s style. The crux is to feel confident, and you’ll look stylish in no time. Investing in timeless pieces like dress shirts and tailored pants cannot be emphasized much. 

For office wear, it’s best to keep it conservative. A classic all black suit and tie combination and accessorize with a pocket square or subtle lapel pin can never fail. For casual garb, a light-colored polo can go with a cardigan or sweater for a more relaxed style. Make sure your shoes and accessories reflect an up-to-date style.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe

As you enter the fifth decade of your life, your wardrobe might require a much needed upgrade. Add solid color t-shirts, decent polo shirts, a nice collection of collared shirts, navy blazers, and a good pair of dark jeans in your wardrobe. Tailored chinos, dress pants, and nice pairs of shoes are unmissable. Accessories such as cufflinks, ties, pocket squares, and watches add a finishing touch to well dressed looks. 

Opt For Tailoring: Alterations And Bespoke Clothing

The 40s is a time to opt for tailoring. Alterations of ready to wear clothing can make them look even better on you, and you can adjust the length, fit, and shape of the garment accordingly. Bespoke clothing, where a garment is made from scratch according to your design choice and measurements, is an even better option. Bespoke or custom clothing will allow you to express your true personal style. 

Go For Muted Hues

Going back several decades, we can see how muted hues dominated men’s fashion in the 1950s and beyond. Muted hues are toned down versions of primary colors. So they don’t make a bold statement but still provide a sense of style. The trend is heavily adopted by men over 40 these days. Think muted grays, blues, and browns. These colors are versatile, stylish, and easy to match with the rest of your wardrobe.

Add Pop Of Color

Men in their 40s can add a pop of color to their wardrobe by incorporating a few bold items into their existing look. Statement pieces like bright colored shirts or wide checked patterns from the 70s fashion can be a good idea, or subtle touches like colorful socks or pocket squares. Adding a few bold colors can freshen up your look. Choose colors that complement the colors you already wear for a classic look.

Infuse Navy

Navy has been a timeless hue for men for decades and adds a touch of sophistication to your look. A two-piece navy suit or the 60s men’s fashion inspired mod style slim fit dress pants with a navy turtleneck are nice options to try. Blazers are suitable for social events. Whether it’s a sweater, chinos, or shirt and accessories, the deep navy hue is an ideal choice for men in their 40s. 

Dedication Towards Grooming 

Nailing fashion for men in their 40s is so much about taking your grooming game to the next level. The key is to keep your look neat and well-groomed without looking over-styled. Use quality skin and hair care products, such as a good face wash, moisturizer, hair and beard oil. Also, make sure to keep your haircut and beard groomed. For a classic look, try a side parting and a shaped beard. 

Fashion Inspiration From Celebs In Their 40s 

Explore how to dress in your 40s for men by keeping a check on contemporary designer collections, street style fashion influencers, and celebrities that are rocking it in their 40s. For instance:

David Beckham

David Beckham is the epitome of graceful aging and mature style. Just like his game on the field, his fashion game is always on point and worth watching. He is the prime example of someone who challenges the fashion convention that you shouldn’t wear sportswear into your fifth decade. Also, his graceful well dressed looks in impeccably tailored suits make him a dapper. 

Ryan Reynolds

Wooed by the Deadpool star’s dashing looks and charming persona? Ryan Reynolds’s signature style is ever changing and unique in fashion. From walking the red carpet in a sequined blazer to an edgy leather biker jacket. Fashion enthusiasts are always keen to see what he will wear next. Ryan often opts for bold colors and even brighter prints! His appreciation of accessories is unmistakable. Each outfit has its distinct flair, and his eye for detail makes him stand out in any crowd.  

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is known for his dapper style that exudes the utmost charm and sophistication. Whether attending a red carpet event or taking a walk down the street, he knows how to make a classic look his own. Either choose classic pieces such as navy and gray suits, Oxford shirts, and loafers. Or throw in something extra like plaids or classy pinstripe suits inspired by the fashion in the 1980s

He often accessorizes with patterned ties, fedoras, and smart wool overcoats. Gosling usually wears muted tones like beige, charcoal, slate blue, and olive green.


The famous American rapper Common enjoys fusing timeless classic items with modern trends. It produces sophisticated yet practical ensembles. The 45-year-old’s attention to grooming is one of the main reasons he gets away with it. Mainly for his preppy tailoring and fresh take on streetwear, Common is quite the style hero. 

Wardrobe Checklist in the 40s

  • In your 40s, your shirt collection means a lot. The 90s fashion staple flannel shirt is a must have, and you can read our flannel outfit ideas blog to learn styling this evergreen staple. You can also keep blue, grey and black chambray shirts, a few striped shirts with a buttoned front, henleys in muted colors, and plain and printed dress shirts for the clean cut looks. Make sure to get your shirts tailored to fit you perfectly.
  • Diversify your pants collection by keeping jeans in straight and slim fit silhouettes, chinos, corduroy pants, khakis pants, and wool trousers..
  • For a man in 40s, keeping a nice collection of ties is very important. Whether its a garden party where you would like to portray your sartorial sense of men’s summer fashion, or a formal dinner, your ties would definitely elevate the look. 
  • Look for comfortable shoes made from quality materials, such as Chelsea boots, monk strap shoes, loafers, sneakers, and dress shoes. 
  • Avoid having distressed jeans, graphic tees, and hooded sweatshirts. Also, overly trendy hairstyles, tight fitting clothes, and baggy clothing do not look befitting at this age.

Outfit Styling For the 40s

Dandies in their 40s can kick start their styling by taking inspiration from these outfits for men. We want you to get comprehensive, in depth guidance about nailing the infallible looks in this age, and how to create a voguish look without sacrificing your unique flair.

Casual Styling

A white v-neck t-shirt and dark washed denim are a sartorial dream for guys who like being casually smart in their 40s. Go the extra mile and elevate your ensemble by wearing a pair of white canvas sneakers and a watch.

Smart Casual Styling

If you don’t take fashion lightly, go for a smart casual look in a gray textured blazer, a light blue dress shirt, and dark blue jeans. Let your styling expertise shine with a pair of black leather loafers.

Business Formal Styling

This combo of a gray suit with a white dress shirt looks elegant but modern. Complement with a blue striped tie and classic watch. Our favorite middle age men’s fashion to finish this look is with brown leather Derby shoes.

Business Casual Styling

Pairing a vertical striped long sleeve white and gray dress shirt and black chinos will infuse your current styling repertoire with effortless elegance. A pair of brown leather Oxford shoes will give any ensemble a strong and masculine feel.

Off-Duty Styling

Go for a relaxed, casual outfit in a gray quarter zipped sweater and matching trousers. An easy yet fashionable way to round off your look is with white canvas low top sneakers.


How Should Men Dress To Look Younger At 40?

Embracing the current trends wisely can help you stay looking and feeling young in your 40s. Slim fit pants, tailored blazers, and custom leather jackets are a few ways to do this. Go for flattering silhouettes and clean cut styles rather than baggy, ripped clothing or outdates aesthetics. Injecting carefully chosen bright colors with tailored pieces can also make all the difference.

Should 40 Year Old Men Wear Skinny Jeans?

When it comes to wearing skinny jeans for men in their 40s, it depends on how it appears. Jeans that looks extremely tight are unsightly, doing no good to make you look dashing. Alternatively, you can go for slim fits and straight leg jeans. 


If you want to learn how to dress in your 40s for men, our in-depth guide is sure to give you the needed advice. We covered what styles to try, fashion rules to live by, and outfit inspiration from the best-dressed celebrities in their 40s. We also created a wardrobe checklist for you to use as a reference point when building or updating your style. So now, you can just save this guide and come back whenever any of these are needed for a reference.